Last time I updated “From YG”, I said I will prepare a new communication system. That has been a while ago. Lack of my expressions made some misunderstandings with many fans. Whether it’s a misunderstanding or true, I think it’s my mistake that I failed to communicate with you, the fans.

Upcoming September 1st, we’re opening “YG-LIFE” blog to communicate with you fans, as our best effort to be a true friend with you. We’re expecting to have some big communication and share a lot of information as possible between YG and you fans to make a smaller gap in our thoughts and status.

As sometimes fans joke about, “Let’s rob the hard disk of Mr.YG!”

I will share the unshared, old information of singers of YG Entertainment, plus everyday-lives happening in YGE, which I, myself watch and feel everyday. As taking some pictures and movies by myself, I will share all with you from now on. For example, a recording or practicing scene of singers who haven’t released their albums yet. I will share all of it with you even if I have some problems that I may have to leak some of yet unreleased musics.

I have always thought that it’s so sad I have to see all the beautiful clothes and shoes which GD wears to the recording studio just all by myself, but from now on I will record it with my cell phone as much as possible. Bom being caught eating “dokbokki” in secret, while Dara is taking nap at dawn, those I will share with you as long as they want me to.

There will be some very important information in the sharing box, which I will update everyday and there will be some so much normal everyday lives. Beside the news of YG artists, I will share everything in the world that I like or I am interested in. It’s kind of like a personal blog, but I will make some singers of YG to participate in and the information which they updated will be with their name on.

Also I will make “YG-LIFE” easily access onto Youtube, Twitter, & other apps, so to make many fans around the world be able to see it conveniently. I will finish “From YG” from now on and make a fresh start with “YG-LIFE”. It will be a small room, but i will make sure it be a warm true-communicative room. I will meet you all at “YG-LIFE” to keep my unfinished story going.

I wish you all the best & take care of yourselves, bye.

Source: YG’s Message 2010.08.17
Translated By & Credit:

Comments on: "News: YG to open a “YG-Life” blog about Big Bang, 2NE1, & YG Family" (51)

  1. i am pretty sure yg president knows the popular sites of different artist and groups of yg…for dara of course there’s ohdara 🙂 and i agree that he might be influenced with the constant updating of other yg artists through their me2day, twitter and of course fan forums. by opening a blog site with exclusive scoop of famous yg artists it can open more doors to international fan bas (just have to have an option to read in different languages coz that would be awesome!)

    and yes dara was a key..the key to opening a more public view of yg life 🙂 and they owe it to the fans coz we are the consumers, we are the reason they create music and realitytv…to bring spice and entertainment to our lives! hehe 🙂

    i am super excited to this yg blog life…at least we get to see offcam moments with real artists in their most vulnerable state (without makeup, tired and in their casual clothing)…a nice touch to reconnect with yg fans 🙂

    • sweepberry said:

      hope Papa Yg make the 2ne1TV be turned into a YGfamTV Aigooo!
      Would that be a 24/7 feeds of YG members on and off the cam ^^

  2. the prez owes that idea to dara. 😉

  3. “yg life.” genius. 🙂

  4. supersta79 said:

    this is the greatest fan service ever!!! so cool!

    and i agree, this is definitely dara’s influence.

  5. @Green Mango
    Maybe all of YG artist can update at the future blog!
    But let’s just hope that Empress D wouldn’t stop to update us using her me2,
    Anyways speaking of me2,
    Empress D updated awhile ago!

  6. OMG! This is AWESOME! Finally I will have MORE doses of YG news! Official ones too! YG Family RULES! \m/ \m/ \m/

  7. Yey! Another great news from the big boss YG, his way too cool alright now that he has become a “dad.” I’m glad our Dara unnie have a great influence w/ Papa YG, at least now fans can interact w/ YG & his famous artists – 2NE1, Big Bang Se7en, Gummy, Goo Hye Sun etc. I hope our Dara & the rest will communicate as well w/ the fans. Great news indeed! ^_^

    • Green Mango said:

      That was actually my concern. I did not understand if it meant that all YG peeps will be communicating from this one main source and that Dara will no longer be able to send M2days directly without YG`s censorship. 🙂

  8. YG is spoiling YG fans…good news!

  9. I mean Twitter!

  10. @sweepberry
    Let’s just hope that there’s someone who can do it!
    And then those who have twiiter account can send it at 2ne1’s trainer!
    Guys, PAGING for those who are good at making videos!

