An exclusive interview for “Ugly” from their new mini-album.

Girl group 2NE1‘s member responsible for the visuals, Sandara Park, had tattoos decorating her entire left arm. The one responsible for charm, Park Bom is adorned with the longest eye lashes ever. Why is this.

2NE1, who started their promotional cycle with “Don’t Cry” in April, followed by “Lonely” in May, then the latest, “I Am The Best” in June, is back after a long period. Of course, each single became a huge success, being on top at number one on music charts and music programs. In particular, “Don’t Cry” and “Lonely,” which weren’t even promoted in promotional activities, were huge successes, attracting even more attention by winning after a one-time performance. In fact, “Lonely” is the fastest video in South Korea to gain views in YouTube, breaking records when it broke the 10 million views mark.

With all these accomplishments, it seems that it would be okay for them to be sit back and relax. It would even be acceptable for them to boast. But 2NE1 consider themselves to still be rookies. They insist that there’s still a lot of work to be done.

On the evening of the 18th, 2NE1’s Sandara Park, Park Bom, CL, and Gong Minzy, the four people who are coming up with their newest mini-album set to be revealed on the 28th, met at Gajeong-dong, Incheon, to shoot their music video for their latest song, “Ugly.”

Two days after the Singapore Korean Wave Concert, one day after winning first place at SBS “Inkigayo,” securing their first mutizen, 2NE1 went to shoot the music video for “Ugly” after a whirlwind of activities. The bodies of the 4 members seem to have been hard-pressed, but as soon as they arrived on set, they had a ready smile for everyone. But like the time they were still rookies, their passion for music and dance are still apparent.

Sandara Park revealed, “‘Ugly’ isn’t your typical, plain old song,” she said, “The song has a distinct rock sound and melody,” she said, announcing the newest challenge that 2NE1 has undertaken.

Park Bom added, “‘Ugly’ has a very strong melody and rhythm, which is quite contrary the song’s sad lyrics,” she said, “To be honest, I cried after listening to it,” she said.

“Don’t Cry” “Lonely” “I Am The Best,” three consecutive hits with unwavering support. This in itself, is already a rare feat. But  2NE1 members were surprisingly cool about it.

CL said, “Instead of being satisfied with what we have attained so far now, I think it’s best that we look forward and work harder in earnest,” she added, “There still the release of the new mini-album and the concert to think about,” she said, showing her determination.

Park Bom said, “It was a long time before we released any new songs, and we worried whether we’d get as much love,” she added, “But thank you so much for all your love really,” she said, laughing.

2NE1 is still a girl group, and because of that, they are subject to fierce competition, a fact which was opened.

Maknae Gong Minji said, “Each group, including us, have different personalities, dispositions, and features. Since everyone is different, I don’t think there’s any pressure,” she added, “All teams hopefully enrich the music industry,” she said with a smile.

And of course, they didn’t forget to express their gratitude towards the overseas fans.

When she heard the news that “Lonely” Music Video exceeded 10 million views already, CL said, “When we perform on stage overseas, the fans sing along with our songs, and it’s very beautiful and exciting,” she added, “And of course, it makes us want to work even harder,” she said,

She followed, “After the new mini-album promotional activities finish, we have our first solo concert scheduled in August, so I hope that we do well,” she said, “After the solo concert, we’d be going back to Japan for our promotions there, so please give us a lot of cheers,” she finished saying.


Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara


Aside from the fact that this article was so gosh-darn long and hard to trans, can you guys show OhDara some love and leave some comments about the article? I kinda miss hearing your thoughts. XD

The 2NE1 girls are doing so great, yet remain so humble! I love love love that about them! And Dara hyping up UGLY! Now I really can’t wait to hear the song!

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  1. HAHA. im being so excited for this MV o_O as in the previous MVs of course… thanks oh dara! 🙂 your site is always a great help and full of not just dara but the other girls as well 🙂 Thank you so much for updating all the time! Love you so much!

  2. daragonlove said:

    to admin: i visit this site twice a day (before and after work), and i’m sure other dara fans are doing the same thing, so you don’t have to worry about the comments…i hope there’s a way for you to keep track of the views…thank you for all your hard works…

  3. love their clothes here it feels like the music video of “Fire” street version..i hope this music video doesn’t have “guns” it’s too much..

  4. thank you for translating the article! really reaaly appreciate it!

  5. darkcruzader said:

    first of all…to all the admin of this awesome site i would like to thank you so much…. thank you for keeping us up to date on everything considering 2ne12 and our baby dara!!! there is not a single day that i don’t visit this site and its just do awesome you guys are daebak!!! im really excited about this song and daras tattoos!!! im a big fan of tattoo and it is so awesome that 2ne1 is still so fierce up to now!!!

