Comments on: "News: Sandara Park Wears a Crown, “I am a Stylish Empress”" (7)

  1. daragonaddict said:

    love love love dara…you are my super girl…more power to 2ne1..

  2. Ayee!
    What’s next?
    She’s super cute w/ her crown and apple hair!

    • 101% agree!:)
      she deserves he titles!:)

      go and rest well for your comeback goddess d:)

  3.’s Empress D!! XD
    love it!! i can sense that their comeback is already close!
    i cant wait to see Dara and 2NE1 dominating the stage again!

  4. 2ne1shabam said:

    resting for now…celebrating rest before comeback…yessss…^_^

  5. hahaha yeah ^
    empress Dara FTW!

    Thanks belle <3333

  6. sweepberry said:

    That was fast! 0_0
    Dara~yah!! you did it again hohoho!

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