Awww! Park Sister love! ❤ Bommie is promoting Smoky Girl too! ❤


BOM: kkkk Dara-yah I am a #나쁜기집에 (Bad Girl) wanting to become a #스모키걸 (Smoky Girl) ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

DARA: Oh~~~~~~~ Ohohoh~~~!!! Park Bboom!!! >.< You and I~ We are good friends^_^ Don’t cry be happy!!!

Source: @haroobomkum

Translated by: Ouley_Soleil@WeLoveDara/OhDara + @2ne1bbmania

Comments on: "Twitter: Bom (@haroobomkum) to Dara (@krungy21) – “I am a #나쁜기집에 (Bad Girl) wanting to become a #스모키걸 (Smoky Girl)..”" (11)

  1. Hey friend,

    Cristina Mastro, of Shrewsbury, said her 4-year-old son found the shell on Wednesday on Corporation

    Yours, Violet Levine

  2. these two (Dara and Bom) are so witty!. ^^

  3. you gotta love them park sisters. they’re so witty promoting all those songs keke and dara has the sense to include bom’s songs keke too adorable for words ^__^

  4. Smoky Girl is a woman who looks smoking hot…as in, she’s sexy,sultry hot ( in a good way…not slutty)….that’s why we get Bom’s tweet…funny and witty! Go Park Sisters!!

  5. RasHinA said:

    @jenn thank U 4.(explanation)now
    i no what is the meaning,i’m happy
    its only bcoz i really hate smoking ~~~~~thats
    why.are u filipino or what?Btw ^-^ tanks again!!!!!!!!!!!pyonnnnng~~~

  6. RasHinA said:

    “hey guys i’m filipino muslims^-^ and i’m working oversies now.and i’m not idot
    please respect!!! i want only 2 no what is smoky?bcoz if u say smoky that meaning is smoking cigaretts.but if not im happy bcoz
    #mykpop idol 2ne1park bom is not smoking~~~~~thank U ^-^pyong

  7. RasHinA said:

    what is the meaning of smoky?
    as 4 the one who love smoking!!!
    that it rigth. can someone explane this i want 2
    no.bcoz i really hate cigarets i’m a girl
    even the scent i hate it!!!!(wating 4 explanation please)

    • LOL I don’t think they meant it that way dearie 🙂 [i too dislike cigarettes btw] I suppose it’s like being mysterious? or hot? sexy? LOL I actually don’t know but they’re referring to MBLAQ’s new song and somehow it gives me that impression of a smoky girl 🙂

    • Sandara Stark said:

      Hot. On fire.

    • Keep your hate to yourself said:

      you have to read the lyrics to know what smoky girl means. My definition from the lyrics is a girl like smoke who disappears in their lives. She calls them with their name but erases them like makeup. Which means, she likes them but after awhile, she will forget about them and disappears in their lives. Like smoke who disappears in thin air.

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