SBS’ ‘Inkigayo’ Eliminates Ranking System, ′Mutizen Song Award′ and ′Take 7′

Changes are a-coming for SBS’ Inkigayo.

Beginning from this week’s July 15 broadcast of SBS’ weekly music show, the show will do away with the ‘Mutizen Song’ title and ‘Take 7’ system with a new format to be instated.

According to a source close to the production, Inkigayo will strive to move away from being solely a music program and to become a music ‘show’ through a new system and a wide range of diverse stages.

In addition, more special stages including collaborations with foreign musicians are being planned.

The move will make KBS’ Music Bank the sole music program, among the three terrestrial major networks, to still utilize a ranking system.

MBC’s Music Core eliminated its ranking system in 2006.

Source: eNewsWorld

Comments on: "News: SBS’ ‘Inkigayo’ Eliminates Ranking System, ′Mutizen Song Award′ and ′Take 7′" (6)

  1. I’m divided on this one. I love the idea because 1. Artists will enjoy the stage better, 2. other groups will have a chance for the spotlight. but then it still makes me think that it could affect the artist’s sales not only physically but digitally, I mean piracy is everywhere. Without the rankings, will fans still but the songs legally? because let’s admit it, PART of the reason why some purchase is for their bias to win on music shows…

  2. I wonder how the new system will work?!

  3. lovelove said:

    what this mean

  4. i’ll miss seeing idols interaction on stage..

  5. Like. Music is subjective, and the pressure for winning awards is unhealthy. Music should always be about music, and singers should love performing and doing what they do best. YG has always stressed this, and thank goodness Inkigayo is reforming (who needs KBS?).

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