Seriously, I love Dara’s look! Love how the red fedora splashed color on her black and white outfit! And her simple jeans and sandals! Wow, I so love Dara’s casual look! But at the same time, her fresh smile and gorgeous skin spell out G-O-D-D-E-S-S!

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Credits: Oh My Goddess and rh_littlestone for the pics!

What do you think of Dara’s airport fashion today? Do you like this SIMPLE! Dara or do you like BOLD! Dara fashion statements? ^^ Tell us what you think! ^^

Comments on: "Photos: [110721] Dara, 2NE1, and YG Family at Gimpo Airport Leaving for Japan" (24)

  1. twin-twin said:

    wow i love this style, I can’t stop thinking that Dara’s fashion influence are hollywood stars..hehehe, and I love it!!!!I would definetly wear something like that…I love the hat!!!

  2. talabels said:

    HOW DO YOU MANAGE TO DO THAT DARA?!!!! Even in the most simplest styles you still manage to rock the outfit to the core! No amount of words are enough to describe how amazing and beautiful you are! ♥_♥

    I like her more in simple outfits. There’s nothing wrong in wearing bold and stylish clothes and stuffs but I think the simple white tee brings out more her beauty ^_^

  3. i love her outfit , i just wish that she would wear heels once in a while like bommie, it would have more impact, like a black patent heels with that outfit.

  4. She is Gorgeous From H to T 3<

    • I love what she’s wearing..simple yet stylish..
      She looks Fab always..
      Love her Bag and those cute Sandals..the same ones she wore when she arrived in the Philippines..her christian louboutin sandals for Men! 😛
      hahaha.. cuutee tokki!
      Thanks for posting the pics girls! 🙂 >3<

  5. First time seeing her with this kind of fashion (especially with those cute looking flat stylish sandals!^_^) and i think she really looks good with it. I always like how unique and cool sh dress up but it’s also refreshing to see her wear other styles:)) SO PRETTY:)))

  6. reign_in_the_sun said:

    i really love dara style… shes really into boyish style…. not every girl can carry that look.. that only shows shes a fashionista…. and about the clothes that some say old clothes of GD, i dont think so… maybe they have the same style but thats all…. and the hat shes wearing is kinda different in color with what GD has….

  7. i luv her bag ….. i wonder why kind of bag Dara is carrying.
    she look so dame gorgeous =]

  8. She’s glowing, her smile is so warm. She’s a gorgeous girl whatever clothes she wear.
    I’m not comparing but when I saw the other girl band wearing their casual attire in airport I was like 2ne1 is really different. Sorry, just my opinion. 🙂

  9. heartsflowersribbons said:

    i think all her clothes are her boyfriend’s hahahaha except the glads :))))))))

  10. She is gorgeous :’)

  11. but why when i saw this i think of gd’s style??

    sorry guy i’m daragon fan but i getting bored when i saw dara in every gd old closet 😦

    • kathypufi said:

      i like it so much…its showing their exclusivity and I think they are slowly ready to tell everyone about their relationship…its hints dropping time 🙂 I always love the airport scenes 🙂 She loooks sooo gorgeous in anything..

    • well, actually that’s style is not only belongs to GD, you just assume that cuz the hat. i don’t see that she always wears gd old closet
      taeyang also wears that style often like plain white T and jeans, TOP also wears that, seungri too

  12. gglove21 said:

    yg family is about to start streaming live on ustream

  13. ilovetotoro said:

    i love the way she looks here! haha. im so doing this look tom but with shorts! Dara so chic!:)

  14. fabulous said:

    Neol bammarasseo…

  15. tangerine_24 said:

    Simply G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. lurve it!!!! 😛

  16. i freakiN’ LOVE IT!!!!!!!! oh my goddess you look so cool!!!!

  17. iamyours said:

    I like when she dresses like this. She is so gorgeous her skin is always glowing

  18. I Love this airport look! very kate moss!she looks awezome.i love it.i super super love it. like super super. like like like. lol! i had too much caffeine, im sorry.

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