Many of you may wonder what does the red pin on Dara’s beanie means…Well the pin that Dara was wearing on her beanie yesterday says “쏠로체질” (solo chejil) which means  “Solo Predisposition”. It teases Dara of being “forever single” haha. It was given by a fan (could be OMG..ha..ha..ha). According to an article this PIN that Dara wore caused laughter during the fan meeting yesterday 🙂 (article:



Source: As Tagged

Translations by: @KwonAui88

Comments on: "Info/Photo: Dara Receives A Gift from A Fan ~ A Pin that Says “Forever Single”" (2)

  1. Thank you admin. I was wondering too what the pin said. Hehe, Dara also likes to poke fun at her own status. Our forever young, single, cold city girl, Dara.

  2. It’s so cute how fans alway tease Dara about being single! Ahohohohoho!

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