Here are exclusive photos of 2NE1’s first day in New York City from MTV Korea.


MTV Iggy & MTV K would like to extend a warm welcome to 2NE1‘s CL, Bom, Dara, and Minzy! The four ladies of 2NE1 landed in the Big Apple earlier this morning, and MTV K was there to greet them at the airport with open arms (and a camera, of course).

The winding drive into Manhattan elicited a stream of oohs and ahhs from the members — wide-eyed Minzy in particular, who couldn’t believe she was actually in New York City.

MTV Iggy’s Best New Band in the World expressed their thanks for the lovely Blackjacks who welcomed the girls at the airport. Park Bom told us she felt like she had returned to her hometown and was delighted to be back in the states. Not to mention how excited they all were to go shopping and sightseeing before their first stateside performance next Monday.”

Check out more pictures in the gallery below! ^_^

Credit: @mtvkofficial

Comments on: "Photos: 2NE1’s First Day in New York City from MTV Korea" (5)

  1. Royal Freshness!!
    Love her fresh face..Flawlessly Beautiful <333

  2. Vampire D<33

  3. Dara still looking so freshhhhhhhhhhhh! And pretty, no matter how long their flight was. Goddess Dara has come to New York! Woohooo! Welcome to the big apple! ^_^

  4. Fresh Dara looking fresh!

  5. she so her jacket..

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