Oh yeah! We have been waiting for this for a long time Blackjacks! Let’s all hope and pray that Dara’s me2day is truly about 2NE1’s comeback! ^_^ DARA! Choose me! Choose me! I really want to help you!

The latest me2day post by 2NE1‘s Sandara Park has fans buzzing over the possibility of 2NE1′s comeback.

On May 19th, the idol uploaded a very cute photo of herself and wrote, “What’s up?!? Here’s an alert! Alright~ For those who have been thirsty for 2NE1~For those who have been actively promoting us~ Those who have been quietly listening to 2NE1′s music and –+ black jacks who have been cheating on us, gather around!^_^ Now slowly slowly..get together!^.*. It’s a little hard for PR officer, Dara to do this alone. I’m looking for people to help me, so please show interest ^_^

Fans were immensely joyful to hear the good news and replied, “Finally, it’s about darn time you guys came back“, “Loving the chic hat“, and “Blackjacks will gather up, so please return with a banging hit track!“.


Comments on: "News: 2NE1′s Sandara Park Hints at a Comeback?" (17)

  1. i swear to god unnie that i never ever cheat on you to other girl groups but boy groud, i will say sorry. how can’t i stand to fall for bigbang, jyj and exo k. haha unnie sarranghae. can’t wait to see your come back stage and also you world tour.

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  3. Dara’s so funny! “blackjacks who’s been cheating on us, gather around…”Dara girl the only Kpop girl group that I like is 2NE1. But I truly admit I’m cheating on you with boy groups he-he…I can’t resist the hotness & the music of Bigbang, JYJ, EXO, Nu’est and Jay Park. I’m still a faithful ‘blackjack’. ^_^

  4. egliukas said:

    i will never cheat on 2ne1 ! esp on Dara <333

  5. wonder when was this taken…it looks like she’s in a amusement park..look at the scene behind her..ohh..and yeah..i heard about her having a single too…maybe another commercial..hehe….i love the “blackjacks who have been cheating on us” part…hehe..atleast dara’s aware of that..hahaha…..such a cutie

  6. i heard that Dara will have another solo like Kiss… is she referring to that when she said “It’s a little hard for PR officer, Dara to do this alone.”

  7. kyliegen12 said:

    does anyone know where she is? is she wearing a disguise?

  8. its about time.. we’re waiting for this for too long!
    don’t worry PR director, Blackjacks will help you.. what do you need for? haha

    oh ilove this line ‘ blackjacks who have been cheating on us’ srsly, LMAO. nice one pr-nim call everyone to gather haha

  9. i read an article about dara in mnet,com
    news and they probably comeback this may
    thatz what the article said

    • The month of May will end soon and still no comeback. Maybe they will announce it this june.! I don’t know who will come first 2ne1’s comeback or new girl group debut

      • i hope 2ne1’s comeback comes first than the new girl group debut, in my heart it’s only 2ne1 (and big bang lol) dara i hope it’s not considered cheating since they are your sunbaes, no other else promise. 2ne1 will always be the best for me especially dara

  10. lol “cheating around” perfectly describe some bj’s ^_^

  11. waitng n waitng 4 ur cmebck.
    4 sre it wll fierce one.
    collaborate w/ jyj plssssss.
    wshful thnking.
    sori 4 other male artst fans

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