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[Exclusive] DARA acts for Korean version of “Begin Again”… First title role in Korean movie


[헤럴드POP=홍동희 기자] 2NE1’s DARA plays the title role in a music film.

According to film insiders on the 24, DARA will act her first title role in a music film (title not decided yet) to be cranked in by the end of September. It is her first title role in a Korean movie.

The movie will be a Korean version of “Begin Again”. It is about a story of a girl who works at a convenience store part-time, who seeks out a mysterious melody she hears every night in her dream, and a producer of an Internet broadcasting program who tries to help her find out the music.

DARA acts the role of the girl who is captivated by the mysterious melody to go on a musical journey. Actor Han Jae-seok is known to have been cast as the producer who helps her.

Before her debut as 2NE1, DARA had built an acting career in the Philippines, appearing in a number of films and TV dramas. Plus, she recently acts with KANG SEUNG YOON in web-drama “We Broke Up” (directed by Kim Yong-Wan and written by Jeon Seon-Young) which is aired on NAVER TV CAST.

Notably, as Kim Soo-Jin who worked on the music of drama “White Tower”, “Let’s Eat”, and “Queen SeonDeok” will participated in the film as a music producer, it is drawing a big attention.

Plus, popular webtoonist Mitty (Hong Seung Pyo) takes part in writing the scenario. The film will be cranked in at the end of September, to be released in the first half of next year.

Credits: YG-Life

T/N: So basically, YGE posted the English version of the same article from HeraldPop I translated earlier.. XD However, there are a few more notes in an article from Busan Ilbo.

“Sandara Park has a casting offer to be the main female lead for the musical film,” a representative from YG entertainment said on the 24th, “However, the details of the contract have not yet been stipulated, we’re still negotiating.” – Busan Ilbo

YG representative: “We confirm that there is an offer for Sandara Park to play the female lead in a musical movie” –  The Fact 

YG representative: “It’s true that Sandara Park will act in a musical movie.”

Film official: “The exact date for filming has not yet been set, but it will start either in late September or early October. Sandara Park holds a crucial key to the character’s development.” – MBN

Still hoping for the best!!!! PLEASEEEEEEE WE NEED THIS IN OUR LIVES! XD

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Sandara’s Say


I got into “We Broke Up” because of the unique material and setting. Before I even read the script, I was convinced that I would do it because it seemed very fun and really interesting. The more I understood my character’s role in “WBU,” the more I saw similarities with myself. In fact, I was apprehensive that my own personality influenced my role’s character too much because I deliberately did not read the web toon, but the fans of the original material told me that I was in “synch” with the character, so it gave me confidence as well. Of course, this is a drama, so it extended beyond my usual range of emotions, so I tried various kinds of expressions.

When I first learned that I would be acting opposite (Kang)Seungyoon, my initial reaction was “should I give up this film” and I really worried about it a lot. We’re quite close with each other and I always saw him as my cute dongsaeng. But when the filming time came, there were no strange or awkward moments, but we felt that we had committed to our roles already. It was with different eyes that I saw Seungyoon from the very first time we heard the word “shoot.” The 2NE1 members are also close friends and they teased, “what were you thinking then,” but they were very supportive and loving of my work and they said, “we’re very excited,” so it was a very fortunate reaction. I want to try acting in more romantic-comedy in the future. There are many different areas that I want to challenge myself with, but I was originally set in the romantic-comedy genre, so I feel that this is best suited to me. I want to try a “nerd/loser” but cute and lovable character. I also dreamed of having a “loco queen” woman character. Right now, I don’t have much greed in getting into something big or great. If I encounter an opportunity where I can learn and experience a lot, then I’d love to try it.

When I act, rather than being “Sandara” there’s a special feeling of being able to live another person’s life. It’s really thrilling and spectacular feeling, it’s just difficult to put into words. I’m also still attracted to the stage as well. I would like to try and explore there more too.




Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

1st Look magazine is finally here and the pictures surely did not disappoint! <3 Our good-looking, charismatic “We Broke Up” cast all look gorgeous! <3






More under the cut!

