Thanks to The YG Secret 🙂 Previously posted vids on Taeyang’s Real Sound after the cut.

uploaded by lvl_ of ohdara2

Source: ygsecrets21


Comments on: "Videos: [Eng Subbed] Goddess D on Real Sound by Taeyang Ep. 2" (65)

  1. Green Mango said:

    Here is another hilarious video. I guarantee that you will LOL or maybe more. The funny part is at the end. Warning: this is a DaraYang vid. Enjoy 🙂

  2. Wow! Taeyang looks so manly now. I mean he’s a shy type of guy but now he’s vocal and natural. I love the change in him. The handshake is kinda long but it’s definitely sweet.

    Seungri baby, you’re so adorable. Don’t tease your noona to hyung in front of the camera. Someone’s going to tease you back I am sure. hahaha. Right Ji? 🙂

    I love Dara’s hair, it’s kinda sexy at the same time cutie.

  3. Hmm…why not Dara unnie & YB in WGM?!? That’ll be the day ha-ha…I’m sure they will do great. I would love to see YB keeps teasing/annoying our Dara unnie w/ of course the latter doing a counter attack on him. Watching the vids already melts the heart of a lot of fans out there what more if their in WGM. Though a lot of Daragon hearts will be broken as well. ^_^

  4. I watched episode 2 with eng subs (:
    it’s in alwaystaeyang2 account, I think.
    and i was also waiting for the part
    where YB carried Dara but didn’t see it.
    i really thought it’d be in episode 2 cause of
    the clothes they were wearing.
    plus the location seemed like it was
    where the party happened xp

    But anyways,
    ahh Dara is so pretty ❤
    She's so funny too (x
    I wonder when 2NE1 TV Season 2 is coming out xD

  5. i want to see that part too!
    when YB carries DARA!!

    • hangsan said:

      yeah I watched the whole eps in YT but its not there:-(((

      • It’s probably going to be in a later episode. During the preview before the 1st episode they showed stuff that wasn’t aired till the 2nd. I can’t wait to see what that was about.

  6. taeyang: “what’d you put on your eye again?”
    why is he concern about the way dara looks? hmmm…. hehe…

    • i think YB doesnt want girls with make up. he want someone simple. fresh.

    • hangsan said:

      hahahha!I thought i was the only one spazzing bout that part:)) LOL

    • 2ne1shabam said:

      i thought i was the only one who notice that, YB always takes notice of what Dara does or looks…

      You are cute in whatever yo do…


  7. Bjhanerock said:

    ..i think they edit out the part wer taeyang lift dara!!!!!
    .CUZ i coudnt find it..!!!!

  8. Green Mango said:

    Saw this parody of the “I need a Girl” mv at the “other” site. It is too hilarious not to be shared. Enjoy 🙂

    • Hahahaha!!!! This is hilarious!! That fat dude dance and act like the real one.. Ahihi!! If i end up in hell this is the kind of Dara they may give to torture me XD wohooo!!!

  9. DARAcoercion said:

    Dara is really different if she is with other people other than 2ne1 She seems more tamed.~_~
    YB is having insomnia, glad that he won and his album is doing well, he can sleep peacefully now. :}}

    about the translation, you are a stone if spazzing never crossed your mind. But I rather obey ohdara (biting my hanky) . Seingri-ah, you’re a naughty boy and I like naughty

    just random idea, what if Dara’s child who’ll be a future YG anyways be Harang’s?lol. ok don’t mind me I just went to random site and analyzes the

    • OMG! Ahahahha…that would be EPIC!!=D

      Ya know, for me….it’s really hard to imagine Dara getting married and having a baby and everythingXD
      To me, she’ll always be dorky Dara who never age..ahaha

      But seriously, have you guys ever thought of that? I mean she’s already 26-27 and most women are getting married and having babies…..

      WAAAAHH! Thinking of Dara having a baby is just soo o_O…lol
      But I am pretty sure all her babies will be handsome/beautiful.
      Going off topic hereXD

  10. you guys dara said bye to the camera and not taeyang because taeyang went into the car as with dara and minzy.when dara and minzy said bye the car was starting but hasnt left yet and when taeyang said whatever he was saying he went into the black van.they probably went to yg building.

    • wow. That’s what i was thinking too – like wasn’t that the same car Minzy and Dara went into? So they’re meeting up afterwards, after confirming that she would go out with him if he wasn’t YG’s Taeyang. This keeps getting better and better. Like a soap opera.

  11. iamchay said:

    the carrying part T_T it’s missing!!!!!!

  12. my daragon heart is broken… after all seeing this TT

    • sparta~~~

      • 2ne1shabam said:

        sparta— indeed…huhuhu…after an apple a day, now sundara is alive again because of Seungri…sigh…this is rollercoaster ride…
        ehehehe…i am silently spazzing…sorry admin…

  13. episode 2 is on you tube. I’ve been trying to find the part dara was being carried by yb but it’s not there. where is it? did they cut that part out. maybe i missed that part so let me know where?

    • toozdae said:

      they cut it out – maybe it was too provocative. At least we know it happened thanks to the previews.

  14. sorry for shipping to SunDara…peace 🙂

  15. really!!! awww isnt that sweet 🙂

  16. Hanatokpop said:

    Omg seungri u sly dog u. I love how seungri spills everything when he is in tv.

  17. Here’s the full episode:

  18. This is weird. I’m reading the conversation between Seungri and Dara and I was all giddy. All of a sudden , “Hello” played in my player. LOL Funny! So what is the truth Dara? Seriously!?