  6. GUYS! This is Belle, thanks so much for your comments. Me and the other admins really appreciate them! ^^ It was nice hearing from all of you again.

    And yes, MTE, I can’t wait for UGLY. I can’t wait to hear the song and see Dara pimp them tattoos, LOL! ^^

  7. Ugly will turn out to be Beautiful much like ‘i hate you’ which is pure love

  8. so excited for this! 😀

  9. I was hoping for a more girlier Dara…hmmm…oh well…maybe next time. But still she is as fierce as ever. I can’t wait for UGLY!

  10. thank you 4 d translation belle!!! ^_^ my no.1 website!!!!
    2ne1 would be the death of me cuz they keep on giving me heart attack whenever they comeout!!
    love 2ne1!!! admin jjang!!!

  11. hot!hot!hot dara!love her alot.,<3

  12. hp_fanboy said:

    hot!hot!hot dara!love her a lot.,<3

  13. hp_fanboy said:

    hot!hot!hot! dara.,i love her a lot..,<3.,

  14. bleighton_chaera! said:

    …wow!they look so hot!especially DARA!hanks for translating belle!
    you can’t help but be amaze everytime they come out,something fresh and new!!
    love them more!!!

  15. LUPIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Excited to see the MV

  16. really thank you.. belle! from the bottom of my heart. i knw that ur having a hard tym translating but you still do it even w/out a price just to give us info about these girls that we love. thank you for your sky rocketing efffort.! i always visit oh dara site b’coz of my love for dara and the girls<3.. )even sometimes your kinda late.:P). but don't worry we undertsnd that you have stuff to do too.pls continue doing this. we overseas fans count on site like this.. more power to you belle!! and others too. to my fellow blackjacks. fighting!!we are aiming to make our girls known worldwide for people to see how talented these girls are.!

    ps. goddess D is a badass! i dnt really like tattoos but its D.. so.. i liked it a lot!!

  17. well done guys.. thank you so much for the subs… @ohdara thank you so much…

  18. myparksanghyun said:

    Love their concept super cool and fierce! Love Darong and she looks like our baby Cheondung!

  19. madz_Parker said:

    i visit this site EVERYDAY. lols..i’m just lazy to comment. ^^
    thanks ohdara for the updates..i will literally jump into the building without this blog. ;D

    btw, as usual, Dara gets the weirdest style, yet, she managed to pull it off! only dara does. ^^

  20. be charm said:

    love the trans…and thank you!!!!

    dara with tattoo…wonder how d fan boys gonna react!?

  21. whatagodess said:

    i visit here everyday!………… j*ust too lazy to comment*….. but your efforts are so not wasted….i tell you!… day is not complete without visiting this site… fact i stay here more than i stay in facebook…keep it up!!!

  22. tangerine_24 said:

    Dara-yahhhhhh!!!! waaahhhhh…lols

    Hi admins!! Don’t worry we’re still’s just that sometimes I’m too lazy to comment…guilty…sorry!!! 🙂 I also miss Jive and Greenmango and everyone!!! Where are you guys?? and to Belle..thank you so much for translating everything for us 🙂

  23. Thank you for the awesome translation! I really love the girls’ attitude. And Mingkki’s “Each group, including us, have different personalities, dispositions, and features. Since everyone is different, I don’t think there’s any pressure,” she added, “All teams hopefully enrich the music industry,” Woah! MATURITY right there. I know they’ll only get bigger because they each want to constantly improve of their craft. Im such a proud fan!

    I am so excited for UGLY! a rock-ish style that left BOM crying! I so want to hear it! Is it gonna be emo? LOL! I’ll gladly embrace it! Anything from the best ❤

  24. Dara is sooooooo hoooooottttt….l!!!!!
    we could say she doesn’t rely on her looks…because she’s always styled weirdest..or tomboyest…but still her beauty shines through…
    MINGKI!!!!…you’re so mature and intelligent for your age…All teams hopefully enrich the music industry,” she said with a smile.
    such wisdom for a young girl…
    DARA YAH…i’m so excited for you…i loveyou!!!

  25. thanks ohdara, i always visit this site and i’m happy that you’re back and keeping us updated

  26. Dara4ever said:

    Thanks OHDARA for translating these article..i may n0t commenting here often but im reading it everyday!

    Kyaaa!i remember that b4 i saw a pic of thundr w/ a few similarities w/ dara-unnie!they really l0ok like a twin!l0l!l0ve it!2ne1 n0lja!

  27. Their outfit reminds me of Fire days. Like it! OMG! Dara is looking hot with those tattoos, she really can transform from cute to badass. I’m really excited to hear the new songs, I hate you sounds great, I hope Ugly too.

