Now that 2NE1 is in Los AngelesSandara Park has been updating her me2day more frequently with all kinds of pictures for fans to enjoy.

Her latest update consists of the photo above along with the following message, “Wassup Korea?? It’s 2:30AM here ㅠ I haven’t gotten used to the time difference, so I took a nap during the day and woke up now ㅠ sob sob sob. . Wow but the song girl~ I need a girl~ is stuck in my head…the song must have eaten addictive berries or”

Dara must be a big Taeyang fan to have a shirt as shown above. Either that, or it’s going to be used in a scene for his music video. We’ll have to wait and see!

Meanwhile, netizens commented, “Those are some sexy and unique clothes,” “Come on already, I want to hear ‘I Need a Girl’.” and more.


Comments on: "News: 2NE1’s Sandara Park is a fan of Taeyang?" (11)

  1. Edwardo L.Desiderio said:

    Wow Sandy congratulation you are more success now , I wached Cass Beer comericial realy terific you made it.

  2. Edwardo L.Desiderio said:

    Hi Dara you know I’m very happy for you because of youre success there in Korea,after you left Philippines.No wonder it because you are so popular and good actress (Drama or Comedy)even singing nag doble platinum kaya ang In or Out mo no? ok till here miss you here in Jeddah K.S.A. sana magkaroon kayo ng concert sa Dubai.God BlessYou and To Y.G.entertainment. Congrats again and one more thing I’ll always pray for you to youre success. Bye and Good Health.

  3. when wil she wear a dres?hmm..maybe if that happens,all korean females wil be disregarded!.it wil only jst be..ALL the MALES AND SANDARA.ehehe

  4. nana.:) said:

    sooo pretty:) and i love her in that outfit:)

  5. love your hair, sandy! 🙂
    (hmm, maybe you should keep it that way. just flirt with the curling iron once in a while. and majorly chop off your locks when you become a mom if you want.) 🙂

  6. arrggg noo!!!
    my daragon heart is broken again
    why dara?! why?!

  7. wow! she looks soo much like the queen hyori here! and the tabisan in me started spazzing when i saw the shirt..then i realized its youngbae! lol..the darayang in me rejoiced instead! hahah

  8. EH!? Her thighs are so small! Even for someone naturally thin like herself. I hope she is being healthy.

  9. More news @ allkpop about them again bcoz of dara’s

  10. c’mon already i need to see the mv now…hehehe

  11. love dara..and tadan!shes in the news again..dara ur really the best in making ur fan happy..

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