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On borrowed computer time, so sorry this was posted late.. T_T Anyway, OMG IT HAS FINALLY ENDED! I am sad to see NOh Woori and Ji Won Young and the rest of the characters go to be honest.. T_T “We Broke Up” was a great and compelling drama, I just wished it was longer so we could see more character and plot development.. T_T Anyway, so here’s the last episode! I won’t spoil anything, but please do share your thoughts in the comments section! I know that a lot are confused about the ending, it is sooo open-ended I can’t even kekeke.. XD What do you think of the ending? How do you interpret it? Share your thoughts below!!! ^^

우리 헤어졌어요 (WE BROKE UP) – EP10 “Again It’s Spring”

We Broke Up
Translated by don093

(Kang Seung Yoon)
Where is your smile that used to shine on me always?
Where is your warmth that used to embrace my body?
You, who used to say “I’m Happy” to me with your pretty voice…
Without me knowing, the fragile girl I knew is not here anymore…
The fact that you were hurting because of me…
It’s too late knowing and regretting that now…
Love that I thought would last forever and
The promise we made not to let go of each other’s hands…
Crumbles without strength in front of the farewell that came quietly…
That’s right, we broke up today

(Sandara Park)
Where is your gaze that looked at me lovingly?
I missed your embrace that you lent me whenever I cried…
Where are you, who promised me you’ll make me happy…
The warm man I used to know isn’t here anymore…
The fact that you made me lonely Don’t forget that now, it’s too late…
Love that you said would last forever
And your hand that held me tightly…
Crumbles without strength in front of my heart that you hurt.
That’s right, we broke up today…

I was always really sorry…

I really loved you…

(Dara and Yoonie)
The love we thought would last forever and
The delusion we dismissed
Crumbles without strength in front of the farewell that came quietly…
That’s right, we broke up today…

Lalalala lalala (2x)



Credits: YGEntertainment


The song is so good! So sad, but so good! Dara’s voice is pure awesome and ghad.. T_T If ever someone accuses of Dara of not being able to sing, I’ll just slap this song in their faces.. She has such a calming voice, but her emotions shine through, and I feel sad listening to this song even without delving into the meaning first, just listening to her voice.. <3 Then you can hear the soft resolve to find herself in the chorus part and you just want to embrace her and wish her the best.. and gah! /fangirling

우리 헤어졌어요 (WE BROKE UP) – PREVIEW #3

“TODAY” – Sandara Park

Composed by Rovin
Lyrics by Kang Seungyoon
Arranged by Rovin

Another day is ending
Without knowing what I’ve done
As someone else’s someone
Fitting myself to another person, not me I live like this again
Forgetting what I’m good at

I was once a girl who wanted to do many things
Now I’m just a small dot

The tomorrow I dreamed of
Was not this tiring today

This isn’t it The tomorrow I wished for and wished for
Was not the today I lost myself
I want to find myself now

Translated by: @chrissy96_

PRETTY DARAAA~! Probably taken at GD’s exhibit.. ^^


😴 Good night!!!


Source: daraxxi

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Pretty Dara! From her visit at BoonTheShop.. ^^


Be careful, wet road~ ☔️


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Kekekekeke! Seriously, the puppy is too cute~! And gahhhh Dara’s poodle hairstyle! XD This was from YG Family Concert a few years back, if I’m not mistaken.. ^^11349137_428113264051428_1207940125_n

😱😱😱 I…. I think I finally found my long lost sister… Who.. Who are you..!!!


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Oh wow, so GD updated about Dara’s visit to PEACEMINUSONE as well! ^^ Kekeke, I think he’s teasing Dara a bit about her photo-taking habits.. XD Good to see the friendship between these two! ^^


She likes taking photos the best, but she didn’t take much because she was shy at the exhibition so she felt sad 👉👈 친절한 @daraxxi #DARA #2NE1 #PEACEMINUSONE


Source: xxxibgdrgn

Translated by: KIMJ1WON

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

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Dara visited G-Dragon’s modern art exhibit, “PEACEMINUSONE” yesterday! ^_^ Dara, the PR director of YG Family and always supportive hoobae to her sunbaes! ^^

There were a lot of cool and fun pieces, so I enjoyed it~!!! ^.^ the best 👍👍👍


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Oooohhh why do I like this outtake picture of TeamWeForever than the actual print? XD Anyway, they look good together! ^^ And ooohhh Dara’s elegant hands.. <3





Source: 1st Look

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Back to her hip-hop, beanie-wearing, black-with-pops-of-color clothes self~! <3 Dara, Dara pretty Dara! <3 Hyoni also shared a picture earlier yesterday about going to BoonTheShop and 99percentis.. ^_^ I wonder if her and Dara met up there? ^^


#boontheshop x #99percentis


Long time no see dongsaengs~ 😆 long time no see long time no see~


Xin & Dara 👊 양갱이다라


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Pretty Dara invading magazines! <3




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