It’s Dara’s Birthday on November 12! Check out the following birthday projects for Goddess D and let’s participate! <333



Check out the details after the cut. 🙂

November 12 is fast approaching peeps and our Goddess D is turning 27! *fireworks* To show our love for our Sangkeum Lady, we present you Oh Dara! TV. This will be a compilation of birthday video messages contributed by YOU, her loving fans! Please check out below for more information on how to join the project! 😀

photo credit: tox ❤


  • Create a video message (30 seconds or less) containing your birthday greetings for D. You can greet her a happy birthday individually or as a group, sing, dance, do a photo collage, a video  montage… anything creative <333
  • Once you have your video message ready, kindly e-mail us at Since it might be difficult to send videos via e-mail, we’ll be setting up a sharing network.


  • October 15, 2010 (Friday)


  • All videos will be compiled and edited. The staff will be responsible for the packaging of the CD and we’ll definitely post a photo of it here once everything’s ready for shipping 😀


  • Yes, there are. Gifts will be c/o the willing Oh Dara! staff members and our special friends ❤ Your participation for the video message is more than enough 😀


For questions and clarifications, you can e-mail us at or just type it here on the comments box 😀 We’ll do our best to reply as soon as possible. We hope y’all participate 🙂 Thank youuu <333


banner credit: maquimaki@DGH

Please also support Daragon Hideout‘s  Birthday Project for Goddess D 🙂 Click HERE!<3 for more details. 🙂



An admin of Oh! My Goddess emailed me about OMG’s brithday project for Goddess D. Here it is:

Photos above ^ are samples of what they’re gathering for their PHOTOBOOK (for Goddess D of course <3). They wanted the size to be as big as possible 🙂 .  Another is a collection of BIRTHDAY MESSAGE project – just drop a lovely birthday message to Goddess D. You can send your entries to us via email – , then we’ll transfer everything to them. DEADLINE WILL BE ON THE 31st OF OCTOBER 2010 🙂

Comments on: "Announcement : Oh Dara!’s Bday Project and many many more!" (70)

  1. can’t wait for dara unnie birthday…another 20 days our goddess will turn 27….

  2. she very angelic.. Dara.. please come back to philippines.. visit us again.. on your birthday…

  3. OMG… Dara really looks dazzling.. and 27? she just looks like mizy’s age whenever their together.. and the project is cool… can i say my message in tagalog? bet she still understands… right??

  4. glaze loves dara said:

    Parkers’ Credo

    Kaming mga Parkers ay buong pusong nanunumpa sa harap ng mamamayan ng Pilipinas at Korea,
    Na sa kahit anumang pangyayari ang dumating,
    Sa kahit anong paninira ang isampal sa aming Sandara,
    Sa kahit sino mang itambal sa kanya na ikakaligaya niya,
    Sa kahit anong paratang ang ibigay,
    Kami ay mananatiling dugong PARKERS…

    Dumaan man ang mga bagyo,
    Manlagas man ang aming mga buhok,
    Mabungi man ang sobra-sobra naming ipin,
    Manakit man ang mga daliri sa kakapost,
    Manlalim man ang mga mata sa walang tulugang kakapex,
    Manakit man ang mga dibdib sa kaliwa’t kanang pagbabatikos,
    Masiraan man kami ng bait (wag naman sana)…
    Kami ay mananatili…

    Mananatili sa likod, sa harap, sa tagiliran ng aming Sandara,
    Mananatiling nakabantay at sumosoporta,
    Mananatiling nagmamahal…

    Mananatiling mga baliw para kay SANDARA…

    at kay SANDARA lamang…


    –credits to Sandara pinoy exchange.
    — It would be great if this will be included in the video. 🙂
    — Btw, I will send a photo for the photobook 🙂
    — I hope I could also send a video message for her but it was already deadline. 😦 too bad .. Happy bday sandy :>

  5. Admins!
    (as part of 2ne1shabam’s)
    would this be included?

    (A Blackjack’s Song theme for 2ne1 comeback way before during the Corby CF)

  6. ichikochinie said:

    wow…dara unnie birthday is 12nov?
    ke ke…her birthday early 4 days than me…^-^

  7. guys, have you received any email from makiyo?
    cuz i havent received any reply yet, where to upload the vid?

  8. i am impressed with the gift of applers to dara… the star registry….it was so special… really….. i kow she’ll be very happy about it…

  9. YEY! i just sent my video! 🙂

    kindly reply to my email of you got it! or if you have problems. HAHA

  10. babeyelmo said:

    i am such a forgetful person!!!
    i have a question!!!
    how do we sent in our video!?!?!?!?!
    please tell me or email me! because i wanna do it too! but no one ever told me how to sent it in

  11. yay !!! i’m so doing it ^^
    like now 😛
    but if it’s too heavy to send via email can we upload it on YT and send you the link?

  12. *Jumps on the bandwagon*

    This will go down in History books!

  13. glaze loves dara said:

    We can buy her a car joke :> — hmmm. I think a big frame with pictures of her all her performances or me2days.. with a fan’s message. and a fans signature noted that we want 2ne1 to have a concert here in philippines.

