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Previously posted Etude Summer CF teasers HERE

Gorgeous Goddess Dara <333 And Funny Jjangmae’s fast becoming a CF star, too! ^^ Dara’s both a star and  a star maker! 🙂 

Check out more screencaps after the cut 🙂

Comments on: "Video: [Screencaps] Dara for Etude’s Summer CF (Full Version)" (12)

  1. unnie is so pretty!..678 is soo funny!!..^^,

  2. Love the CF. Dara unnie is so pretty!:)) My favorite was when she is playing in the water with the water gun:))

  3. all I got from this CF is that Dara is gorgeous, beautiful etc etc AND JANGGOO MANAGER!

  4. Gorgeous Baby Girl is the Hottest and Sweetest Babe of the Summer! 😛
    Aww.. I was actually hoping it’ll be like the miss tangerine CF
    longer! 😛
    But I still enjoyed it!
    Etude can you released HD Pictures of Dara for this CF too?
    Jjangmae is in the CF again! LOL!

  5. emmarie1102 said:


  6. emmarie1102 said:

    awww… lovely lovely lovely dara

  7. LOL Manager is having fun as well. Dara is so gorgeous here. I hope it was longer though 😀

  8. LOL at the end. Jjangmae is so funny. Our bright Dara never fails to make me smile. This full CF is even short for me, hahaha. Jjangmae will start having fans soon too…xd

  9. Jjangmae i more hot now than Sandara Park. lol. Sandara will envy Jjangmae’s popularity.lmao

  10. haha cool, cool. JJANGMAE, the famous sidekick of Sandara Park! lol

  11. bcuter23 said:

    This CF is lovely.. she’s so pretty ❤

    It's worth the wait… more CF for goddess D!!!!

  12. my gosh so so short!! but still so pretty and dorky!! 2ne1’s manager is so famous now!!!

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