With news that the upcoming midweek SBS drama ‘My girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox’ will be set for August airing, many netizens are curious as to who Nine-tailed fox (Goo MiHo), the female lead alongside Lee SeungGi to the drama, will be.

It has already been confirmed that Lee SeungGi will be the male lead to the drama. Previously Lee SeungGi shot to fame as a actor when his drama ‘Brilliant Legacy’ received overwhelming responses from viewers. In addition, this is also another drama by the Hong Sisters to look forward to.

The drama talks about the legendary nine-tailed fox who wakes up in year 2010 after being sealed for over 500 years. It will be a romantic fantasy drama, as stated by the the production team. As for the female lead, there are speculations that 2NE1 Sandara Park will be casted as the nine-tailed fox. But the production team has commented that, “We have not yet confirmed anything about the casting for the nine-tailed fox character. About Sandara Park being casted, that is just rumours.”

Meanwhile, netizens are already in heat discussions about how Sandara Park would really suit the role on various portal sites.

S: Newsen, TVReport

credit: Sookyeong/KBites

Sookyeong says: “We’ll just wait for the good news. ^^ Sandara + SeungGi = Goodness . ” and I STRONGLY AGREE 🙂

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  2. dara was my idol when i was young.she was popular in the philippines i adore her and i know that she can play as gumiho however, shin min ah acts very well as miho

  3. 2009 was a successful–for a lack of a better word– for singer / actor / MC / CF model Lee Seung Gi.

    This quadruple threat built his popularity through his role in SBS drama Brilliant Legacy, regular appearance in KBS variety show 1 Night 2 Days and MC position in SBS Strong Heart.

    He will soon make his return to the acting scene through the upcoming drama My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox. The script is written by the Hong Sisters, whose recognized works include Perfect Couple and You’re Beautiful.

    In an interview with Star News last December, the Hong Sisters spoke about the drama:

    The main lead is the most immature person in the history of drama. The plot will revolve around him meeting a nine-tailed fox by chance. Although he is afraid the nine-tailed fox will steal his organ, he cannot help falling in love with her.

    The main female lead for the drama has yet to be confirmed; however, she is said to be a trendy and fresh female celebrity. Netizens are already suspecting Dara of 2NE1 to play the role.

    With the combination of the hilarious Hong Sisters and talented Lee Seung Gi, the drama is sure to be a hit!

    Source: Newsen

    Translated in Kpoplive.com

    • daphne84 said:

      Is this old news? Cause I visited the site and I cannot see this in the first few pages.

      • there’s a news at allkpop stating that our Goddess was not considered for the role…..they should have cleared it from the very beginning the news about this kdrama circulated about dara suspected to play the lead role….a marketing strategy?? errr….

  4. bleighton_chaera said:

    ..so we are hearing this news everywhere,interesting indeed,and i do hope this is true..lets all cross are fingers,(i really want her in drama..)..*excited*

  5. i just realized that Lee SeungGi is an 87’er (born on January 17). didn’t Dara say in her Star Diary that she’s experienced working with 87ers (TOP, Jung Il Woo, Lee Minho). do you think she was hinting on something during that time? or she could just be giving a shoutout to YG and to ‘my girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox’ PDs? lol. either way, Lee Seunggi sure is a great add to Dara’s list of 87ers that she has worked with 😀

  6. i think dara would suit the role…and lee seung gi and dara would look good together. dara having a background in acting i believe will be able to portray the nine-tailed fox..if indeed this is true i will 100% support her! whatever plans yg has for 2ne1 as a group or in solos will definitely benefit them 🙂

  7. If SBS knows better, they should know who is the right choice. With all these rumours spreading around like wildfire, whether good or not, only mean she is definitely a HOT ITEM that they should consider.
    Though Nine-Tailed Fox is tagged being melodramatic, the Hong sisters are quite known for their humour which would definitely suit our adorkable Princess.
    Really would love to see her beautiful face grace the TV screen soon, just could not get enough of it. I guess millions out there have the same wish too.
    Arms. fingers and toes crossed…

  8. this will happen,im really sure,,this will happen,,everyone says that dara suitted to any celebrity male,,and really sure that this drama will happen,,lets just pray to all dara’s fans,hope she will play the role .. wait,my ask?? if she will get the role..what is the story .. isn’t it a comedy and romance?? or horror and romance?? .. and we hope dara will play the role.. please lord please lord ..

