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Fancam: 140412 OhMyGoddess HD Fancam of DoomDara’s Perf at YG Family Concert in Japan

Wahhh, Dara version fancam! <3 I know we’ve seen the full fancams, but here’s cute DoomDaraDiva for Doom Dada!

[직캠] YGfamcon – DOOM DADA (DARA ver)

Credits: OMGSANDAR21

Photos: 140412 Official Photo of DoomDara at YG Family Concert 2014 “Power in Osaka”

Super happy to see them release an official picture of “Sandara Diva” XD



Source: YG Family Facebook

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

News: Sandara Park and G-Dragon Take a Goofy Shot Together

Sandara Park and G-Dragon Take a Goofy Shot Together


YG Family‘s Sandara Park and G-Dragon took a goofy picture together. This was posted through Sandara Park’s Twitter on which she also wrote, “GD and Top? No~ GD and San. We took this picture while waiting for our turn to perform at the Osaka Family Concert.

The picture shows Sandara Park dressed with a massive white ribbon on her and wearing a fake red-feathered moustache. G-Dragon posed with a chic smile and a towel draped over his shoulders.

Netizens’ reactions for this picture included, “GD and San, Amen,” “Mister Doomdara and G-Dragon look so cute,” “It’s so good to see them together.”

On another note, 2NE1 and Big Bang opened up the “2014 YG Family Concert” in Osaka, Japan on April 12 and 13 at the Kyocera Dome.

Credits: Soompi

Instagram: #DoomDara Uploads a Cute Rehearsal Picture in Full Costume

A bigger picture of the one she uploaded earlier! <3 She is just so so so cute, I can’t with her… /dying with her cuteness




Source: daraxxi

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Videos: 140412-140413 HD Fancams of Dara, Mino, and TOP Performing “Doom Dada” Collab at YG Family Concert

Bless the TOP fans who recorded Dara and Mino’s parts as well! <3 Dara was super duper cute! <3 I wish she could’ve rapped more though, but it’s okay! The collab is great! Mino did so well too! TOP, wow, the man is just.. awesome personified.. His rap was so so so fast! 

DoomDada (Dara – Mino – TOP)



Twitter: “Sandara DiviDara San” Runs Into G-Dragon Backstage of YG Family Concert~ “Not GD and TOP, it’s GD and San!”

This is too cute! FINALLY we get to see a clear picture of what Dara wore at the con! Kekeke, OMG waeeee, exactly the female version of TOP’s outfit, including the big bow (which looks bigger than her face) and the huge mic strapped on her back. XD  



GD and TOP..?!? No~ This is! GD and San! ㅋㅋ With Jiyongie who I ran into while waiting for the next stage at YG Family concert ~ ^_^ Sandara DiviDara San!!!


Source: @krungy21

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Photos: 140412-140413 Fantaken Pics of Dara Solo and 2NE1 Group Fantaken Pics at YG Family Concert in Osaka

OMG!!! DARA AND TABLLOOOO! What I’d give for a fancam of Love, Love, Love right now! Dara looks so beautiful.. T_T



4u61H6R - Imgur

Doom Dara! ^^

kD9wYuk - Imgur th0qMGq - Imgur

All hail our queens! Looking good in silver! <3






News: Team B Joins YG Family Japan Tour – Collaborates with Winner on First Official Stage



[스포츠동아 = 정준화] YG Entertainment made the decision to include WIN’s TEAM B (B.I, KIM JIN HWAN, BOBBY, KOO JUN HOE, KIM DONG HYUK & SONG YUN HYEONG) in YG FAMILY’s Japan tour.

The agency announced on April 11 that TEAM B will be joining YG FAMILY’s Japan concerts that are to be held on April 12 and 13at Osaka Kyocera Dome.

TEAM B has been polishing their musical talents as trainees since losing by a few points to A TEAM on YG’s survival program “WIN: WHO IS NEXT.”

The decision is deemed quite rare in the history of South Korean pop music, as TEAM B will be performing at YG FAMILY’s Japan Dome Tour that will attract 40,000 fans per concert—all of this taking place even before making an official debut.

The reason for YG’s urgently made decision is that the survival program “WIN” drew high popularity from Japanese fans who take up a big portion of YG fans.

WINNER, who won the show, performed in front of 700,000 fans when they appeared as guests for BIGBANG’s Japan Dome Tour. The upcoming event will be the first official one for TEAM B.

YG commented, “Since TEAM B does not have a debut song yet, he will collaborate with other artists and of course, will work together with their former competitor WINNER—but as close friends this time.

YG FAMILY concert to be held for the first time in 3 years will be joined by 700,000 fans. Along with BIGBANG, EPIK HIGH and LEE HI, 2NE1 will be joining in the midst of their World Tour.

As additional groups WINNER, whose debut is coming up, and TEAM B are included this time, the scale of the concert will be quite different to that of the concert 2 years ago.

The areas where YG FAMILY concert will be held are to be announced soon as well.

Credits: YG Life

Twitter: PR Director Dara Promotes YG Family 2014 World Tour “Power in Osaka”

Our PR director Dara doing promotions for YG Family Concert! ^_^



Source: @krungy21

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photo/Official: YG Family 2014 World Tour – Power in Osaka~ “Big Bang, 2NE1, Epik High, Lee Hi, WINNER, and Team B”

Big Bang, 2NE1, Epik High, Lee Hi, WINNER, and Team B! ^_^ Sadly, Psy and AkMu aren’t joining in the Osaka concert. But we’ll never know! The concert is for three days, so maybe they’ll join in the other ones! ^^



Source: YG ENtertainment

Re-uploaded by: OhDara


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