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Instagram: Minzy (@mingkki21) Shares a Photo with Dara from W Korea Magazine – “W magazine Nonagon launching party @daraxxi”

W magazine Nonagon launching party @daraxxi

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W magazine Nonagon launching party @daraxxi

Source: minzy21mz@instagram

Scans: Edgy YG Family at Chrome Hearts x Shinsegae Party Featured in W Korea

YAY! I really wanted HQ pics from this event, and here they are! <3 HD pics as provided by a magazine, kekeke! ^^ W Korea featured YG Family while at the Chrome Hearts X Chrome Hearts. ^_^

YG Family~! 


2NE1 with Chrome Hearts owners…


Pretty Dara making climing up the stairs an artform, with her perfect smile. ^^


More pictures after the cut!


News: 2NE1 Members Find Singing Easier than Talking

2NE1 Members Find Singing Easier than Talking

While the 2NE1 members were attending the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France, they also shot some amazing photos with fashion magazine, W.

Issued in the August edition of W magazine, the pictorial revealed the 2NE1 members wearing very distinct outfits and unique accessories such as Sandara Park’s giant pom-poms or Minzy′s winged hat.

The magazine also showed some pictures from when 2NE1 was speaking at the Festival in June.

During the interview with W, 2NE1 discussed its newest single I Love You and its upcoming global tour concert, New Evolution, which will take place on July 28 and 29 in Seoul, before moving to the rest of the world.

When told that their performances in Korea were shortened due to their upcoming concert, CL replied, “We were a bit sad, but because the first concert is in Seoul, we were able to feel a bit better. We’re currently really busy, preparing for the concert and our next single, but we’re a lot happier when we’re working rather than just resting.”

W asked, “Choosing between standing on the first comeback stage or talking at the Festival, which one is harder?”

“Talking is definitely harder,” said Sandara Park.

CL added, “At a performance, we’re able to transform into something completely different, but at settings like this one, we have to show ourselves, so it makes us nervous at times.”

The complete interview and pictorial can be found in the August issue of W magazine.


Source: enewsworld

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Photos: HD Screencaps of Flawless Dara and Gorgeous 2NE1 from W Korea BTS Video

My beautiful goddess is beautiful, flawless, and gorgeous beyond words, more so in HD.. <3 She looks like a sun goddess her with all her basking in the sun and her bright yellow pompom/dahlia hat.. ^^ And look at her gorgeous face. Her beautiful, intense stares. Her subtle yet provocative poses.. /stops before I drool


Scans: 2NE1 in Cannes for W Korea Magazine


Photo: 2NE1 PR Manager Dara Gives W Korea Her Business Card

2NE1 will be featured in the August Issue of W Korea Magazine. They will be talking about their “I Love You” Comeback. During their interview, Dara handed W Korea her business card! How cute is this? And her business card is in hot pink! 

오늘 받은 명함 한 장. 다라 씨는 2NE1의 보컬이자 댄서이자 PR 매니저였군요! ‘I Love You’로 컴백한 2NE1의 인터뷰는 더블유 8월호에 공개됩니다.

Source: W Korea Facebook Page

Info/Photo: 2NE1 for W Korea Magazine (August Issue)

2NE1 will be featured in the August issue of W Korea Magazine! The will be talking about their “I Love You” Comeback!

Source: W Korea Facebook Page

Photos: [HQ] Goddess D @ W Korea

Beauty personified! <3

CREDIT: DC2NE1 + thanks to daphne84 for the tip :)

Photos: [Caps & Gifs] Goddess D @ OnStyle Meets 5 Beauties

Credit: DC2NE1

Thanks to rice_daarol@twitter for the tip :) Check out more caps of Gorgeous D after the cut. <333


NEWS: ‘Onstyle Meets 5 Beauties’ (feat. Dara) moved to July 1st?


Screencap Credit: pinkyasumi@ohdara


Based on YG Family’s Calendar, ‘OnStyle Meets 5 Beauties’  (feat. Dara) TV schedule has been moved to July 1 (or is this sched for a part 2?).  Since there are no available video links yet of the same show’s supposed airing last night, it’s highly probable that it has been moved to July 1. The June 1 schedule of the same show has also been removed from the YG Family Calendar.

Thanks to pinkyasumi for the info :)


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