I am pretty sure that all of you are with me in crossing our fingers and toes for a very successful Japanese Debut for our girls. We have been praying and hoping that they will be loved in Japan as much (if not more) as in Korea and internationally. On September 19 and 20, our girls held their very first concert in Yokohama, Japan. We have all seen the pictures uploaded by Japanese Blackjacks and we can surely say that the first day of their concert has been really successful. But guess what guys? Not only did Japanese blackjacks attend their concert, but a lot of celebrities went there as well. Woot! Woot! Here is a rundown of the celebrities who attended NOLZA! If you guys know of any more, please leave a comment below so that we can include it on the list!

1. Kyary Pamyu

Kyary Pamyu is a famous fashion blogger, model and recording artist in Japan. She uploaded a picture of her and 2NE1 backstage of NOLZA!

2. LM.C’s Maya

LM.C is a famous Japanese visual kei band which plays a hybrid of rock and electronic pop (branded “new century electrock” by the band. The band consists of 2 members. LM.C was founded by Maya. Earlier, he made a tweet regarding 2NE1:

“2NE1 cheiru charunaga (w/c means jeil jalnaga)”

3. Chan Kaba

Eiji Kabashima, better known by his stage name Kaba-chan is a Japanese celebrity and choreographer. After learning dance in New York City, he returned to Japan and was chosen to become a member of musical group Dos. He was backstage with 2NE1 and tweeted the following pictures:

4. Murata Mari

Murata Mari is a Popteen Model. Earlier, she tweeted a picture of her and 2NE1 backstage at NOLZA.

5. Naoya Urata

Naoya Urata is the leader and lead vocalist of Japanese pop band AAA. He is also an actor. 

6. Watabe Ken

Watabe Ken is from comedy group UN-JASH. Earlier, he tweeted about 2NE1’s NOLZA and also uploaded a picture of 2NE1, GD and TOP from NOLZA’s Press Conference.

7. This was also tweeted by @MS_Hrk. I really cannot tell who the celebrity is. If someone does, can you please comment below? Thanks!

8. Chris Matsumura

Chris Matsumura is one of the hosts of Hey! Hey! Hey! who interviewed the girls before. 

9. Karen Miyama

Karen Miyama is a Japanese actress. She played Yuki in Iris. She uploaded a picture of herself watching NOLZA and being a true Blackjack!

Other celebrities who were spotted attending NOLZA in Yokohama (September 19, 2011) are: Takei Emi (actress, model), Mizuhara Kiko (actress, model), Arita Teppei (from comedian group Kuriimu Shichuu), Yamazaki Hironari (from comedian group Antacchaburu), Tsukaji Muka (from comedian group Drunk Dragon), Nokubo Naoki (from idol vocal group Shuchishin), Kim Hyun Joong (SS501 Leader), INCONIQ (a.k.a. Ayumi Lee, former Korean Girl Group member “Sugar”), Kashino Yuka (member of Perfume), and Karen Miyama (actress, played Yuki in Iris).

【9/19 2NE1 NOLZAコンで目撃された芸能人まとめ】武井咲、水原希子、くりぃむしちゅー有田、アンタッチャブル山崎、ドランクドラゴン塚地、羞恥心・野久保、キムヒョンジュン(SS501リーダー)、ICONIQ、Perfumeかしゆか、きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ

Other celebrities who were spotted attending NOLZA in Yokohama (September 20, 2011) are: Matsuura Masato (AVEX President), Miyake Ken (from Johnny’s Band V6), Senka Kento (from Johnny’s Band Kis-My_Ft2), Watabe Ken (from comedy group UN-JASH), Fujimori Shingo (from comedy group Oriental Radio), RG (a.k.a. Izubuchi Makoto from comedy group Reizaaramon), Chris Matsumura (fitness instructor, singer, talent), Yamada Yuu (model, actress, singer), Kagami Seira (model, actress, singer), W-inds [?] (J-pop Boy Band).


Thanks to @WeLoveDara, @cathleehuynh, @NOLZA_yu_YG, @BaddestFemaleCL + @wakakyon + aNono@ClTheBaddestFemale.com!

Comments on: "Feature: Who are the Celebrities that Attended NOLZA in Japan (Yokohama)?" (23)

  1. The johnny’s went there!! And all of those celebrities too!! Let’s hope that as much or even more stars attend AON in japan!!

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  3. wow!!!
    Hyun Joong leader attended 2NE1’s concert??
    cool..!! I’m happy that he still has time to enjoy.. keke ^^
    SS501 and Triple S Fighting!!!

  4. wow… didn’t meant to ship but… I see around 5 of Jaejoong’s close friends in there. LOL + Yamapi’s gf (or ex) Yamapi is a close friend as well.. LOL but beside that fact… Waaahhh super star studded! i hope the guys could cheer 2ne1 up and promote them as well to their fans.

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  6. W-inds attended?!? *dies*

  7. wow it’s star studded! ❤

  8. I am so happy for 2NE1 for getting so much interest and attention!!!

  9. 2011.09.19 2ne1 NOLZA JAPAN (Fancam)

    Credit: InternazionalePaul @YT

  10. Kim Hyun Joong is also a very close friend of T.O.P.!!

  11. the blue angel said:

    OMG… Kim Hyun Joong attend the concert… hes really a fan boy… seeing alot of names of japanesse celebreties who attended the concert its like WOW…. and ohdara thanks for the updates….

  12. Omg! Kim Hyun Joong is very supportive fanboy!! He is one of those loyal 2NE1 fanboys!! I love him more and more each day! SS501 & 2NE1 Fighting!

  13. lol. i was also surprised seeing KHJ’s name there. i don’t know all the others. but i’m glad they came to see the girls!!

  14. Kim Hyun Joong (SS501 Leader) really?? wow!! HE IS REALLY 2NE1 FAN BOY!!

  15. thanks admin for this news!!you’re the best!

  16. waaaaa!!!! i’m so happy to see Johnny’s on that list!

  17. oh my! this just warms my heart! congrats ladies! and hwaiting for the rest of your concert dates! :))

  18. oh my god!!bigtime!speechless!

  19. I mean celebrities..LOL

  20. Wow!!im so proud of our girls!so many celebreties..

    .,i love it!japanese artist love our girls!and omg!ss501 leader is also there?waaaaa!

    .-love it!-

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