  9. I really want to see her in a drama than the movie step up, the female lead in that movie should be very good in dancing although I love dara so much but it’s too early to push her.

  10. argh! i hope that this is really true. if it’s not, well they should be paying dara for all the publicity they are getting from her! lol! i still think that there is a definite possibility. cross fingers!

  11. #iwantdaraforkumiho please help me trend wahehehehe

    ireally want dara in this drama!!!

  12. oh my god- oh my god!!!!!!!!! wahhhhhhh(screams)!!!!!!!!!pls!”!”!! dara- dara -dara pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. any drama will do………..praying hard……..

  14. I saw this in kbites, someone commented this:
    “FINAL UPDATE: There has been confirmation that this is not, in fact, true. Sandara Park is not being discussed for the role and that when drama representatives saw this on nate, this was the first time they ever heard of it. Many people who are observing the matter, however stated “The two seem to match each other well” and “It’d be really great if she was casted for the role.”

    We apologize for the inconvenience guys. >>>>:

    Translated by GEE @ ygladies.com”

    so sad T_T I was hoping the rumor was true

  15. articles are popping out in just one day about dara’s possible inclusion in the drama…the rumors have been out for quite sometime and i smell something fishy about this..hope something is positive, if not hope YG will release a message to clear up things…but for me im excited..lee seung gi and dara WOW!!

  16. Pardon my ignorance but is this the same dude co-hosting the program Strong Heart where 2ne1 appeared as guest???

  17. superstar79 said:

    sooo many articles about dara today! almost all kpop sites i visited has this news. well, it’s ok even if YG wont allow her to get this role, for now.

    i’m just soo happy and proud that kmedia, knetz, international fans and many die hard dara fans are so eager to see her act soon.

  18. with all these rumors popping out, i can’t help but feel that there is a high possibility that some or at least half of these are true… kinda like ‘no smoke, no fire’ philo. hehehe…
    for now, i’ll content myself with reading these wonderful speculations about Dara. i miss watching her act ( especially using taglish).
    i hope it’s gonna be a tv series so it’ll be longer exposure than a movie.
    a go,go, go, Dara-ah!

  19. goodluckshirt said:

    I am still doubting it because the girls will have promos soon and if prod starts around June, Dara will have promo and shooting. IDK.

    And they might be throwing the name around to gain interest. This is like super rehashed news though, we’ve been hearing this for MONTHS now. LOL. Or maybe they really want Dara in it (the prod team) so they keep making news so that YG will be persuaded to let her do it or something.

    In any case, I welcome acting developments for Dara ^^ Better the Nine-tailed Fox Drama than K-Step Up, I say. 😀

    • Hmmm the dates are rather interesting as the prod. of the show would start in June and the airing of the show will be aired in August which imo can very likely the time when 2NE1 might start their promos if the source of the YG news from yesterday is indeed true. The information given was that Gummy to promote early May and se7en late May then after Taeyang promotes which would probably be in late june and then maybe 2NE1. It would be interesting how they would be able to manage all this but noticing Dara’s 12+ or more schedules in the Philippines I don’t think it would affect her that much, but also being in the group at the same time they might just pick the music shows that are able to have pre recordings if her schedule becomes tight. The Step Up movie would be rather interesting as it incorporates a lot of dancing and with such a franchise like that it could potentially be risky to put Dara as main but it’s challenges like these that make people go to the top. Whether or not she gets any of these movie or drama deals it would be nice to see her progression aside from ijjimae and her CF acting which she did good on now with these deals she can be able to show more range of her versatility.

      • goodluckshirt said:

        Not a problem for Dara to handle more than one activity type at a time, but YG appears to hate multi-tasking. If the focus of activity is on music, that’s all she’ll be doing for awhile. If the focus is acting, that’s all she’ll be doing for awhile too. A semi-exception was Dae with FO, but even then, it was still fairly concentrated.

        If your assumptions are right though, that this won’t get in the way of their schedules, then good for her.

        YG Ent is a great company, but JFC they need to get their promo crap together. Stop giving dates altogether, IMHO. Just come out when you come out already. I’m so tired of it :\

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