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Instagram: 170425 Stylist Minhye shared a photo with Fashionista Dara


Dara is in Tokyo ,Japan right now. Is it for photo shoot/work related or just a Holiday? Whatever it is have fun Darong.


[minhyechoiv IG] TRANS: Last Shopping🔥✈️


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Instagram: 160710 Anatabatina shared a Dorky photo of Thirsty Dara

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sorry nauhaw sha… @daraxxi

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Trans: Sorry she is thirsty 

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Twitter/Instgram: Dara Gifts a Delicious Bowl of Ramen to herself ~ “The Only YG Artist to Comfortably Eat with Ssabu-nim, Regardless of the Menu”

Dara is the cutest ever! And yeah, she manages her body really well and doesn’t seem to gain much weight even after eating a lot.. XD She must be the envy of YG Family.. XD


Trans: “After a lonely self-discipline 🍜 a bowl of delicious ramen as a gift to myself. Even together with Ssabu-nim now or aloneo, regardless of menu, I can comfortably eat a lot, the only YG Artist to do so😀 I’ll eat well!!”

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Instagram: Stylist Si Won Zu Posts Swag Polaroids of Hard-Working Dara for “Seoul Tour Guide Book”

So apparently this is for a tourist’s guide book in Seoul.. But for what country or nationality, I still don’t know.. XD I really really hope we get details soon! ❤


today work, making seoul tour guide book with @daraxxi


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Twitter/Instagram/Weibo: It’s Business and Pleasure for Busy Sandara Park in Singapore

Dara sure had a busy time in Singapore! And I’m really happy she updated all of us.. ❤ Look at her bag, so full of YG Family goodies! There are some stickers given to her by OhMygoddess and San Union! ❤ I also spot Psy, Mino, Hanbin, Sugarman, and some others.. ❤


Dara who will go on a business trip ✈️


Leaving~~~ ✈️

Arrived!!! Today’s destination was ~?! Hello Singapore!!! 😀



The next day, she’s off to work! She did some photoshoots, and some people confirmed it’s for Primo Jordan, the store where she gets almost all her kicks.. ^^


Good morning SG!!! 😀 going to work now~~~ still sleepy 😵


Good job everybody good job!!! 😀 #dara #kenzo #lofficiel #singapore@lofficielsingapore

Of course, Dara’s day won’t be complete without some food porn! ❤


Singapore’s crab~!!! Did you eat dinner?! 🍴 chili crab and pepper crab for dinner!!!😆 

Success!!! 👍🏻 #clarkequay#singapore


Geuuuuk………. Ppuak!!! Success!!! 👍🏻success!!!

And off she goes! She looks great in her casual clothes! Loving her cartoon-styled casuals these days.. ❤


There’s a rainbow always after the rain ☁️☔️ –> ☀️🌈





And she goes cute casual with a plaid shirt, hair down in a half pony.. ❤ Comfortable and casual, yet fashionable still!


#kenzo #kenzosg 😍🙏🏻


Marina bay sands ⚓️


#LV #marinabaysands ⚓️



Singapore –> Incheon 😀👋🏻✈️😴

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Twitter/Instagram: MC Maknae Dara with her Sunbaenims Yoo Jaesuk, Yoo Heeyeol and Kim Eana

Awww maknae MC Dara! We will surely miss you! And I’m sure your sunbae-nims will miss you too! I really love how much she respects and admires her sunbaes and how they love and adore her right back.. Seeing their backstage and BTS interactions makes my heart feel warm.. ❤

I really hope that you get to work with them in some other project some time soon! ❤ I really, really want that to happen for her.. ❤


After Sugar Man! I had the chance to meet the sunbaenims again after it’s finished. It was my first time being an Entertainment MC so I laughed and learned a lot from them, Jaesuk oppa who is really good 😍 Heeyeol oppa 😍 Eana unnie 😍 Being with them is an honor. It was a delightful time. I will miss you ~~~!!! 💕💞💓Sincerely yours, your favorite weekly MC maknae Dara (__) *bow*”

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Twitter/Instagram: Sweet and Preppy Dara Invites All Blackjack Nolza Members on a Date

Hmmm, could it be this is for a Japanese tour guide book? ^_^ I mean, she IS calling on the Japanese fanclub members.. XD


“All Blackjack Nolza! Today let’s go on a date together!!! 😆 #dara ❤️ #blackjacknolza at .10corsocomoseoul”


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Twitter/Instagram: Food Enthusiast Dara Asks “If you Go on a Date with Me, What are we Gonna Eat?!”

And she’s promoting Korean-style Japanese food! I really think this has something to do with Japan.. What do you guys think? ^^


Trans:  “Date with Dara ❤️ It’s Korean Style Tonkatsu ! Have you eaten yet?! If you go on a date with me what are we gonna go to eat~!?!”

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Twitter/Instagram: Fresh-Faced Goddess Dara Greets you all a “Good Afternoon”

Dara’s been loving this hat for a while now! gotta love her braids and fresh-eyed look though.. ❤


Good afternoon 👋🏻


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Twitter/Instagram/Weibo: PR Director Sandara Park Says “I’m your number 1 fan ” for YG Family and Big Bang Sunbaes

Sandy, Im your forever and ever number 1 Fan too…^.^

Seriously though, how cute is PR Director Dara promoting both YG Family and also Big Bang sunbae?! Indeed, Dar ais YG Family’s number 1 fangirl! 


 I’m your number 1 fan


Bigbang 前辈 (Senior) 😆


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