Hello guys! The Primary Admin of WeLoveDara has come back from Seoul and she brought back the lightsticks with her. To those from the U.S., a friend of hers is bringing the lightsticks back to the U.S. with her and she will mail them to your addresses for free.

To the others, WeLoveDara is asking for a little more patience. She just came back from Seoul and its her midterms so she will be busy for just one more week. She will send all the lightsticks after that.

Thank you very much for your patience!


The lightsticks are already done!!! However, they are still in Seoul, Korea! ^_^ Anytime soon, Oh My Goddess will send all 125 lightsticks to us! 

Thank you for your patience! 

Click the link below for more details:


125 Orders! You guys are Jjang!

Hey Dara lovers, would you guys be interested in buying a DARA LIGHTSTICK?



If you are interested to buy one and are SURE that you are going to get one, please e-mail IWANTADARALIGHTSTICK@GMAIL.COM!

Please indicate your nameaddress and the number of lightsticks you want to purchase! ^^

Note that you must be SURE that you are going to get one if you decide to e-mail us. 

Price is in! The Dara Lighstick is 8000 KW or $8 USD or Php350.

Payment can be made via PAYPAL: welovesandara@gmail.com (Please indicate the purpose for which payment is made and your name so we can cross it off the list!)

Payment can also be made via Bank Transfer, Kwarta Padala, Western Union and LBC.

We will inform you the amount to be paid for shipment when we already receive the lightsticks.


We will be emailing you the details!

Thank you very much! 

Let us all support this project! Let us all cheer for Dara! ^^


Oh My Goddess, Dara’s Korean Fansite, is currently taking in orders for our very own Dara cheering tool!

This is the design of the Dara Lighstick to be produced by Oh My Goddess!

The size is 13cm and it is in Hot Pink LED! Wouldn’t it be cool to own your very own Dara Cheering Tool? ^^

If you guys are worried about the shipping cost, don’t fret! For Filipino buyers, OhMyGoddess is going to ship the orders to us in bulk (and most probably we will answer for the international shipping cost as a thank you to all our loyal readers) in order to save with the shipping fee. Filipino buyers will now only have to worry about local shipping.

For buyers from other countries (not Philippines), we will still ship the Dara lightstick to you! However, you will have to shoulder the international shipping fee either from Korea or from the Philippines. Don’t worry, we will try to find the best possible shipping choice for you.

Thank you very much!

Comments on: "DARA LIGHTSTICK!!!" (158)

  1. hello admin :))) Is Dara Lightstick Available now?? I want to order :)) sana meron na .. gusto ko na talqaga magkaroon eh ..

  2. talabels said:

    Hello!!! Do you have any plans of taking orders again for Dara lightsticks? And maybe this time include the slogan too? Maybe not now but in the near future? I want one again but direct order to OMG is quite expensive T_T

    But if not, it’s okay! I know you guys are busy with stuff especially with Nolza and Dara’s bday too ^_^

  3. Still available?? Any latest of Dara’s light stick?

  4. hi.. i really want this.. do have newest batches to come? 😛

  5. Still available?

  6. hello admins. :))

    have you started shipping these?

    • Hello! Yes I thought I was done with all the orders but I guess I haven’t sent yours? Can you please email me at welovesandara@gmail.com and please place your name and address? I’m sorry for the delay and I will add a little something as a sorry for the delayed delivery. 🙂

  7. Now it’s too late, but i want one! did u guys will order more?

  8. i have ordered and paid for one dara lightstick last July 30 & i heard that some people who ordered the lightstick got theirs already. i live outside Manila, Davao particularly. i have never read any updates/mail on when will i get mine, or if i need to pay additional fees for shipping. i have emailed iwantadaralightstick@gmail.com, but got no reply 😦

  9. i also want one.. can you let me know how i can order.. im from the Philippines

  10. is this still available? i want it

  11. Are these still available?

  12. purplerulzjo said:

    what battery do i use? 🙂

  13. Hi … how much will it cost me for the shipping fee? I’m from the Philippines.

  14. Hello, i wanted to buy, uhmmm. is there any left? awww. I was really late, i know. anyhow i wanted to really buy. where can i buy and what name will i put through if i’ll pay in western or LBC?

