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Comments on: "SBS Inkigayo Live Video Streaming Links" (33)

  1. guys here’s their ‘it hurts’ perf in youtube!

  2. wanna see the mv now! pls Yg!!

  3. omo no mv yet>>>

    PSY-oppa’s perf was priceless!!!!:D

    hope there woukd be a bonus vid that shows that please..keke

  4. did yg post the MV already? im desperate.. huhuhu

  5. Waah the girls are all soo pretty! I’m so glad that they had let dara wear a simple laid down hair. She looks so pretty with her dress 🙂
    Though her lines for the song weren’t that long, her presence could really be greatly felt because of the emotions she had put in singing those lines.
    Now I’m anticipating more for the MV!

  6. where’s the mv of it hurts??
    please tell me!!

  7. OMG it’s the BOMB!!! Dara really stand out!!!! Yahoooo…..
    all the Girls are Daebak!!!! NOJLA!!!!
    the Halloween indeed! CAnt breath {(._>)}

  8. supersta79 said:

    i love it!!! pls upload it ASAP! dara super gorgeous with her hair and face paint on the side. love her projections. bom cried! best halloween ever!!!!

  9. That was so beautiful!
    I almost cried T.T

  10. ♥JEAN♥(≧▽≦) said:

    wah..they all look so pretty especially dara..dara’s stare at the camera will melt all the fanboy and bom’s voice sound like she’s crying…wah wah..i wanna watch it again..right now is 2pm I’ll be back..

  11. supersta79 said:

    omgggg dara sooo awesomee…. so beautiful!!!!! perfect voice. prettiest!!!! waaaaaaaaahhh am shaking!!!!!

  12. it hurts is now on!!
    girls are looking so pretty!!:))

  13. gush!im hatin this… it was slow..huhuhu..I can’t watch properlyT_T ..hoping for youtube uploads

  14. 2ne1’s next right?

  15. i was ecstastic with thriller…it was short but it was awesome…minji really showed those boys,…keke

  16. nyc_emj15 said:

    did they already perform how about maknae?!

  17. ♥JEAN♥(≧▽≦) said:

    wah,…i just finish watching the thriller!!..and minji did a great job!!!!it’s a bit fast but worth it//

  18. its already minzy’s dance with the others. still watching it :))

  19. i’m watching it now..
    minzy’s done already?

  20. ♥JEAN♥(≧▽≦) said:

    OHH…it just started…

  21. But KPOPFLASH is anti 2NE1, right?

  22. ♥JEAN♥(≧▽≦) said:

    Thank for this.., what time will it start?

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