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Comments on: "Photo: [Endorsement] Dara is “Aloha Girl” for Etude!" (21)

  1. Soo GORGEOUS!!! AAHHH!!!!
    Lovin’ her eyes soo much!!

  2. Simply pretty♥

  3. WOW~~~!!!
    Dara, being so naturally beautiful, sometimes looks better without make-up BUT her make-up here is just right! she’s SO GORGEOUS!!! so beautiful! Acting projects, please! and i love Etude so much for giving us this side of Dara that we would normally wouldnt see from 2NE1.

  4. apple_mango said:

    she looks like 18 here!!

  5. apple_mango said:

    she lokks like 18 here!!

  6. apple_mango said:

    * this is unnie
    hahaha…sorry typo error…

  7. apple_mango said:

    gosh,,when i first saw this i was like wow its seems that it was a fan art, unreal, edited????…
    kekeke…but i know this unnie…wwaaaahhh,,,she’s so gorgeous here…

  8. woah! she’s not aging~ and is it only me or she really does look like an anime here.. 🙂

  9. her eyes..her eyes! omg her’s is the most beautiful pair of korean eyes i’ve seen in my whole life! and if those eyes can kill, i’ll be dead a looong time ago LOL

    so beautiful! and she’s sooo much better looking than Barbie

  10. vindara011 said:

    can we make 2morrow is already MAY 1..teehhee.. look at that photos..yeah i agree to some she look like a doll here..!:D
    i cant really wait for may 1 gyaahh…!^_^

  11. daragonlove said:

    can’t find any words to describe her…wow!

  12. She looks soooo BEAUTIFUL !!!!!

  13. OMG She’s such a goddess!!! SO GORGEOUS<33 T.T

  14. Absolutely gorgeous! Hope May 1 comes faster… love to see her CF for Etude Aloha!

  15. Jam 잠닐 said:

    can’t wait for the CF! just a few days to go!

  16. gorgeous=))

  17. dara looks like Barbie >.<

  18. Wow! She looks unreal!

    Teddy is right, she really does look like a doll.
    Ummm….. her look here also reminds me of those old Hollywood beauties, particularly her eyes. She really is a classic beauty.

    sH’S ENCHANTING, RADIANT, BEAUTIFUL, to many words to describe how STUNNING she looks here!!! LOVE YOU, DARA!!!


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