    Thanks Belle for translating all the articles of Dara, I missed those long comments coming from other fans too. Oh well, maybe others are busy or something but for sure they ALWAYS visit OH DARA, just like me. kekeke. 😀

  28. Jam 잠닐 said:

    I’m so excited for this, a song that is rock-like in rhythm and can make you cry! Wow! This will sure be the bomb! 🙂

    2ne1 fighting!
    Thanks for the subs! 🙂

  29. I love how cool the girls look especially Dara!! She really know how to change her style and everything suits her so well! I really cant wait until their MV for hate you and ugly to come!!

  30. I would love to express comments about this article! Aha!:))

    First, those pictures are WOOOOOOOW!!! O.O So much fierce attitude going on! I haven’t seen the MV yet but judging from how “gangsta” they all look (especially dara unni. kyaaa!) i know this is another MV to anticipate for! Those clothes and the way they wear them with so much swag and attitude, ONLY 2NE1 AND ONLY THEM can do that!:D Kyaa!! Their new concept for their new songs is all about it punk or what? (oh never mind what you cal it! keke:P) issurely representing how fierce 2NE1 can be!! Kyaa! So excited for the new song and MV and for the new performances outfits too!:)))

    Second. They are really a girl group to look up for. I am so so so proud to be a fan of them:)) They still treat themselves rookies in spite all of their achievements. They are so humble:)) I know they’ll make it big!:)) Fighting 2NE1! Nolja!:))))

  31. thank you for translating this wonderful article…though I’m not commenting as often as others…everyday of my life after turning on my lappy this was the first site that I checked..I really love this girl as much as everybody here does…..thank you OHdara for this wonderful site!!!

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    • miss.ticism said:

      can’t agree more hhehehhe OHDARA is the first site I open and I check it like every hour! ❤ I SO LOVE OHDARA, thank you Admins!!!

    • Dear Admin same reason just like @WoJong ===>(minWOo @ jaeJOng)
      Sorry Admin T_______T

  33. reign_in_the_sun said:

    thank your for translating the news!!! we really appreciate it…. im really looking forward for the mv of ugly. 2ne1 fighting…..

  34. Wow really is a long one..
    Thank you soo much for doing this!! Gahh!! are you still okay dear? O.o? 😛
    We were just laughing how your gonna translate Dara’s reply to her me2days earlier..with her “Daranese” as what you call it..then BAM! an article came out! LMAO!
    Thank you very very very very much!! >3<

    as for the new single..I'm curious as to how the lyrics go…
    the beat and everything..but the Photos above!!
    DANG!! just.. &HDABFB)@*&D!! DARAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!
    with TATTOOS!!SOO SEXY!!
    could she get any more boyish than this? LOL!
    She's like a little rockstar… she is styled like a little dude..LOL!
    A Small fragile-looking girl with an attitude..
    seriously…her being the smallest yet dressed with the baggiest clothes..
    yet manages to pull it off amazes me every single time..
    Go Dee!

    2NE1 is indeed always evolving, you can't barely keep up!
    2NE1 Jjang!

    Dara for me is the one with the most radical transformation..
    She makes me look out for what's next with her styling and whatnot..
    The stylist really love putting her in the weirdest/craziest outfit..LOL!

    "I Hate You" and "UGLY" Fighting!
    Goddess always surprise me..Loves it!

  35. daphne84 said:

    Thanks Belle. Thanks OhDara.
    Not really good with expressing with my love for you guys but I swear OhDara and Belle are the jjangest!
    I love that these girls are passionate about music. They aren’t just doing this for fame and fortune but they are genuine artists.
    2ne1 Jjang! Dara jjang!

  36. mcjrdgf said:

    thank you for translating this article. much love!

  37. tea-arr said:

    waaah, bommie cried? I wonder what the lyrics are like then!

    thank for the trans as always belle, you are very awesome ^^

  38. bom getting prettier and dara getting boyish nowadays…but still looking cute

  39. thank you for always translating articles related to 2ne1…i love your blog..i dont miss a day visiting it!much love:)

  40. Thanks for the translation!

    I love Minzy’s answer because it’s not a typical idol answer to mention about enriching the music industry. I think that the girls really love music and consider themselves artists, trying to always do better – like Dara wanting to learning to play the guitar, etc.

    The pictures and the set REALLY remind me of FIRE – which is always a good thing. I am really curious about this song since it made Bom cry. Aww… I just know it’s going to be a good song.

    • i agree. and i agree with her. Kpop is a huge market. there is no point in pitting artists against each other especially if they have different genres of music. the good thing with 2NE1 is they are pretty much the only group who have stuck with being fierce and hip hop. the others, i suppose, found that they cannot compete with it, have now moved to being sexy and cute. have u noticed that. that’s why im really proud of 2NE1 when i think of how they continued to have the support even when they got huge criticisms for use of autotune. they have shown that there is a market for it and they can be versatile for those who prefer other songs.
      im also curious now how this badass concept fits a sad song.

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