    • sweepberry said:

      why not ask for help from other 2ne1 fansites?
      After all this is for all Blackjacks ^.^

      We Blackjacks Unite for one cause LOL!

  11. Mathel 828 said:

    Nice, can’t wait for this…
    That is what Dara is saying in her July 31 me2day when the CEO caught her sleeping on the lounge sofa during a practice, he was taking pictures for the Blog… She already gave us a hint who is that mysterious YG Insider. Definitely influenced by the Goddess who loves to take selcas, pictures and vids to share them with her fans… Goddess is really very infectious…

    I just hope that this does not mean less me2day update from our Dara…

  12. ahhh…

    you are the BESTEST!!! 😀

  13. issahgannee said:

    ….wow.. if OnLy there’s a thumbs up, i’LL give two THUMBS UP.. if theres a Like, i wiLL LIKE this… if there’s a star, i wiLL give 5 STARS… the Pres is soOo cOoL…

  14. wow!!
    Can’t wait for this..
    YG sure have lots on his sleeves.
    He is really the best.
    I hope he can put some update also on his baby.
    I’m really fond of the lil angel.
    She is so cute.
    YG Family is really the BEST!!!

  15. OMG…..cant wait 4 it…..its a big big thumbs up presidnt…lolz…….u really hve great brains and love for us……\z

  16. Papa YG~ We love you!
    best father of his kids~ kekek
    we will be so busy this September!!!

  17. Wow Papa YG’s so cool! ^.^

  18. wow, that’s awesome!!!!! Best president ever! And have you seen his new baby girl? such a cutie!!! Papa YG’s such in a happy mood these days he keeps dropping goodies. YG FAMILY!

  19. so it means it will not only be in korean language ayt? i mean the blog, has to do with other languages too like jap and english…
    that would be AWESOME! Daddy YG, you’re the best ^_^

  20. Oh, guys!
    I have an idea!
    Who is good at making videos here?
    Let’s make a very cute fanvid of our pretty girls,
    And let’s use the YOU CAN’T HURRY LOVE as bgm!
    And then let’s put the BJ’s version of it!
    And let’s send it at the girls trainer,
    Let’s ask him if he can show it to the girls!
    How’s that guys?

    • sweepberry said:

      that’s what I’ve thought about it when 2ne1shabam made the Blackjack version and I did request for it.
      And thats my sole reason why I asked her LOL!
      anyone please do a video LOL!

  21. @2ne1shabam
    I actually singing when I saw you’re comment!

  22. OMG! I kind of think Dara is the one who leads everyone in YG to communicate with fans more often.
    YG is jjiang, 2nd Sept is my birthday… oh yes, there will be one more great site that I will be constantly check on.
    I love that he will share them onto twitter, youtube to share with fans all around the world.

  23. 2ne1shabam said:

    You Can’t Hurry Love- Blackjacks version
    I need love(2ne1) love (2ne1) to ease my mind
    I need to find, find fierce group like 2ne1
    —- but YG said “You can’t hurry love(2ne1)
    —-No, Blackjacks have to wait
    —-He said, 2ne1 don’t come easy
    —-It’s a game of give and take
    —You can’t hurry love(2ne1)
    —No, Blackjacks have to wait
    —You got to trust Papa YG, give it time
    —No matter how long it takes (7 months)
    —But how many heartaches must blackjacks stand
    —Before 2ne1 comes back to live again!!!
    —Right now the only thing that keeps BJ’S hanging on
    —When we feel our strength, yeah, its almost gone
    —I remember Papa YG said , (“You can’t hurry love(2ne1)
    —No, Blackjacks have to wait
    –He said there’s no more teasers
    —It’s the way we change the trend
    —-How long must we wait?
    —How much more can we take?
    —Before 2ne1 will kill my heart
    —heart to beak?
    —No I can’t bear to live without 2ne1
    —We grow impatient for the girls to sing live again
    —But when we feel that, we can’t go on
    – Precious Blackjacks words keeps me hangin on
    —I remember Papa YG said,
    —” “No, blackjacks have to wait.”
    —-He said wait its September
    —They will blow your minds away
    —You can’t hurry love(2ne1)
    —No, Blackjacks have to wait
    —You got to trust Papa YG, give it time
    —No matter how long it takes (7 months)
    (But, wait!)
    — No 2ne1 love don’t come easy
    —Blacksjacks keep on waiting, anticipating
    —for their strong voices to sing to us all night
    –for their fierce dance style, that is so tight
    —I keep waitin’. I keep on waitin’.
    —But it ain’t easy. It ain’t easy.
    —You can’t hurry love(2ne1)
    —No, Blackjacks have to wait
    —You got to trust Papa YG, give it time
    —No matter how long it takes (7 months)
    –you can’t hurry love(2ne1)
    –blackjacks have to wait….
    oh my tiny little brain…aisssttt…so so sorry i did my best but i guess my best wasn’t good enough TT_TT

