THIS IS SO CUTE AND FUN AND COLORFUL! ❤ Gahhh, I hate some of their clothes, but who cares?! The girls looked so carefree and looked like they had fun! And did you spot Jeremy Scott?! Dara so gorgeous and pretty, even with the weird hair and the funny outfit! ❤ WAHHH! Guys, our queens are back! ❤


Credits: 2NE1

Comments on: "Video/Official: 2NE1’s Fun, Cute, Colorful, and Bubbly Music Video for “HAPPY” Finally Revealed!" (9)

  1. Benidaro said:

    Actually I feel sad listening this song…it’s like Dara let go someone she loves and wish him happy…wish you’ll find your own happiness Dara…

  2. I love this song, and when i watch the MV, i always smile because i’m so #Happy 😀

  3. no matter what they do with her hair, even being boldheaded ,make up or no make up still she is real cute and beautiful beyond comparison.

  4. I wasn’t a big fan of her curly serpent style hair, but I am a fan of Dara’s confidence and bold spirit. You’d think that as the ‘visual’ of the group she’d only want to stick with looks that make her look pretty and cute. But, haha, not Dara! She tries all types of looks and pulls them off with such confidence that eventually it grows on us even if it’s not our favorite look on her. I can’t get over how beautiful she looks in that 2nd look with the leather. Man, she’s such a natural beauty!

  5. lulu_xxiv said:

    I really love this song! :)))
    Dara is still cute with that weird hairstyle! Hope that this song will be loved by many people! :)))

  6. nikkidarling said:

    i love it, this song just makes me wanna jump and cry on happiness. i love dara voice. sooo fresh soo cute im so happy she have a lots of lines. thank you

  7. Her hair made me cry. The ringlet thing was not nice. Luckily they’ve mostly ditched this type of clothing for now. Seriously though I liked CBH because she had somewhat normal hair and the blue wig looked striking. Her and Minzy usually get the worst styling but they were nice in CBH.

  8. CL – this was a nice treat for CL fans. she really looks stunning in here. this is by far the best “happy and bubbly” vid of 2ne1 that she actually looks really good at.

    BOM – she really worked that cape! first was in “Falling In Love” and now here. well done bom!

    MINZY – her ‘boyish’ look has always worked for her, and her in this video? it works as well as the usual

    DARA – 50-50. her second look was one of her best one in all 2ne1 videos, her first one… not so much. I would have really hated it if she was stuck with her hair on her first look in the entire video. Still, she looks super pretty! 🙂

    In general, this song reminds me of “I Don’t Care” (because of the song concept) and BigBang’s “Bad Boy” (because of the video concept)
    This is definitely much more refreshing than just filming inside a studio.
    Way to go 2ne1! 🙂

  9. Her hairstyle is definitely weird but we still find her cute. Our unnie is very versatile! 2ne1’s mv are so daebak ❤

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