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Video: Mnet Wide E-news Behind The Scenes Of MAMA 2013

(only 2NE1 talk parts)

0:28 Dara: We will first unveil our new single on MAMA, so please look forward to it

Minzy: We prepared something special. It’s a performance that everyone can look up to so much. End!

Bom: We will go and come back safely~ Fighting!

1:20 Minzy: It seems like we’re doing a very very very high quality rehearsal

CL: End end end end

1:44 MC: Everytime 2NE1 goes to MAMA, you always come out with fur fashion.

CL: Is that so?

1:58 CL: The hairs on the fur are very thin so these are fine.

(theres a voice calling CL’s name from somewhere?)

2:15 Bom: CL! Wooooooooh!

2:25 Bom: Im so excited. As expected our CL is the best. We came to support her like this

Dara: We came to support her

Bom: Even if we shout from a far, she knows our voice so well that’s why she told them that it’s us. I think we need to go now

3:12 Dara: It’s the first stage for 2NE1’s new single that’s why I’m looking forward to it and Im also.. excited for boy groups’ cool performances.

MC: The stage that you’re looking forward to the most among boy groups?

Dara: Bigbang.. I heard a bit that Bigbang will do solo performances this time and they’re practicing now to put their performances altogether thats why I’m super looking forward to it! 

3:43 CL: We’re so happy we were able to attend MAMA.

3:55 Q: Your comment after finishing your MAMA performance?

Dara: Even coming here was a hard time, and it seems like we weren’t able to give a very cool stage. Anyways, it was a sad song.. I was looking at the audience and emotions were coming out so for a while, Its like I wasnt able to sing and I was carried away by my emotions. Missing You is a song that we like. It’s a song that fits well with the winter season so please love it and listen to it a lot!

CL: I’m going to watch the performance now~


Source:  uthinkwhoiam

Translated by: @ilove2ne1girls


Video: Short Clip of 2NE1’s Interview by KANKANEWS In HongKong


Source: kankanews


Video: Eat Your Kimchi Awards – #2NE1 – Nominated for Best Kpop Girl Group

Link to Vote for 2NE1 for Best Kpop Girl Group of 2013

Credit: Eat Your Kimchi


Video: OHMYGODDESSDARA Fancam Of Their Surprise Birthday Party For Our Darling Dara!!!!

Dara is so cute!!! I almost tear up watching this fancam! T_T  How I wish i’m in Korea too to present Dara her birthday cake. Huhuhuhu! But thank you so, so much to OMG for always being there for our angel! <333




Fancam: 131122 Fantaken Videos Of 2NE1 And Other Artists During MAMA 2013

Here are a few  fantaken videos of Dara with 2NE1 and other artists on the Artist Area during MAMA 2013. The videos may not be Dara-focused but we can still get a glimpse of our pretty angel! ^_^ To the uploaders, thank you so much for sharing! ❤



Video: 131126 Short Clip Of Goddess Dara From Her Star Call

Dara is so gorgeous!!! I love, love, love that dress on her! Seriously, words aren’t enough to express how beautiful she is! ❤

So now we’re at the site of 2NE1′s Missing You’s first live broadcast.

Everyone’s finished and we need to go down soon to the waiting room.

Uh.. I’m not that nervous, but I’m rather excited and anticipating for the stage, and I hope man audience will sing along together.

Ok so we need to go now hurry up~ we’ll reveal the interesting and detailed scene.  Am I the only one going out..?”


Source: KHJnadette26LMH

Translated by: @bom_always


Fancam: 131124 2NE1 Leaving Inkigayo


Source: @NOKIOV


Fancam: 131123 2NE1 At Hongkong International Airport Heading Back to Seoul



Videos: 131124 2NE1 SBS Inkigayo performs MISSING YOU

Beautiful 2NE1 Girls perform MISSING YOU today at SBS Inkigayo

Credits: 2NE1


Fancam: 131122 2NE1 Performs “Lonely” and “Missing You” at MAMA 2013

Credit: Linus Chu + Vanessa Wingki + Ma Line + jessicang1019