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Photos: HQ/HD Scans and Translations of “Pambansang Krungy” Sandara Park in Meg Magazine’s february Issue ~ “Diary of Dara”

Dara’s pictures are so so so pretty! /dies 

I love her insights and I love how she’s always a go go go to try new things, even if some of those things scare her.. ^_^ Thank you so much Meg Magazine for featuring our goddess Dara! <3




“I’m scared to go horse riding.”

“But I still tried it! Yeah! The view from Taal is really beautiful, I like it so much! The best way to overcome your fear is to face it.”

“This is one of the favorites of us Koreans: fresh buko (coconut) juice! What else are our favorites? Ripe mango shake and halo-halo. I love it!”


Walang sabit (title of her song in the Philippines, literally means “no tangles” it’s for a shampoo commercial)

Dancing in the boat, in the middle of the ocean in Palawan. Still “Krungy” even in a boat.

This is my first time in Palawan- super beautiful! I felt like I was in paradise. I want to go back!



“Let’s go! The jeepney driver is so pretty! You can obviously see from my face that I’m very happy.”



Source: Meg Magazine

Scans and translations by: WeLoveDara/ OhDara

News+Netizen Comments: “Acting Challenge” Sandara Park to Officially Debut as an Actress, Main Lead in Web Drama “Dr. Mo Clinic” ~ “Similar 4D Character”

“Acting Challenge” Sandara Park to Officially Debut as an Actress, Main Lead in Web Drama “Dr. Mo Clinic” ~ “Similar 4D Character”


Girl group 2NE1’s Sandara Park will play the leading role in the Korean-Chinese joint project web drama, “Dr. Mo Clinic” (screenplay and script by Lee Ah Ram, directed by Kwon Hyuk Chan).

On the 21st, YG Entertainment confirmed that she will be playing the role of a 4D office girl, Lee So-dam, and will start filming on February, making her acting debut in a lead role. Her character in the drama hides her face with her long hair and doll mask, and withdraws when faced with troubles and frustrations.

Through an agency representative, Sandara Park shared, “I’m taking this as my first challenge in acting, I want to learn and grow carefully, step by step steadily,” she also conveyed, “I think web dramas are a new genre that has an amazing merit because through it we can meet and share our work with overseas fans because of of the fact that it’s online,” leaving a great impression.

Futhermore, she added, “When the character came out and I realized that we had similarities, and I got really intrigued. I also became very nervous and pressured, but it drove me to want to work hard and to focus on doing my best.

Sandara Park is known for her innocent charm and lively personality, a person with unique and beautiful visuals and character. How much of Sandara Park will show in Lee So-dam‘s character is highly anticipated and already drawing attention.

Dr. Mo Clinic” will air in March in Korea’s Naver TVCAST and China’s Youku and will start filming in February. In particular, as famous producer Kwon Hyuk Chan, who co-produced ‘Secret Garden’, ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’, and ‘Master’s Sun’ will direct the drama, raising the fans’ expectations.


Sources: 1 2

English BNT article: 1

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara


Netizen Comments:

[+42, -3] Heol!!!! Looking forward to seeing Sandara Park act, excited~
[+39, -4] The height difference will be totally cute!!!
[+36, -3] Dara-unnie fighting! Hit the jackpot..
[+27, -2] Misread the title, “Dr. Mo Clinic” as “hair loss clinic,” and I thought it was totally funny but the synopsis is different
[+28, -3] I haven’t seen Sandara Park act before, will watch this
[+19, -2] Finally, our cute Sandara Park will be acting in a drama…. I hope to look forward to fun things like this in the future~! Stay healthy~ ^^ Take good care of yourself~^^
[+17, -2] Oh~~~ Sandara Park is finally becoming an acting-dol!! Having great expectations for this and the chemistry the leads will have
[+15, -2] Wahhhh!!! Sandara Park drama!!! Aja, Dara-unnie!!!
[+9, 0] Our Dara-unnie is acting, finally, finally, tears of joy ㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ To act as the lead, which unnie wished for so much ㅠㅜㅠㅜㅜ Do well unnie
[+9, 0] Our Young-kwang, let’s work hard!!!♥♥♥♥♥
[+4, 0] You’re finally going to act, so excited for this.. Congratulations, looking forward to it

