National team baseball player, Bong Jung-Keun (or Bong Jung-Gun take your pick), has revealed that 2NE1′s Sandara Park stands out.

On the 16th, Bong Jung-Keun, through Me2day’s “Ask Player Bong Jung-Keun,” reveals that his favorite girl group member is Sandara Park.

When asked which girl group he liked, Bong Jung-Keun answered, “I am not much interested in girl groups, but I am a fan of 2ne1. In their album, I like “Go Away,” the song is so good that it’s on infinite loop replay. He he!”

The player also added, “Among the 2NE1 members, I care for Sandara Park the most, because she seems too cute.”

In the end, he left a message to Sandara Park, saying, “I have not applied to be (me2day) friend yet! Dara-yang, I hope you won’t mind if I apply ~~ jyo?? (↗↗Dara tone) (Ah, you have auto-accept on, right? ke ke ke)” revealing his natural wit. (LMAO! Did you guys get his auto-accept joke? He’s so cute! XD – Belle)

Meanwhile, when asked about the Guangzhou games, he Bong Jung-Keun replied with, “Of course, we will win! Haha! More than ever, our team’s spirit is better than before. Korea can count on its 25 players,” he also added, “That gold medal can be expected. Please support us!” showing his confidence.



Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/

Okay, so I did my research. He’s hitting pitcher (a pitcher who also bats), in fact, he’s considered one of the best. Keke! He also has had a pretty good career. He was born in 1980, making him 4 years Dara’s senior. :D Here’s his Wiki profile if you’re interested.:)

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  3. a soccer player, 2 baseball players,a swimmer(park taehwan)…oh gosh..why do i get so happy when i hear that dara got new fanboys..and their not just fanboys!!! they’re like SUPERSTAR FANBOYS!!! i so love it!!!haha

  4. another fanboy?! The list keeps getting longer~ and I loove it~
    Sandy is indeed cute! soo irresistible, it can’t be helped~ LOL!

  5. 1st soccer player 2nd baseball player… i hope when they’re already in international scene NBA basketball superstar would also like her and be a fanboy 🙂 that was so awesome!

  6. Dara Goddess lots of fanboys player now baseball player….mmmm who’s next in line?Basketball player Tennis player etc……..Ur so pretty!

  7. Green Mango said:

    He is the 2nd baseball player to say that he likes Dara, the 1st one was Kim Tae-Joon, see the information here:

  8. Another fanboy in the list which doesn’t surprise me anymore ha-ha…yep make a lot of collections Goddess Dara then select who’s best among them all. But I’m still waiting for that one hot guy from another male group ha-ha…his in a world tour right now so, yeah, I like him for our Goddess D. ^_^

  9. wait, who’s that guy are you talking about? Name plz, ^^

  10. “Among the 2NE1 members, I care for Sandara Park the most, because she seems too cute.”..such a sweet line:))keke:P

    dara unnie’s charm can’t be resist by athletes too! keke!:)

  11. 1st,there is soccer player..and now,baseball player..huuhu..what next?

    dara is cute..hard to deny…

  12. i watching it too in starworld, the male host is really a sandara park fanboy,he admitted it.

  13. superstar79 said:

    watchingg Style Icon on TVn right now (ch75 on destiny cable). the male host just mentioned SANDARA PARK – saying she’s the reason why he started to like KPOP. he’s goodlooking and looks smart! fanboy i think.

    that’s sooo awesome to hear. dara really paved the way for many Filipinos to know KPOP.

  14. mary_pink31 said:

    Oh my god! Im watching 2010 style icon award ryt now! The guy who is a vj of channel v philippines said that the reason why he is into kpop is because of sandara park. He said she is so hot. I hope they are attending so that they can win an award!

  15. The’re always like this . Not doing anything . anyway its just a crush. Dara will get her partner soon! ^^

  16. he seems funny..i love this article..thank you for the translation..

  17. the family name is ‘BONG’..kill me now…hehe..

  18. i feel so happy when dara gets another fanboy..haha…

  19. AUTO-ACCEPT? Like you mean, if I make an account and decided to send Empress D a request to add me at her me2friends, I’m automatically accepted w/out Empress D accepting the request herself?! Is that right?!
    Anyways, another fanboy to be added at Empress D’s long fanboy list!

  20. yay! a baseball player! i’m still rooting for japan, though. haha… don’t kill me.

  21. he has not applied for me2 friend but he know she’s auto did research….
    and he’s a seniour for a change…i don’t mind…i actually kinda like him…hehe…

  22. Hahaha!! he’s uber cute and funny !!
    new fanboy !!! welcome ^^

  23. Yes Sandara Park is cute! Shes da cutest face in YG!! kekeke! Dara collect em’ all!!!! The more da merrier 🙂 Thanx BELLE!!!

  24. imjustacuriouskittycat said:

    Dara is not only a fanboy magnet, she is also an Athlete magnet.
    Collect, collect then select Darayah. LMAO!

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that’s what i noticed also….she always gets the athlete hotties……HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i cracked up on your “collect and collect…”

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