credit: gilbakk1110


credit: DC2NE1 + reposted @

thanks to santoshi and ly jasmin for the tip 🙂


Dara’s Message to GD&TOP:  “cool boys, jingyo and tabi. i really like this album, may it come out daebak! hwaiting yayaya. – Dara Nuna”

Translated by: Winggers@DGH

Thanks to pinkyasumi@twitter ❤


Check out other 2NE1 messages to GD and TOP @ letsplay2ne1 & 21bangs 🙂

Comments on: "Video/Photo: [YG Family] Dara- 2NE1 Cheering Message to GD & TOP" (10)

  1. L0l! at dara unnies drawing!

  2. The drawing is so cute and just by reading her message to Jingyo and Tabi it makes me giggle not in a spazzing way but their nicknames sounds so kiddie and cute. 😀

  3. Sweet unnie and 2ne1:) cute message:)

  4. Sweet!<3
    cute message!:)))

  5. nyai…dara really sounded like an older sister cheering for his younger brothers..^^

  6. Dara unnie’s written message is cute. >_< she's really fond on sketching her very own palm tree drawing..kkk~

  7. sweet goddess=)

  8. Lol, Dara and her randomness! I think she doesn’t really need to include her signature on her message, just seeing those smiley’s w/ the palm tree hair, I’m pretty sure that GD and TOP can recognized that the message is from their pretty Dara noona!

  9. That’s very sweet of our Goddess D and 2NE1 cheering for GD & T.O.P. ^_^

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