Everybody must be anticipating this part of interview where a man who has worked side by side with our favorite idols of YG Entertainment namely Teddy, Kush, Se7en, Uhm Jung Hwa, Gummy, Big Bang and 2NE1 will give his insights about them and share his experiences he had with them.

This man, whose parents are both Filipinos, was born in the United States. He is originally from San Francisco and currently residing in Los Angeles. He grew up dancing in a garage and with determination and passion, he started learning dance movements, created routines, did formations and directed shows when he was still in high school. From then on, he knew that dance and choreography was his calling. In 2006, he seriously started pursuing his career in L.A. Then, he takes the journey towards his aspiration and is able to reach where he is right now.

The man, Shaun Evaristo started working with YG Entertainment‘s dancers, choreographers, artists and producers in 2008. He will now reveal the story clearly of how he began with YG Family.

(When asked about his thoughts on their personalities)

What about 2NE1?

CL: the baddest female….lol. She’s dope, to me she’s not so hardcore. But I guess that’s to me when I teach her. CL is her alter ego for me, and off stage she’s so kind and cool.

MINJY: she’s awesome! Really thoughtful and so humble. Innocent as well but her on stage she’s a monster!! I mean that in a good way. Her performance level is ILL.

BOM: funny. To me she’s always dreaming. She’s really quirky to me in a cool way. Fun to mess around with and interesting to work with.

SANDARA: when she’s got your attention, it’s awesome to me. Not shy, really out going and easy to get along with. She has her shy moment also, but she’s usually playful and in good spirits when I see her.

Who among 2NE1 members you think fits the adjectives below?

Pretty: Dara

Funny: Bom

Sweet: Minji

Caring: CL

Charming: Dara

You’ve mentioned in one of your interviews that Dara speaks Tagalog fluently, does she teaches you some “Tagalog” words?

No not really. I’d rather her teach me more Korean.LOL.

credits: Lyna of  wwlynacnbluestorm.com

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What a nice and lovable guy he is 🙂 and the whole part will be released soon so lets stay tuned for that! 🙂  Thank you stargazing for the tip!

* More pics of Dara at the Jeremy Scott Adidas Originals party HERE.*

Mademoiselle Deshi

Comments on: "News: 2NE1 cuts at E-Talk with Shaun Evaristo Part 3/3 – “YG Family Family!”" (19)

  1. foxychick said:

    so there is part 1 and 2 of this?coz it part 3 already.where can i read the first part?

  2. i remember in a previous interview with amy lucas, she was teasing shaun and lyle with dara, she said something like “..you find dara pretty..” i think shaun is indeed a fanboy =), even the guy who did the interview was a dara fanboy =)

  3. i love you shaun…proud kami dahil pinoy ka!!!! pinoy FTW!!!!

  4. Aww…I LOVE him!

  5. weee…shaun evaristo.
    i remember the vid about aimee asking him who he has a crush among 2NE1.hehehehe…

  6. Wonders who among the girls is the closest to shaun. hm. maybe bom? 😕

  7. blessy=¤vancouver said:

    fanboy radar active!

  8. Filipinos pride!!

    I love what he says about Dara, if she is out there doing her stuff, she is really awesome. Like you will, stop..look. and listen when Dara starts to be playful and be in good mood. Also, i must say he must be fanboy, check out his adjectives about Dara haha!

  9. KayBeCR said:

    @lvl_ | the reason is already there after that.

    2NE1 girls are loved.

  10. well, it’s Shaun Evaristo after all. 🙂

  11. where is Shaun Evaristo there?

  12. love the photo! 3 filipinos and my yb. kk~

    but i don’t get this..

    when she’s got your attention, it’s awesome to me.

    • darastar said:

      oh my..me too..i don’t get that sentence of his..o_O

      • asukal10a said:

        his attention is usually hard to get,
        but when it’s sandara park unnie…
        she gets it so easily..?
        haha 😀 just guessing

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