    • sweepberry said:

      YAy! Thanks shabam!
      its great! Wonder what it sounds like if it will subbed on the music audio LOL.!
      Its so cute!

    • sweepberry said:

      Can you put copy 2ne1shabam’s Blackjack version lyrics to the video with the funky BGM?
      wanna try it kekeke (to sing)

  24. 2ne1shabam said:

    wahhh!!!PAPA YG is the coolest president ever…

    imagine his high status but he will allow YG FANS to talk and communicate with him…imagine that???wow!!!actually its for real…that is cool so it means even trainees???we can see them ryt???

    Wow PAPA YG…Hats off…^_^Some CEO don’t even want to bother them, and then Papa YG opening and welcoming YG FANS…WOW!!!0_0

  25. YG’s the best!
    Uh wait.. would this be a YG interactive site? or just some blog?
    But either way i’m cool with it.
    totally awesome!
    Credits to our Goddess D ^-^!

  26. He’s so cool! He’s so considerate to the fans that wants so know more about Yg artists. Since his artists/talents are kinda mysterious and private. Love YG family!!

  27. ozm!! another great news from YG..
    so that makes dara the influencer..and YG the influencee
    0___o !?

  28. yanyanayan said:

    i guess papa yg got inspred by dara..
    can’t wait for this
    i love how yg keep on dropping bobs on us,,akikikiki

  29. Hahahah, lol!
    I laughed at BOMMIE’s and DARA’s being caught!
    I think PAPA YG was the 1 who sent BOMMIE’s photo at our Empress D!
    Since he’s not still doing this BLOG thingy,
    Hahahah! Naughty PRES.!

  30. love it!!thanks to dara..haha

  31. BEST CEO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I WANNA WORK FOR YG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. sweepberry said:

    The 21 Century Evolution is taking phase! 😀
    And the Dara effect caught papa YG with it.

    SO that means YG was the one the so-called “Mysterious YG insider” who caught the sleeping Bommie. kekeke

    Now papa Yg is sure Guilty, on that and on his statements:
    …but from now on I will record it with my cell phone as much as possible. Bom being caught eating “dokbokki” in secret, while Dara is taking nap at dawn, those I will share with you as long as they want me to.
    Haha! Papa YG your the BEST!!
    YG fam. FTW!! weee!

  33. arzeemendoza said:

    WOW. This is amazing. I am looking forward their updates every now and then. I bet Dara will write an article most of the time… I hope so. She’s “Dara the Reporter” right? She’s YG’s correspondent. hehehe!


    • sweepberry said:

      So that makes Dara as the YG 1st Official YG-Life’s correspondent. haha!
      Ah! Go Go Go Dara~yah!

  34. WOW! great, so they really appreciate what Dara’s started kekeke, I mean she’s more up to date to the fans, its really a big help to an artist/comapny promoting or whatever when u communicating to fans..

  35. Holy crap!!
    This is FREAKIN’ awesome!
    Dude!! YG! You are like the best…ahahha.

    This is really nice and I’m glad that they’re soooo considerate of the fans!
    That’s why: YG fam FTW!!!=D

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