Source: 1 2

[+950, -77] The male lead is Kwon Young-kwang… the height difference will be so cute ㅋㅋㅋ
[+707, -88] So pretty ㅋㅋ Sandara Park, fighting!!!
[+598, -79] Sandara is so pretty!!!!!!!♡
[+560, -74] Sandara unnie is really very pretty
[+524, -70] I really love Sandara Park ㅠㅠ My ideal type~
[+143, -12] To be honest, Sandara Park didn’t have the chance to expose her pretty face, she should do it more
[+144, -17] Why are you getting into acting just now… You have the face that should have starteed acting long before..;;
[+129, -15] You should totally do this…. You’re just throwing your pretty face away if you just sing and dance a few lines in a song
[+136, -14] It would be such a waste if Sandara wasn’t allowed to shine ㅣㄴ
[+93, -10] Her face and voice are both pretty.
[+93, -7] So this wouldn’t be shown on TV, just on the internet? But whatever, it’s all good still
[+78, -5] You really don’t age unnie…
[+74, -5] There’s nothing to be embarassed about with her beauty even in such a close-up shot…
[+71, -5] It will be great to finally see you act~~!!
[+70, -7] I think she’ll fit in well with the role of 4D office girlㅋㅋ
[+69, -14] Sandara Park sings well too;; All of the 2NE1 members have unique voices, and Sandara Park’s voice quality is nice as well;;
[+64, -8] 4D ㅋㅋ I think this will match her well~~ Show us your good side!!!
[+63, -5] She’s wanted to act for so long, and here it is finally!!!!! Congratulations~~
[+57, -6] Looking forward to its success~~~~
[+43, -7] So excited ㅎㅎ Sandara, you’re so pretty
[+36, -1] Not exposing Sandara’s beauty is regrettable, so please do more activities
[+36, -6] Even though it’s for a small drama, at least it’s a start, she’s so pretty ㅠㅠ
[+35, 0] Is this your first acting project? Won’t you do a historical drama next?
[+34, 0] Even while watching her in music videos, you can feel the emotions from Sandara Park, so I’m sure her acting will be good ㅋㅋㅋ So pretty in pictures too
[+29, 0] I hope that you will also find success in acting, Sandara
[+28, -1] Isn’t this your first acting project since the Philippines, do well, fighting~^♡
[+25, 0] Dara-noona, I miss you, please come out soon~~
[+23, -4] Sandara is very pretty ♥♥♥♥♥ So excited!!!!
[+22, -2] Sandara is too beautiful ㅜㅜㅜ


T/N: OMG Dara in doll clothes and long hair! /spazzing and dying.. And isn’t it sweet how Dara always has the fans in mind and thinks this is an opportunity for her to meet and share her work with overseas fans.. <3

Photos: HD/HQ WeLoveDara/OhDara Screencaps of Attractive, Badass Dara in “CRUSH” Japanese Version PV

Dara is seriously so so so pretty in this video! She works the black wig with the full bangs! She looks so pretty! <3 And cat eye make-up works really well with her too! <3 And of course, she’s like a badass student in the classroom in one of the scenes, and an alluring Egyptian goddess in another.. <3 Wah! <3














Admin Post: WeLoveDara/OhDara “All Or Nothing” in Manila Concert Tickets Give-Away Contest!



Photos: 100+ HD/HQ Group Screencaps from 2NE1’s “HAPPY” MV ~ Happy, Colorful, Fierce 2NE1!

Yaaayyyy, finally finished HAPPY caps! Kekeke! <3 Wasn’t happy with the hue of the MV, so I decided to edit all the caps before uploading. Whew! <3 Enjoy the two sides of our girls: Cute, colorful, and happy VS cute, fierce, black leather, and still happy! <3 









Check out more caps below at the gallery!


Photos: 150+ HQ/HD Caps of Gorgeous Goddess Sandara Park for Clio’s New “Gelpresso Waterproof Pastel Eyeliner”

Sigh. Dara is just so beautiful and perfect. T_T Seriously, while I was capping these, I had to pause so many times just to exclaim at her beauty.. <3 So so so beautiful, our goddess Dara! <3

Just edited the caps to show different lighting, tones, colors, etc.. ^_^










More and more caps after the cut!