  19. eng sub?

  20. since suengri like pairring people like yuri and taeyang he keep on making the situation work when taeyang said there just freinds and
    when suengri was talking to dara he mention taeyang name a lot to dara and dara laughing and cant talk because suengri keep interrupting her and not really listening keke oh my gosh suengri
    watch it carefully you might notikce it.

  21. tostitos said:

    Hello Mad Hatters!

    Aigoo, YB why are you like that?
    i can’t help it. haha!
    join us @

    and let’s spazz. (:

  22. YB also said he’s not good with this self camera thingy and 2ne1 are good with this..CL said Dara is the best with this
    YB was like “Dara nuna where, me where” haha [meaning Dara is a pro and he’s not] and Dara appears ;]

  23. ^yes thats what he he’s so forceful..i bet YB asked him for help haha..i love seungri

  24. Drunken_Unicorn said:

    EVERYONE! COCONUT from YGLADIES got Seungri and Dara’s conversation translated!!!!!!!!!


    Seungri: Would you date youngbae hyung if he asks you? or you won’t?

    Dara: Oh…we can’t if we’re in the same company (not SURE about this but it’s basically what she’s saying ^^

    Seungri: Okay then what if he’s just a regular person? Youngbae’s a normal guy. (not a singer) Let’s say you were just walking around and suddenly Taeyang hyung says “You’re my ideal type. Can you go out with me?” Would you date him or no?

    Dara: Well if he’s a normal guy… (as in he’s not in YG or anything, just a guy)

    Seungri: He’s not taeyang, not YG taeyang. You just met him randomly in the street. You won’t date him?

    Dara: well then that’s good. As long as he doesn’t cheat on me, I’ll consider it.

    Seungri: You’ll consider it? So you’re gonna go out with him! ALRIGHT EVERYONE STARTING FROM TODAY SANDARA PARK and TAEYANG IS DATING! wow congrats! so starting from today is your FIRST day? When you guys get to 100 days of dating, I’ll give you 100won (korean money cents)

    • toozdae said:

      Seungri is such a good wing man. I love him – helping his inexperience hyung out with the girl he likes after revealing all his dirty laundry on Strong Heart. Whenever he’s on TV, there is something worth watching. At this rate YB wont be left with any secrets thanks to Seungri.

    • Hahaha! This makes me giddy….
      Honestly I only want to think that Dara and YB are only long time close friends so to avoid getting disappointed but with what Seungri said… it seems he’s giving hints that it’s indeed Dara in the INAG song
      Well Seungri is known for spilling out his co-members’ secrets right? kekekeke

    • history said:

      muwahahaha!…me liking this!…awww!!

      gosh! for a thin girl….she do have a BUTT!!….nice!! can life be soooo unfair…..

      DARA and MINJI i like….definitely something big is being hidden…and the two MAKNAES are part of the big conspiracy theory….lol!…ouch! TABISAN heart…lol!…..

    • wow that’s great subs…hahaha i m so waiting for the engsubs along with the video…this would be soo fun for SunDara shippers hahaha! 😉

    • CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

      omg! thanks for this sub. my hunch has been confirmed. i thought as well that Seungri’s teasing Dara, he kept mentioning Taeyang’s name, at least that’s the only part i understand lol.. gotta love the wingman ^^

    • what with dara reason about him being in the same company as him its like saying oh i cant date him because he a human(dara the vampire)
      or like saying it like oh i cant because where in the same class,were classmate.she probably cant think of any reason.keke but still if taeyang is not in yg dara consider it and said that it good

  25. our goddess has a nice butt!!!

  26. i think it was cute at the end where minji and dara were leaving and taeyang suddenly points at dara and dara goes and says bye to the camera in a cute voice keke and the handshake at the end was indeed long but i thought that was cute too hehe^.^

  27. Yes, I also like the last part where YB keep shaking hand with our Dara unnie & won’t let her hand go ha-ha…What a sweet “friendship” indeed! ^_^

  28. These vids are kinda long, nice to watch it with subs.

    That Taeyang really have a naughty smile on his face

  29. sweepberry said:

    ohh the hand shake is quite too looong!! haha Taeyang won’t let her hand go? LOL XD

  30. They cut out Taeyang carrying Dara, 😦

  31. banzii3 said:

    keep checkin for 2ne1 subs. . .i cnt wait. . i’m literally refreshin da nolja page every 5 mins. .

  32. thanks… and thanks in advance for the sub soon.
    love the part when they looing at each other then pause then laugh…cute overrr…

  33. iamchay said:

    LAE VJWOW3!! OMG! i’m glad i waited!
    now where is the “carry dara” part?? ke ke

  34. nosebleed~~~~~~~~~~~. tnx
    advance tnx 4 the subbedvid 😀

  35. 2ne1shabam said:

    i want the part were YB lift Dara, i want to know the reason why he did that…huhuhu…but this vids are cool anyway…hoping for subs…thanks

    • Drunken_Unicorn said:

      I know! I was waiting for that! Where is it?? TToTT

      • Hersomething said:

        Yeah! I was waiting for that part too!! Where’d it go?!

        • i want that part!

          • CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

            was waiting for that part too. checked on ATY and they don’t have this episode up yet. hopefully, they’ll have the whole ep up and subbed soon. hope it wasn’t cut..:(

    • history said:

      probably “somebody” requested to EDIT it out!….too OBVIOUS of the something!…kidding!…not good for the weak hearted like YB’s fangirls…and DARA’s fanboys….*ninja kick*


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