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Videos: Reaction Videos to 2NE1′s “Do You Love Me?” Dance Practice

I just love watching reaction videos! Don’t you? ^___^

Credits: E.J A.X + alex pepii

Video: 2NE1 – DO YOU LOVE ME M/V Episode#1 ~ Be Prepared for some Crazy Fun!

OMG THIS IS SO CUTE AND FUN AND JUST GAHHH MY PERFECT GIRLS! OKay, so I cannot wait for the official MV to come! They made it work, see? Kekeke! <3 And gahhh, Dara slithering, Dara working her legs.. SO SEXYYY!!! CL being all motherly towards Dara in the end when she came to get her and was like, “Okay sweetie, that’s enoough” like a mum getting her daughter, hahaha! <3 And oohh, sexy Bommie and Mingkki! <3

2NE1 – DO YOU LOVE ME M/V Episode#1

Credits: 2NE1

Line/Video: Crazy Dara Dances to the Krung Krung Version of ‘Falling In Love’ At The Beach

OMG! Just how cute is this?! Dara being her hyper and krung krung self! Haha! SOOO ADORABLE!!! I wonder who was laughing at the video~ Kekeke! ^^ Dara, never ever ever change! <3

Credits: papapa pra

Video: 130802 Fancam of 2NE1 Leaving The ‘Do You Love Me?’ Party

We can see the girls waving at the fans as they leave Teddy’s Twosome Studio~ ^^ We can also see the Crazy and Hi-Tech Dancers at the first part of the video. ^_^

Credits: Danni Ge

Video: 130802 Fancam of Pretty 2NE1 Arriving at Teddy’s Twosome Studio For The DYLM Party

This is a fancam of Dara, Minzy, and CL with Harin (CL’s younger sister) arriving at Teddy’s Twosome Studio. Bom came a bit late so she isn’t in the fancam. ^^

Credits: Danni Ge

Video: 130728 Cute and Adorable 2NE1 Says Goodbye with ‘Falling In Love’ on Inkigayo

This is 2NE1′s goodbye stage for Falling In Love. T_T But let’s all wait patiently for their comeback soon!!! ^_^

Our girls be turning cuter and cuter every performance~! <333 And Dara’s wearing shorts! It’s been a looooooong time since we last saw her in one. She rocks it! THOSE LEGSSSSS. <33333 Cute and preppy and smexy Dara! ^__^


Fancam: 130727 2NE1 Performing ‘#FallingInLove’ At MBC’s Summer Festival 2013 in Ulsan

I really love that dress on Dara! She looks so preppy and cute! ^__^ <333

Credits: kibon2000

Fancam: 130715 2NE1 Arriving at SBS for Power FM’s CulTwo Radio Show

Credits: @sungP00

Video: 2NE1′s Interview for Yonhap Television News

Credits:  ziine89 via @the2NE1hour

Video: Dara’s sweet birthday message to Ryan Bang on ‘Banana Split’

Dara is so sweet! Taking some time to greet her friend Ryan Bang who is also Korean, but very famous in Philippines. ^^

“How are you? Me? I’m doing great and I would like to greet you a happy birthday! Woooo~ You know, when I first met you, I thought you were “krung-krung”, but you turned out to be really nice *laughs* So you’re definitely IN! And this is my birthday wish for you: I wish you will always be happy and I hope there will be a show where we can work together! That will be fun, right? Oh, anyways, I need to go now ‘cause I’m kinda busy. Take care always! Annyeong!”


Source: 2ne1shabam

Translated by: @jomi25_


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