Capped by: OhDara/WeLoveDara

Sharing is loving, but please don’t crop out our watermarks. ^^


Photos: 131124 HD/HQ Screencaps/ Edits of Lovely, Enticing Dara at 2NE1’s First “Missing You” Stage on Inkigayo

Isn’t she lovely? T_T While going through the 7,000+ caps, frame by frame, there were times I had to stop and just marvel at how beautiful she looks. And the expression in her eyes spoke volumes, really haunting! I love how Dara is so in the zone during the perf! And once again, kudos to the Inkigayo stuff for some really exquisite footage! ^^














We worked hard to make these caps look prettier and clearer. Please do not crop out our watermarks and credit if you re-upload. Please share the love! <3

More caps after the cut! ^^


Photos: 131124 HD/HQ Screencaps/ Edits of 2NE1’s First “Missing You” Stage on Inkigayo

Our girls looked really wonderful and awesome in their first stage for Missing You! I love the camera work in this performance, very beautifully taken angles and shots! Kudos to the Inkigayo team! <3








Yay! Finally finished making and editing caps. ^^ Please do not edit/take away/crop our watermarks.. T_T I’ve seen our Missing You MV caps cropped and re-uploaded without crediting, and it’s really…. Please don’t do that. T_T Kekeke! <3 Thank you! 

More caps after the cut!


Dara Fashion Find: Goddess Sandara’s Different Looks from “Missing You” MV – Saint Laurent, Balmain, Versace, Giuseppi Zanotti, Fendi

For Missing You, the girls favored Saint Laurent quite heavily, with a touch of Versace and Balmain. Most of their outfits came straight from the runway, but some were more mix-and match. Let’s take a look at our darling Dara’s outfits which ranged from gloomy Marilyn-Monroe-esque, to colorful quirky, to alluring seductress, to toned down casual chic.


Dara’s first outfit from the group scene with the car is pure Saint Laurent. From head to toe. Like I’ve mentioned in the past, I love how the goth loli look works out for her. I love the dress, I love the fedora, and I love the boots.. What’s not to love in this $5500+ outfit, eh?


Dara’s second outfit from the first half of the song is more colorful and eccentric, with a bunch of colors and textures ranging animal prints to dyed fur. Her skirt (I believe it’s a skirt and top since I saw a model in a magazine wear the same yellow fur, leopard skirt from Versace) is from Versace’s F/W 2013 collection, while her top (which I couldn’t find)  is from Rick Owens Her head piece is from Fendi, a rather quirky one at that, which all models who walked the ramp during fashion week had to wear. I love her black and white shoes and I plan to add it as soon as I can find it. Anyone want to help? ^^


Her third outfit, which, safe to say, is everyone’s favorite (it’s mine, isn’t it yours too?) is all black with gold thrown in. But first off, I would like to salute the stylists for her up-do matched with this red lips! Dara doesn’t do red lips often, but when she does, BAM! Anyway, she’s wearing a (horrifyingly expensive, but great-looking) Balmain jacket from their recent collection. I love how the jacket actually accentuates her slim figure! The silk/satin dress she wears below is too nondescript in the video and photo that it’s quite hard to pinpoint. But if I should hazard a guess, I think it’s from YSL or Balenciaga, they have a couple black mini dresses that look so cool! And lastly, her wild Giuseppi Zanotti wedges that I absolutely adore! <3


Dara’s last outfit came straight off the runway, minus the boots. Saint Laurent F/W 2013 collection debuted this cardigan-printed dress combination, and I love how it looks like on Dara. It’s a very simple (albeit super expensive) outfit that still looks chic and fashionable. Matched with another Saint Laurent boot, the outfit looks very country-ish to me. ^^



Source: Balmain + YSL + Net-A-Porter + Giuseppe Zanotti Design + Farfetch + Lyst

Collated by: OhDara/ WeLoveDara

Please do credit us when taking out. Thank you! <3

Dara Fashion Find: “Gangsters” Sandara and Yang Gaeng Flaunt their Rodarte Sweatshirts

Dara and Yang Gaeng’s “couple sweatshirts” are from Rodarte.. ^^ I’ve seen some people comment and freak out about their “couple clothes” but I truly, truly believe that it means nothing and I bet the other girls have this one too, or a variety of this one, kekeke! ^^


Source: @krungy21 + WeLoveDara/OhDara +


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