OH MY GAAAAAHD!!! Finally, the MV is here!!! AND IT WAS AWESOME!!!!  The girls looked absolutely gorgeous and fab!!! 2NE1 definitely rocked the sexy and sensual image on the MV!

DARA LOOKED SO GLORIOUS. Her intense stare killed me multiple times!!! Bom’s flawless legs that she flaunted perfectly well, and of course, Minzy and CL’s dance cuts that were ubeeer sexy!!! The MV is just gorgeously EPIC!!!

BONUS! While trending for #2NE1ILOVEYOUMV, Dara unexpectedly trended too!!! Dara is loved worldwide! Oh the Dara effect! <333

Source: 2NE1

Comments on: "Video/Official: 2NE1 – I LOVE YOU M/V" (28)

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  2. All i see is CL’s face…she has more dress and her changing…kekeke but i so love dara’s pink hair,she’s so gorgeous…dara use that hair color pls.

  3. Crazy4Dara said:

    I love their new MV esp Dara’s part! I want her pink hair, it really suits her! Hope their new song will win lots of awards!

  4. wow wow amazing grl but im not happy cos again dara short exposure again grrrrrrrrr!

  5. I wish to seE an upclose view or longer view of dara in her last hairstyle:'(

  6. This song is actually enjoyable in the long run ^_^ something that I would love to play when I hit the road. And gosh could minzy and cl stop gyrating those hips. Gives me sudden goosebumps when I’m so wholesome. And Dara oh man she’s always an eye candy. No matter how you mess with her hair your eyes will still pop up anytime. This Dara creature i tell you is a spellbinding beauty 🙂 an attractive monster that will eat you alive. My favorite part in this mv is her first scene. She looks high. i really luv it 🙂

  7. Dragonfly87 said:

    The maknaes are taking the reins in this song and concept that it’s shocking and awe-inspiring!!!

    Bom… The legs!!! (runs to Bom with a blanket to cover her sexy legs)

    Dara… Forever beautiful and gorgeous. Her eyes just ooze with sexiness that she doesn’t even have to do a sexy dance or bed scene!! ❤


    I am loving the concept!!! It has a very "Geisha" like concept that makes them very alluring, sensual and bad-ass sexy! Even the concept of the Japanese-like lights make it seem like they are merging both traditional and modern ideas. Very well-thought of. Beautiful!!!!! ❤

  8. killetz said:

    ohdara is being infested with troll like comments. if i have my way i will hunt them down and take away their intestines

  9. I’m really glad Dara got more lines ^^ But seems like CL & minzy have taken over the screentime for this mv == I wished Dara and Bom showed up more *sighs*

  10. 2NE1-> I love them all.. 🙂 DAra is really awesome and gorgeous! I really like Dara’s Part and also MInzy second bec she grown to be a lady now, third Cl for being badass same with DAra they can pull off everything! OMG! and then last bom for her soulful voice and the her legs so long 🙂 i Like the MV so fit with the song!

  11. can you post dara gifs?

  12. Ooooooooooo
    cant breath nid oxygen…
    sooooo sexy.stunning.fierce.beautiful
    goddess DARA.
    soooo addictng.
    congrats.more power.
    hoping n praying u win/receive plety of awards..n recordbreaking album sales.digital sales.concert tickets.
    p.s..wishing jaejoong n jyj watch dis video n be mesmerzd by our goddess
    rily hoping n praying.:-)

    • tangerine_24 said:

      Can you pls stop it…most of your comments here in Oh Dara has something to do with Jaejoong and it’s annoying…this is Dara’s fansite and the post is about 2ne1’s MV..Pls respect the rules…Thank you!

  13. guys lets vote for 2ne1 at http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/2ne1-i-love-you/ and http://global.mnet.com in mnet we only have 9.8% of vote compare to 78.4% for suju ,,, OHDARA admin pls help promote to vote for 2ne1… thank you

  14. Homagadd!! dara why you are so beautiful? but wait, has jay of The Wanted watch this video?!

    • darkymiza88 said:

      probably…he won’t be living being a blackjack if he hadn’t, right?kekeke (hope he did already watched…^^,)

    • Dragonfly87 said:

      I hope someone tweets him, asking what he thinks of the MV and song!! ^_______^

  15. OMG I FEEL LIKE SCREAMING OF HAPPINESS WOW.. Long awaited comeback..the best.. Vote for them on mnet.. Thank you

  16. lets vote this on myx.phil.

  17. i absolutely adore MINZY in this MV… damn.. she’s SO FREAKIN’ HOT…
    and also CL… Bom her legs…. :’> DARA…our DARONG…! how can you be soo perfect with shaved pink hair…???

    i can’t get over how hot our baby mingkki is…… i want to cry… >.<*

  18. UH SO SEXY AND SENSUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..and i like it..kekeke..the song is super addictive!..^^,

  19. ilovedara said:

    I love you dara so much you’re so pretty gorgeous in pink/purple hair 2NE1 is really the best ^__^

  20. woooowwwwww!!! damn sexy ladies! i loooooveeee Dara’s pink hair and clothes! yiiippppeeeee! STUNNING!!!!!!

  21. Omggg!!!! it’s finally here you guysss!!

    Nonstop replay!!!! EVERYONE LOOKS SOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!






  22. OMG O.O

    2ne1+sexy concept= MIND BLOWING!!

    Now I understand the shocked feelings of the producers! I’m kinda glad they did this concept just now..made it more special & BJs life would have been shortened a long time ago! hahah

    no bashing but when other girl groups say they did a fierce sexy concept all I could see is sexy+cute.. 2ne1 made me see what sexy+fierce really is..heck! It’s more of SULTRY+OVERFLOWING CHARISMA!

    2ne1= the group that always live up to the HYPE!

  23. I feel “bitin” with the mv.

    Gaaah! Idk ahaha but gotta admit….the maknaes were freakin’ sensual…trolololl
    Especially CL!

    I loved Daras pink/purple hair!!!! Beautiful!!
    Boms sexy legs;D

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