Credit: gilbakk1110 @Youtube

thanks bianca for the tip<3

Comments on: "Video: 2NE1「Go Away」MV Making Film!" (12)

  1. dara is one of a rocking chick. she rocks in that wheels @0.52.

    i mean LITERALLY ahaha!

  2. @ 0:39 haha dara is so funny! 🙂

  3. i must really say that CL is looking so cool in that racer outfit! especially when she was like walking wearing that black sleeveless. super super cool!:0 ..and gosh! she’s so lucky. the guy in green sweatshirt is really cute! LOL:P

    dorky goddess strikes again! haha. she’s really cute in teaching CL, also in that drinking scene:)
    bom and minzy are cute too!:)

  4. bleighton_chaera said:

    ….hahahaha..i love 2ne1!and yeah lol at the slapping part
    CHAERA is LOVE!!!

  5. 0:38 Dara’s version after being hit by the jerk… Major major LOL XD

  6. onehappycamper said:

    dara the drama teacher..LOL! so adowabol!

  7. lol….. Dara teaching CL on the slapping scene.. so cute

  8. i mean bts..

  9. hope there bta for clap ur hand mv..

  10. I DON’T CARE 2ne1 fancam,
    this is at lotte!


  11. you’re welcome^^

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