  15. I just get mine. Thank you so much!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  16. I got my Lightstick today!!!! hahahha… thank you sooo much!!! sooo happy…. ^___^

  17. Hey is it possible for you to notify if another order for the Dara Lightsticks opens up? Thank you~

  18. i got my Dara light stick today!Thank you so MUCH! GOD BLESS!

  19. Hello dear Admins!

    Some already received their Dara LS… May I know when will be the delivery date for those who are outside MNL? Thanks! ♥♥♥Dara♥♥♥ ^_^

    • Btw, my friend who has same city as I am already received her Dara LS yesterday through JRS Express… Hoping for positive response… Thank you! ♥♥♥DARA♥♥♥ ^_^

  20. MY DARA LIGHTSTICK just arrived today!!! I was even confused why I had a package… hehehe… Btw, what kind of battery should I use??

    • got the same question..what kind of battery should i use? and THANK YOU! i was not expecting to receive it today 🙂

  21. DARAoriginals said:

    Hey… My Dara light stick has arrived. MABUHAY!!! Thanks Ohdra and Oh My Goddess Dara

  22. hi!
    i’m from Vietnam, can i order a lightstick now? or it’s too late?

  23. i hope you sell more guys. plssss 🙂

  24. i hope u reopen again … i want mah dara’s lightstick =[

  25. Yssabella said:

    WOW! Thank you Admins! We will patiently wait for it… ♥♥♥DARA♥♥♥ ^_^

  26. Excuse me! I’m Vietnamese and I know this project too late.Can I order this lightstick now?

  27. I could almost touch the light stick I paid for!!! hehehe… Well, it’s not actually mine since I’m giving this as a late present for my sister on her birthday… hehehe… I’m so excited!!!!

  28. haven’t paid for my lightstick yet.are you still accepting payments? i already placed my order before:)

  29. I… guess it’s too late to order one, am I right?

    • Yes, I’m sorry! T_T But maybe Oh My Goddess will open up for new applicants. Thank you so much! 🙂

      • i havent paid for my order forgot about it then i received a packaged today lol will pay tomorrow via lbc maybe will email you guys….thanx so much you just made my day and sorry for the late payment is there additional fee?

  30. DARAoriginals said:

    i sent email with attached scanned proof of payment… but didn’t received any email confirmation.

    And Im also waiting for your reply here and on twitter.. but there is none!! =((

    Anyways… i sent another email today! please check it. Thank You!

  31. Yssabella said:


    I’ve sent an email last Saturday (August 6, 2011, MNL time) with Metro Bank receipt attached to it…

    Waiting for your confirmation email…


    ♥♥♥ ^_^

    • You didn’t receive any reply? I usually reply right away to any e-mail that I receive. Can you just send me an e-mail of any kind? It could be blank so that I’ll see it? Maybe I just forgot to reply. Thanks. 🙂

      • Yssabella said:

        I just resend the email I originally sent last August 6, 2011, MNL time, I paid for 2 since 1 was for my friend…

        Hope you’ll receive it this time…


        ♥♥♥ ^_^

  32. DARAoriginals said:

    Hi emailed you my western Union proof of payment last night.

    Im waiting for ur email confirmation ^^

    thanks again OhDara!

  33. purple.love21 said:

    Hi. I’ve sent my payment through Western Union. I’ve sent to you a few hours ago the number thingy that you need to claim the money. 🙂

  34. Jam 잠닐 said:

    Ah…I wasn’t able to buy! 😥

  35. hazeljosephine said:

    Hi! I already paid for the light stick…
    I hope you could confirm it on my e-mail…
    I’m excited for it…
    I’m also planning to donate for the NOLZA support project
    but it might be later on since I’m broke for now…

  36. hi i’m christina from the philippines. how long will it take for the lightsticks to arrive? hope it’s before august.

