I have owed this to Oh!Dara for the longest time, and I am soooo sorry.

I just got really busy at work, but I do try to keep up. Anyway, I offer you a bunch of Dara icons for your usage virtually anywhere (most sites allow 100 x 100 pixels so I think it should be okay).

If snagging, please leave a note in the comments below (and tell me WHERE you’re using it so I can admire my handiwork, LOL!) Don’t be r00d now, and just take without asking. You wouldn’t like that either. ^^

Do NOT hotlink these images!

ETA: As long as you have already left a comment below saying you want to snag an icon (and where you’ll use it), go ahead and take it. 😀 I just like to know when people are going to take it that’s all. And if anyone asks, just credit me and Oh Dara! please. ^^ Thanks for the cooperation.

Comments on: "Goodies: Long Overdue Dara Icons ^^" (36)

  1. ohmyjoella said:

    all icons are pretty. I’ll be using one for other forums 🙂

  2. colorfulsummer said:

    can i use one for tumblr and daragonhideout?

  3. Wow!! Love them all !!! Can I use one for YGL ?? ^^

  4. they were all gorgeous! i had a hard time to choose!
    i’m gonna use it at ygl and bbvip.

  5. ckjack_bla said:

    I’ll also use them in ygl and yg secret thanks again!

  6. ckjack_bla said:

    coolest icons i’ve ever seen! i’m gonna use it on allkpop. thanks!

  7. ilovedara said:

    Hey 🙂
    These icons are amazing! May I use one? Probably in YGL or DGH.

  8. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/?ref=logo i’ll be posting it on my facebook wall!

  9. can i use one of this…and did you make this all? it’s so gorgeous!

  10. i’ll get some. imma use them in ygl and dgh 🙂 thanks for the lovely icons!

  11. iheartdaragon said:

    @goodluckshirt i’ll be using one for dgh too if it’s okay. thank you! =)

  12. WOW!!! Thanks a looooot GLS! 🙂

  13. hmmm. can i just use everything? bwahahahha. please 😦 i’ll credit you, PROMISE!! 🙂
    THANKS a loooooot!

    God bless! ❤

  14. hi gls! thanks for the lovely icons. will use them in all forums pertaining to dara and 2ne1. 🙂

  15. goodluckshirt said:

    I edited in the post to respond to all the requests 😀 Please read the above! I’m glad you guys love them. ^^

  16. crown princess star said:

    hi!! i love you siggies can i use this? just wanna use it in my pex, ygl, dgh, tumblr, twitter and soompi accounts. thank you so much!! muaaaahhhhhh

  17. nice………..

  18. iheartdaragon said:

    omg they’re all lovely. thanks for posting them!
    can I use one in ygl and in tumblr pls?

  19. superstar79 said:

    will use the 3rd icon on YGL. hope it’s ok. thanks!

  20. wow! those are lovely! can i use one? i’ll be using it for my wordpress acct. 😀

  21. can i use one? im gonna use i in ygl. 😀

  22. thanks, goodluckshirt! 🙂 may i have one? not sure where i’m gonna use it yet, though… thank you! 🙂

  23. These are sooo COOL!
    Thanks for sharing!:)

  24. aww.. me want all! LOL!
    I don’t make sense, LOL! But I do love all your icons!!
    yep! definitely using one of them!
    Credit you of course! yay! ^^

  25. XxAdorablexX said:

    Hi! I love all of them! I’ll be taking one to use as my avii for ygl, kaies? =D

  26. dimple♥daragon said:

    i love your icons! haha 😀
    especially the first , 6th and 7th one ^.^

  27. can i use one. in YGL? i live your icons!!

  28. love love them..I am snagging one, will use it as my icon for my LJ and vox post related to Dara.XD

  29. foxychick said:

    this is nice.can i use one?

    • goodluckshirt said:

      Go ahead. Just tell me where you’re going to use it. 🙂 Thanks for asking. 😀 Glad you liked them.

  30. i love this,, its really nice

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