Full CF version will be released on May 18! 🙂



Check out summer episodes 2 and 3 plus  tons of caps after the cut 🙂


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Screencaps by: OhDara + knucklepink + WeLoveDara + Nate + DCpinkMIC

Comments on: "Videos: [Screencaps] Dara’s Etude CF Teasers – Summer Ep. 1-3! <3" (33)

  1. TheTurly said:

    Seriously this girl is a GODDESS!! And oh the teaser ep1 is in front page of Youtube Howto & Style and 2NE1 is on Music, Most Viewed and Top Favorited (korea) so much love for our girls, I like it!!

  2. Wah…Dara in 3 different character lovin’ it. I can’t wait to watch the 3 CF. The girl’s becoming a CF queen…Dara fighting!!! ^-^

  3. woww! too much beautiful caps. I’m saving some ^^ and the gifs too! and YES! I ALL LOVE THE TEASERS! my fave is the second part! Breathtaking! ^^

  4. Guys, is she wearing a wig in this CF?? I’m just curious cause I think, in present, she has short hair (Gil R Im’s hairstyle) right?…Is it a wig or hair extension?????

  5. Guys, is she weaing a wig in this CF?? I’m just curious cause I think, in present, she has short hair (Gil R Im’s hairstyle) right?…Is it a wig or hair extension?????

  6. arsheen said:

    next cf queen? yeah dara is the new cf queen…

  7. I love her long hair, though she also looks cute in her Gil Ra Im inspired hairstile…ke ke ke :)))

    have a question guyz, Dara has a short hair now, right?? So, does it mean she’s wearing a wig on this CF????

  8. can’t wait!!!!

  9. oh my gosh i cant wait for the full CF…Goddes D fighting you’re so gorgeous……dudung….!

  10. I cannot choose. Like seriously, she looks gorgeous in every frame. I love you goddess D!

  11. my fave’s the first one! ❤ sooo cute and pretty!

  12. ouley29 said:

    How am I suppose to choose? T.T
    So beautiful… gaaaaaaaaah

  13. dara so stunning ❤

  14. goddess overload! 🙂
    and these are not even the full cf’s 🙂

  15. WHOA!:D i didn’t know that the CF would be 3! Dara unnie is so pretty in each CF teaser. Her long hair suits her well:)) She is so pretty and cute doing those expressions on Episode 1 teaser. I want to see the full CF’s now! Keke.

  16. reirathroiben said:

    Dara + Light blue background = Gorgeous!

    Dara and light blue with shades of pink.. Ahh.. So sweet~

  17. taiga402 said:

    like it…they bring out the best in her..but even then she’s always been pretty..pure Goddess.

  18. ygbaby2 said:

    dara, can i have your hair?

  19. seriously?? may 18 i’m gonna die of waiting patiently kekeke
    unnie dara so pretty!!

  20. in love ❤

  21. ohmygosh dara just gave a new definition for STUNNING!

  22. Goddess D!
    This CF is Soo worth the wait!
    Love every second! every episode!
    Dara is the perfect endorser!!

  23. iMsTetsyi said:

    super stunning Goddess D…

  24. nipoda…so PRETTY, until now I cant beelieve that she is in her late 20’s, she seems in her teen age years…:)) GO.GO.DARA

  25. thanks for the caps!!

  26. bcuter23 said:

    I’m speechless… my goodness, Dalong is such a beauty!!!!

    fanboys.. alert.. alert.. alert ❤

  27. matsujen said:

    she is so gorgeous in this CF. the hairstyle and color suit her.

  28. i cant pic a favorite..ALL OF THEM ARE JUST WOW!

  29. kukay06 said:

    waaaaaaahhhhh DARA!!!!! goddess!!!!!!! DAEBAK!!!! *DIES*..:)

  30. lovely and captivating as expected…love it!

  31. anonyMOES said:

    BEAUTIFUL AS ALWAYS!!! More episode pls! Rock on DARA! \ ||_|| /

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