source: dcinside 2ne1 gallery + Let’s Play 2NE1

thanks to rice_daarol @twitter for the tip! 😀

Comments on: "Photos: [UPDATED] New 2NE1 Samsung Anycall NoRi posters!" (10)

  1. ei guys check this website! its so cute! you can hear the full song of the cf “you can’t hurry love”.

  2. the posters are so cute!:)
    ..and so is the phone, and 2NE1 too!:)

  3. dara is so pretty

  4. woot! i see goddess D’s toned arms and ‘love it <333

  5. i love to have one! ahahaha..
    the fone looks cute and has nice functions. hehe..

  6. the second of the bigger thumbnails is my new wallpaper. it’s just too cuuute~! xD

  7. sweepberry said:

    I think the phone is universal gender too, 😀

  8. Mathel 828 said:

    Nice posters… Cute phone… The concept is very 2NE1…

    No me2day again… I hope this is just a calm before the storm…
    Gosh for the nth time, please please come back and sing for us again…We are dying from missing-2NE1nitis…

    • sweepberry said:

      if there’s no me2’s but there are more CF and endorsements, I think its fine! Just as long its all about 2NE1 weeee!

  9. angelkate93 said:


    I love the new poster!!! the new phone is so cute!!



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