[Yesterday TV] KANG SEUNG YOON♥DARA in “We Broke Up, sweet romance


[OSEN=김보라 기자] Singer DARA and KANG SEUNG YOON are showing their talent in acting.

2NE1’s DARA and WINNER’s KANG SEUNG YOON are already recognized for their performance and singing abilities as singers, but they have expanded the horizon of their performance by trying acting. They are actually acting well, going beyond hard-work, to draw big attention.

The two are acting a romance in web-drama “We Broke Up” that was aired for the first time on the 29 last month on search engine NAVER. DARA acts as Noh Woori, a woman trying to get a job, and KANG acts as her ex-boyfriend Ji Won-young.

In episode 3 of “We Broke Up” aired on July 1, DARA and KANG’s acting of romance appealed to many viewers. In the episode, Woori could not forget Won-young even after breaking up with him, and her daily life was disturbed because of that.

Woori had been Won-young’s college senior, three years older than him, but became his girlfriend after falling in love with him at first sight. Won-young moved into a shared house after making money by selling his favorite guitar, to see Woori more and faster. However, the couple became enemies after breaking up.

The two fought every time they saw each other, and even wrote a written promise about how to share the house, making friends feel sorry. However, all those were Woori’s intentional acts to pretend that she gave Won-young up.

However, Woori was still in love with him. She got so worried about him when he does not come to the house for only a day. She pretended to be cool, but worried about whether she should call him or not. Woori’s unpredictable but cute character made viewers wear a smile on their lips. Plus, KANG SEUNG YOON’s acting of a young boyfriend was eye-catching, too.

They had been happy together. Won-young always cared about Woori, saying sweet words such as “You look pretty even when your skin is not good”, “I’ll call the police if I cannot contact you for more than 12 hours”, “I’m always here to help you when you have difficulties”, etc. After breaking with him, Woori felt something missing in her life. The two expressed a couple’s date and sad feelings after breaking-up, to appeal to viewers.

Then, a love triangle was hinted, as Yoon Nina, the director of Mars Music who is a beautiful and talented woman (acted by Kang Seung-hyun), got involved in Woori and Won-young’s relationship. Nina visited a convenience store where Won-young was working and the two’s cell phones were switched. Nina accidentally saw Won-young’s performance video in his cell phone, then she came to want to produce him as a singer and got interested in him as a man, too. Viewers of the drama are paying keen attention to how the relationship between the three will develop.

Meanwhile, “We Broke Up” is a music-romance web-drama that depicts the story of a couple who stays in the same house even after they broke up. It is aired on NAVER TV CAST on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7pm.

Credits: YG-LIFE

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  1. i told u so said:

    Spiderman 2.0??The Notebook 2.0?Crazy Stupid Love 2.0??A love hate relatioship??Every woman need alpha males. A woman wants to be protected and provided for. The man needs to be more powerful so that she can surrender to him.

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