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Weibo: Public Relations Director Dara Updates Chinese Blackjacks with 2NE1’s Upcoming Schedule!

Our sweet Dara setting out to promote 2NE1’s activities! And awww, I hope that Blackjacks would go! I’m sure they won’t miss this chance to see the girls! <3


Hi everyone, I’m Dara!!! Have you all been well?! We’re finally going to perform in China again on 1st October! This time we’re going to Kaifeng~ It’s our first time there so we’re excited! There will be a lot of Blackjacks there right? 2NE1 is really anticipating this performance too, so enjoy it with us!!! I love you guys!


Source: 2NE1-YG Weibo

Translated by: @sgbjcrew

Weibo: Dara – “Do the people in China like 2NE1 too? Did everyone miss us?!?”

PR Director leaves a message for Chinese Blackjacks! ^_^

Weibo Dara

“Do the people in China like 2NE1 too? Which song is more popular? Looking forward to our first performance in China today!” – Dara

Weibo Dara 2

Did everyone miss us?!?

Do people in China like 2NE1 too? Which singers are popular? ^.^ Anticipating today’s first performance in China. I’m learning Chinese diligently recently! – PR Director Dara

Translated by: @2NEVIA1 + darlisciousx

Weibo: Dara Leaves a Message in 2NE1’s Official Weibo Account – ” It will be the first time 2NE1 visits Shanghai”


Hello! This is PR Director DARA! It will be the first time 2NE1 visits Shanghai this Friday~ We’ll see everybody at Feng Xian Bi Hai Jin Sha! The thought of seeing Shanghai fans just makes me feel so excited!!! Come on come on~ –DARA

Translated by: @sgbjcrew

Info/Cap: Dara Posts in 2NE1’s Official Weibo – “Pray for Sichuan China”

Sichuan China was recently hit by a strong earthquake and Dara thoughtfully posted on their Weibo to ask for our prayers. We here in OhDara are saddened by the many losses in the earthquake and we are praying for all the people affected by it. Stay strong Daralings, blackjacks, and all the people in China. ♥


“Pray for Sichuan China”

Credits: @SandaraBarChina

Weibo: Grateful Dara Releases an Unseen Cut from her Elle Photoshoot for Weibo Fans!

Oohhh, pretty, pretty Dara! I really loved when she did this pose in the BTS video, and so happy to see this! ^^ Dara, please upload the original, HD pic juseyo! <3



A photo from ELLE March Issue. Actually it not released in the magazine, now I’m releasing it for 2ne1 weibo’s fans. Thanks everyone for their enthusiastic response towards my last update on weibo^^Please support us in the future as well. I love you guys!! –DARA


Source: 2NE1 Weibo (visit at

Translated by: @SandaraBarCHINA

Cap: An Article of Dara’s Message to Chinese Blackjacks Becomes SINA’s Most Popular Entertainment Article

SINA .COM is the largest Chinese-language infotainment web portal.  An article about Dara’s message to Chinese Blackjacks became SINA’s most popular entertainment article! ^_^ The power of a heartfelt gesture from a Goddess!



Weibo: Thoughtful, Serious-Looking Dara Writes A Handwritten Note For Chinese Fans!

Awww Dara, the way you show your love to each and every fan is just so heart-warming.. ^^ 2NE1’s Weibo has been up for some time now, but this is the first time that there’s an exclusive update from one of our girls.. ^^ It seems that Dara wants to show the Chinese fans that they are appreciated.. With a hand-written note to boot! ^_^Weibo_Dara_02222013_SC


[中文] 山兔子认证照公开!为了2NE1微博的粉丝一笔一笔认真写着信的DARA的样子^^疼爱BLACK JACK CHINA的DARA的亲笔信真是好感动啊!

Certified photo from Ssantoki released! The serious look of dara when she tried hard to wrote letter for 2ne1 weibo’s fans^^The hand-written letter from DARA who loves BLACK JACK CHINA so much is just so touching!!!


[INFO]That hand-written letter is dara’s idea,and YG staff who’s Chinese taught her(she said dara can write Chinese).she told dara”Ssantoki”is her nickname and dara loves it so much.Everyone can leave your msg under that weibo,dara will check them tomorrow!!Here’s the link of that weibo


Source: 2NE1 Weibo (

Translate by: Pinky@/BaiduSandaraBarCHINA

Twitter: Dara Promotes 2NE1’s Official Weibo Accout – Weibo.Com/2NE1Asia

Dara cannot help herself and has promoted 2NE1’s official Weibo account! She really is 2NE1’s PR manager. XD



Source: @krungy21

Info: YG Opens Weibo Accounts for 2NE1, Big Bang, and Se7en!

I guess YG is really trying to reach out to international fans as they opened accounts for 2NE1, Big Bang, and Se7en in one of China’s largest social networking sites. ^^ To those who have weibo accounts, follow them! ^_^

2NE1’s Weibo Account

Big Bang’s Weibo Account

Se7en’s Weibo Account

(T/N: The “V” beside their account names is the ‘Weibo Verified’ authentication logo.  Weibo is a large Chinese social networking site with over hundreds of millions.)

Translated by: daralinspirit@ForeverwithDara


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