    • Hi! Here’s the gist. The lightsticks are being made by Oh My Goddess, Dara’s Korean Fansite, primary for NOLZA, 2NE1’s first ever concert in Korea. Since we asked them, they allowed international fans to order from them. Now, NOLZA is going to be held from August 26-28. Ordering has now finished and payment will be on August 5. They will begin manufacturing the lightsticks after payment. Most probably, production will start on August 5 or 6. After which, they will mail all the lightsticks ordered through OhDara/WeLoveDara to me and then I will be sending it out to people. I can’t give you an exact time on when the lightsticks will be send out to the individual owners. We are largely dependent on Oh My Goddess. We hope for your understanding. Thanks! ^_^

  37. Ordered mine already…i ordered 2…oh yeah!!! so excited…

  38. purple.love21 said:

    Is there only 1 batch for Dara’s Lighstick? Or you’ll have another batch again? ^^

    • purple.love21 said:

      Scratch that. I’ve already sent my email. Hope for your confirmation soon. 🙂

      • If you already sent your e-mail, most probably I replied already. I’m not sure if there will be a second batch because all orders are going to go through Dara’s Korean Fansite, Oh My Goddess! ^^

  39. I emailed already but haven’t received any confirmation 😦

  40. I want to buy but I don’t know how to pay thru LBC, Western Union and others~~ TT__TT Can I just the send payment thru BDO if ever I will buy?

  41. I want to buy but I don’t know how to pay thru LBC, Western Union and others~~ TT__TT Can I just the payment thru BDO if ever I will buy?

  42. placed my order!!! YAY!!! thank you for giving fans a chance to order ❤

  43. daradarabrightdara said:

    look at this so awesome dara by deekay

  44. oooohhh… i wanna buy in bulk…. gotta gather Cebu Blackjacks!!!!!!!!!!!!! hey if youre from Cebu txt me 09239769679

  45. daphne84 said:

    Done emailed you already. Kekekeke I am such a great procrastinator. Sorry =(. Promote this again so that MAÑANA HABIT people like me will add their orders before it’s too late.

  46. Anyone paid already for the Dara lightstick? i want to pay, where should i pay?

  47. so beautifullll ^^ i will wait for your e mail payment ^^

  48. DARAoriginals said:

    Already recvd your email…
    ill be waiting for the payment details..

    thanks OhDara

  49. Sarah Manalo said:

    Count me in~ Is the demand in the lightsticks already above 50?

  50. Yssabella said:


    I’ve sent the email just few minutes ago… I’m very interested to purchase… Btw, is it through paypal or cc will do? Waiting for response, thanks! ♥♥♥ ^_^

  51. Hi guys? Did you by any chance received my email already? Please reply. ^.^

    • DARAoriginals said:

      me Yes..
      I sent an email yesterday afternoon and revcd OHDara’s email confirmation by night.

  52. LOVE it i wannna get 1 too

  53. i want one too

  54. VelvetBBlack said:

    Weeee.. Very Own Dara light stick very awesome! ♥

  55. i want this. 🙂

  56. email sent! cant wait 🙂

  57. Omg, I need to order this.
    Wait, if I order this when are you guys going to deliver it to us?
    I’m here in Italy, but i’m going to ask my auntie to order it for me.
    My sister is going to have her vacation there in the Philippines this coming August.
    So I need to order this.
    Can you guys reply to this comment?
    So that I can email you already.

    • Hey! 🙂 If your sister will be here in August, then she will be able to bring it back to you. 🙂 Will she be here until the first week of September? Most probably the latest we will get it is then.

      • My sister is going to arrive there this coming August 16 but she’s living in the end of August. 😦

        • I can always ship the lightstick to you. ^^

          • Oh, i’ll just ask my auntie to keep it for me. But when am I going to pay this though? I just have to call my auntie 1st to ask for her address. And then i’m going to email you guys.

  58. i’m from VietNam. i want it. can i order ?

  59. i’m from VietNam. i want it. can i order ?

  60. Woohoo!! Love the sample!! Kyaahh!!

  61. jamellablackjack said:

    yey! I akready placed my order :)) The lightstick is so cute! I need this in my life!
    Thank you for this! <33

  62. Trisha Gonzaga said:

    i want to order one really bad!! but i just want to make sure how much i have to pay including the shipping fee to austin Texas!!

    • I haven’t been able to check how much shipping is to the US. But judging from past experiences, the shipping will be between 1,200-2000PHP.

  63. i want it…

  64. is this official released by YGE?