  14. glaze loves dara said:

    I will participate here,,,, just PM me. 🙂 I love dara so much 🙂

  15. Hello Friend, Please in our web site and link yourself to see our news link you to it. Thank you

  16. suggestion: slide show wacky pics of DARA wiith a background song of Bruno Mars “just the way you are”…cant do it coz dont hve pc at home…huhuhu

  17. Im one of those millions who love this OH Dara fan blog, Ⅰ love it here coz we all have one thing in common for sure,We love Sandara Park …by the way if you dont mind,I want to sugggest aside from the video message for her which is nice for sure she will love it , Ⅰ think we are all here got a copy of their mini album and their latest album,why dont we take a picture it,each copy has a serial no. along with bday card and we write our personal message to her,to prove that we are all serious of supporting her,not only her her group 2ne1 and Yge,that Sandaras fans are not only good of leaving comments,we are Truly devoted and Loving fans…what do you think? Love you guys more power ….

    • supersta79 said:

      what a great idea! dara would be very happy to know that 2NE1 got lots of Filipino supporters

  18. i’m so doing it !!! woot woot ^^

  19. nice project, sweetI dont think that I can participate, but I wanna try!!Good Luck Ohdara & to myself, too..Hahaha!!..sorry to say this but I just Noticed that almost all of the Comments here are out of TOPIC!!… Don’t hate me!!…we just both Love DARA & I Love Ohdara, too!!…peace!!

  20. is 2ne1TV not been aired yet by mnet?

  21. love sandy as well..:)

  22. such a great idea..:)

  23. yeah, me too ^_^ i’ll vote again every night

  24. are there any projects? since i’m not really a vid slayer…

  25. Oooh! I wanna participate in this project! ^^

  26. it’s september 1 already right??

  27. My ability to download from YouTube ..
    Please upload media……

    pleaze pleazeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..:(

  28. if you vote for dara unnie, you minus 1 point from hara and add it to dara unnie shii, like right now the last voter type on her/his post
    KARA Goo Hara – 70 (-)
    2NE1 Sandara Park – 143 (+)

    when you post your vote, you take 1 pt from hara and add to dara unnie shii like this
    KARA Goo Hara – 69 (-)
    2NE1 Sandara Park – 144(+)
    ^_^ get it?

  29. can i ask until when? cuz em gonna do animation hope can give me enough time ^_^ thanks in advance!

  30. julicar23 said:

    me too! 🙂 I want to give her something on her birthday 🙂

  31. crown princess star said:

    i will definitely participate in this project! count me in! kekeke

  32. supersta79 said:

    this is just way cooler than any other material gifts out there!
    knowing how simple she is and how she value her fans..i’m 10000% sure Dara will be very delighted.

    i am excited already. will help you guys in any way i can.

  33. Waaah~~ i want to participate…
    i hope i could submit on time ^.^!
    Thanks! This is the best!

  34. OhDaraTV Project!!!
    You guys are the besstttt when it comes to these`
    Good luck!! and all the best to Dara’s birthday project!!
    😀 🙂 😛

  35. supersta79 said:

    you’re the best fansite ever!!!

  36. don’t wanna be left out. God bless us all! 🙂

  37. Omo!! ^o^..
    i dnt kno how to make a vid but imma join givin’ Goddess a gift!!…i’LL try mah best 2 particip8!!..
    ohdara staff n peepz
    ur d best!!..
    God Bless..ü

  38. i wana give her a gift! imma draw her!! i promise!!!!!!

  39. exciting~ i wanna make mine creative and as my-faceless as possible. wth

  40. waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh..I’ll participate..kekekeke…

  41. WOW! Another project, I bet it’s going to be a successful one.
    Can I also give a gift for Dara?? 😀

  42. i hope everyone participates and enjoy the project 🙂

    • hotpinkmallows said:

      weeeeeeee…. super thank you tox for the pink ohdara!tv!! love it!!!!
      yes let us all participate and set aside our shyness.. hohoho

      and for those bothered with how korean age works… from what i know this is how you do the korean age calculation:
      current year – your birth year + 1 = korean age
      the moment you are born, you are 1 year old
      your age changes during january 1st, not your birthday

  43. uhuh! she’s got me high.

    will consider joining the project.
    but will definitely send a gift. 😀

  44. Another nice project… I do not know how to make videos but can I join the Special Friends gift project??? PLEASE…

    • i super want to participate!:(
      but i don’t know how to make too:(
      anyways..i wish i can participate in other ways for dara unnie’s birthday:)

      Oh dara is really the best:)
      love the idea of creating an Oh dara tv:)
      the ones who thought of this are really awesome:)
      and i must say. the tv is just sooo cute:)

  45. OMO! a 30 seconds video…
    it’s short but i know it will make her happy..
    i will make one after my midterm…kkk~
    i will just send it to your email right??
    i’m very excited now…:D

  46. EXPECT MY VID IN THE COMING DAYS! Yessss finally i can participate in this project! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT I LOVE U BOSS DESHIE FOR THIS PROJECT! Go go go team Ohdara! and expect me to be active here again.. 🙂 mwahahahah <333

  47. wasn’t she born in 1984 – so isn’t she turning 26 instead of 27? just wondering… thanks

    • in korea, they add an additional year to your normal age.. so if you are 26 here in the philippines or in the states, you are 27 years old in korea.. 🙂 hope i answered ur question right..

      • I guess they started counting your age at the time when you were born. So you’re already one year old on the day you were born. ^^*

    • Leirene05 said:

      i think when you are in Korea they add 1 year on your age so instead of 26 your 27. i don’t no why they do that???

  48. YAAAAAAAY~ i wanna do it!

  49. WUHOO!!!
    I’m too much of a thick faced huh?

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