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Thanks to Czen for the tip! 🙂

Comments on: "Photos: [BATCH 3] 2NE1 at Fiore Night Party in Thailand" (18)

  1. Love every capture of Santokki!
    She is glowing! Love her sweet smile for every fan there is~

  2. mary_pink31 said:

    did you know that dara has a male thai singer fanboy.. here he is..

    this is stated by kissyV at YGL.
    ^ yup, they said..he was asked who was his favorite in 2NE1 and answered that He Likes Dara during the Fiore Night…
    Can’t find the vid though, since it was something I read over at WeLoveDara from twitter and Thai BlackJacks spazzing over it as well..
    He is a famous Thailand Idol Chin, he really is cute too!
    and oh! Someone asked on his twitter if he likes Dara and he said “she’s cute”
    Awww… Dara Dara… captivating new Fanboys everywherem, Any Place, Any Time.. All The Time”

    see? dara is an idol magnet…heheheeh

  3. no problem Deshi. It my job to share! (sorry I want so sign-up here in but I dont have any Idea what to write in my own page so Ill just share it here by comments!)

    and I am excited for her new activities!

    Question: Guys do u have any idea of what she have been through? I mean when she was promoting “D Lucky Ones”. actually I was able to search for that article but that was too personal. about her life actually. I don’t know if I can share it here since it was an old article.

    Reading that article makes me love her more. No wonder she is a BRAVE and STRONG WOMAN.

  4. sandarabak said:

    tvN’s POLL: Sandara Park – The Most Beautiful Face among Idol Girl Groups

    • pinkprincez_mya said:

      i love this poll… and in fairness dara doesn’t act cute but she still manage to capture the no.1 spot.. so what if, she acts cute??? there will be no more competition at all… hahaha… love this girl…

    • yes saw it too…just a while ago….
      it had 87 comments…
      don’t know how many now…
      i’m glad dara’s getting more attention in the phi’s…
      so that there’s more back up support!!
      darling’s multiply..into darling fingerlings!!! ha ha…

  5. i really like her jacket..
    i really love the wearer…

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