  65. Hi! Can I know the estimated total price if i’m from overseas? California to be exact, want to know before I send an email ^__^

    • Hello! This is Belle, unnie is out. I can’t answer as to how much it is, since she’s in charge of the shipping and all that. But I’m sure she’ll get back to you ASAP. ^^

  66. Twin-twin said:

    Wahhh!!! I just sent my email to your awesome email address…im excited to see the see of pink on their concert this time..wahhhhh!!!!!

  67. I want one. how much is it to ship to US?

  68. matsujen said:

    i want one too

  69. Love it<333

  70. talabels said:

    I WANT TO HAVE ONE BADLY!!!!!!!!!!! Even though I can’t be physically there at the concert, I’ll be waving my DARA light stick at home while waiting for fancams and fan accounts! :p

  71. ummmm… via what ung payment?

  72. So cute!:))

  73. even though im not going to the concert~~ i still want one~~ but mini album is coming~~ but ill save up for the both till next week~~ kya! wait for mee…. AHHAHA 🙂

  74. Wow. I love the idea and the design is super nice and it fits Ssantokki. Hope it will have a huge demand. Just a question admins, if ever I buy from Europe how can I pay it….sorry, I’m ignorant about this type of things, lol.

  75. yes.. Dara loves pink! 🙂 hahaha… it’s one of her fave color..you can even see it on her room..her cabinets are pink..LOL!
    I WANT ONE!!
    Wee!! Been waiting for the final design.. and I gotta say that one is pretty neat!
    Represents Dara! woot! woot!
    Thanks ohdara & OMG! <333

  76. ohdara should change this commenting section. It gets messy when the conversation became too long, just saying

  77. DARA likes PINK????? someone answer me please

  78. I kinda wanted not to be pink cuz I’m a guy ughh

  79. oh nice! i want one too! i would probably have it sent ot my niece in the Philippines. thanks!

  80. suzkisses said:

    i’m definitely ordering one ^_^

  81. How about Taiwan?


  83. would order one as well….

  84. oh i’d love to have one, too

    All for the love of Dara!

  85. this will be saleable to dara fans like me!!! this is really jjang and the price is reasonable…
    i hope oh dara will order for dara fans like us so we will have less expenses…pls..keke^^

  86. Dara4ever said:

    I want 0ne!count me in!

  87. I want too and my friend want one as well. -from the Philippines

  88. I would be interested, but can you ship it to Austria, Europe??

  89. yeahh my friends and i want thisa stick too. but we are in thailand. if we ordering this its ok for you to send to thailand^^

  90. INTERESTED! (^O^)/

  91. i definitely would want one for me and my pact of dara fans here….

  92. Count me in, I want one! It looks cool!! Santoki!! 😀

  93. love it and surely i will buy it too heehe

  94. OHDARA admin…if i promote this at others dara thread is’t ok?n i’ll ask who’s interested to directly contact admin..

  95. siJONESSAni said:

    I want! I want 2! :))

  96. I want one! I hope the demand works!

  97. I am very interested!!! =)

  98. oh my dara lightstick.! i definitely would want one, yey! so excited here..

  99. I want one! I don’t know when I’m going to be able to use it, since it doesn’t look like I’m going to Korea any time soon, but I want one! I wish they’ll come back to the Philippines so I can use it.

  100. I’m interested!

  101. i wanna have one!! hmmmm!! a dara lightstick!! that’s cool!!!

  102. shimille said:

    I’m interested to buy ^^

  103. definitely want one!!! please add me to the list. and i’m still working on the pledge for Nolza hehe.. AUG 10 deadline!

  104. omg that is so COOOOOL!!!!!!!! I definitely wanna get one!!!!

  105. That is epic! I will once they have a concert here in the US.

  106. pink? i like the idea but there would be a lot of colors in the concert then ? 😦

    • Don’t worry about that. Bom’s fans already have a green lighstick! ^^ theBOM is producing their very own lighsticks for Bom. Its fit that we have one for Dara as well. ^^

      • are they going to use it when it’s bom’s or dara’s time to perform? i really wanna see a white ocean.. :>

      • oh really? can i have the link for the one with bom’s too…?

  107. can i pay via money order?

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