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 [BangDaraPark] Blackjack dumb dumb dumb~!!! I said I didn’t cut my bangs~!!!! My hair is so damaged that it keeps falling apart and it got this short and became like bangs~ That’s why it’s choppy as if a mouse ate it ㅠㅠ Do I have to say it clearly like this?!? Sob sob anyway I did not cut it like this on purpose so don’t say anything ^_^ I am experiencing a lot of interesting things with my hair these days so its fun~ There are only 21 days left until the concert so let’s all take care of our health! See you soon~!!!


Source: 2NE1 Official Line Account

Translated by: @kristinekwak

Comments on: "Line: BangDaraPark’s Damaged Hair ~ “It’s Choppy As if A Mouse Ate It ㅠㅠ”" (4)

  1. yeah stay with your natural color now let ur hair rest ,short hair is nice 4 u.take care and goodluck.

  2. It doesnt matter what hairstyle Dara has she always pull it off.. Still pretty as always…

  3. She looks like a kid with her hair right now… kekeke

  4. Aw poor darong. Even if you become bald, you’ll still be pretty no matter what. I hope her hair will be okay just in time for the concert. Pixie cut would be really cute too!

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