Credit: PerezHilton


Thanks to Rianna, Globing, Scarlet and Mathel for the tip 🙂


Comments on: "Video: Birthday Greetings from 2NE1 and Jeremy Scott!" (12)

  1. things are just getting cooler and cooler. i love it! =>

  2. They have not even made their full 2010 Comeback and they are already rocking the entertainment scene. Their appeal is just so universal and encompasses the globe. Though some people find Perez Hilton eccentric, he is quite hard to please and our girls broke his barriers and he fell in love with them. Now with Jeremy Scott who dresses the who’s who and A-list Hollywood stars are also hanging out with them and adoring them. Really very, very proud to be a fan.
    OMG, Dara might get a lot more International fanboys . I am really used to seeing American, Filipino, English, Indian, Spanish and Middle Eastern beauties and I can say that Dara’s beauty will appeal to any man of any race of any age. She has the face of a classic Asian doll.

  3. mrfanboy said:

    this is unrelated and i don’t know what they are saying lol. but here is a group doing a cover of i dont care.

  4. sweepberry said:

    Is it Dara on Shy mode?? Seems like it. Dara’s 1st time encounter with new people. Hang in there Dara!!

  5. no stopping 2NE1 now. =)
    so so so happy for Sandy.

  6. DARAcoercion said:

    Dara is extra looking cute here. I like her aura, simple yet so cute. 2NE1 is so lucky to be hugged by Jeremy Scott, and vice versa. Finally he noticed them. Whole population of korea must be proud to them.

    Wow 2ne1 is really jjang.

    1. Featured in Discovery Channel as the most popular girl group who are leading the judge.lol

    2. Korea as the location for Mr. World 2010, and dara within it in one of the news. (dara-biased)

    3. and now 2NE1 with Jeremy Scott and perez hilton.

    2ne1 aren’t stopping making a huge news, are they? lol.

    I just love every news 2ne1 has because it’s so rare yet so big that i know many were jealous to be on their shoes.lol.

  7. i don’t like perez hilton, but acknowledge the help he can do for 2NE1’s (and Dara’s) career. wow… it really is a meteoric rise for 2NE1 and they’re barely into their first year.

  8. ahem! hahahah!

  9. ha. i love Dara. shes so simple. =)

  10. ang cool ng 2ne1…wohooo….dara may really have the best times of her career life now…hehe…dara fighting!

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