For those who didn’t know, Kwon Dami is Bigbang leader G-Dragon’s sister / noona. She tweeted the pic with a caption, ” Darin!!!!!”

source: ysdami + thanks nana 🙂 for the tip<3

And another one ^ thanks for the peeps who gave the tip! 😀

Comments on: "Photo: Kwon Dami tweeted a DaRin pic <3" (26)

  1. Hmmm….me too, I’ve been noticing that she keeps tweeting about Dara (more Dara than CL) in her tweeter. Of course, it’s obvious that Goddess D is a very likable person but I just wonder if GD’s noona likes Goddess D for her little bro?! or she’s just a Dara fan like us he-he… I’m sure she and Dara can be really good friends if given a chance to meet each other in person. I hope they already met in person, maybe GD already introduced her to Dara? All question mark ha-ha… ^_^

  2. isn’t this suspicious? GD’s sister tweeting a lot of our Dara! I know everyone can’t resist Dara’s charm…but GD’s sister, wow! There must be something!


  4. She keeps on tweeting about 2ne1, but she is quite fond of Dara.
    Does she want Dara for her lil’ bro? I wonder… ^^

  5. genevieve said:

    i’m totally spazzing ryt now!!!!!!
    it isn’t the 1st time she tweeted a pic w/ goddess D on it!!^^
    she really loves her future sister-in-law!!:)

  6. she is so pretty on the 2 pics!:)
    CL unnie is cute!:)

    i’m so loving dami unnie now! keke:P
    silently spazzing!:PP

  7. dara’s face is gorgeously sweet..chaerin has a unique and charming face, she also has sex appeal..

  8. i read from a meet-up of aimee lucas in the philippines that GD and Dara actually treat each other like siblings. that’s how aimee described the relationship between them.

  9. lol… at first i thought “who’s DaRin?” w/o looking at the im so used to ChaeRa couple not DaRin.. and aww.. she really adore the girls.. its so heartwarming how everyone in YG from sajangnim to their sunbaes to their trainers up to everyone else in YG loves and adore the girls ^.^ they treat the girls like little kids off stage, patting their heads, bullying them (in a cute way) but treat them with respect when they’re working and on stage…like in BB TV there’s no episode there where they don’t talk or mention about the girls, se7en, gummy, 1tym sunbaes adores them.. PAPA teddy and kush oppa loves them and it won’t be long before psy oppa would start tweeting about them …YG FAM jjang!!

  10. bleighton_chaera said: she real?i mean,really a legit twitter acct?anyway i love every CHAERA pic..*winks*

  11. she twit a photos of dara again!!!waaaa

  12. her account is not legit

    • oh it is legit. keke. i follow her on tweeter. and it is legit. se7en oppa follows her and there are many proofs to that.

      • yup she is even listed in aachans list of legit accounts 🙂

        • i also saw in daragon hideout recently that she tweeted a picture saying “me with my friend” or something like that but the pic was 2 malayan girls or looks filipina.. Then she deleted it and says sorry, coz those pics were foreign trainees of YG?? huh? So daragon hideout concluded that it was fake..T.T

  13. Darin so cute!!!

  14. chriszlchye said:

    dami noona so sweet…… she really loves DARA……

  15. sister-in-law is so fond of dara wee!
    i bet leadah talks about her with sister-in-law a lot even before debut

    forgot about rules wahah!
    sorry can’t help it!

    DARIN ftw!
    DAMI unnie ftw!

  16. Dami unni is so sweet. this would be her 4th time tweeting about the girls. 3rd if you’ll just consider dara. how i love her more now. 🙂

    • 2ne1shabam said:

      yah this has been 4th or 3rd tweet already, kekeke…i like her more and more…but why usually Dara pic in it, why not tweet without Dara, i am not complaining though, ur pretty cool…silently spazzing on my own…kekeke…poor leadah at least u have ur sister Dami full support…kekeke

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