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Videos: 140412-140413 HD Fancams of Dara, Mino, and TOP Performing “Doom Dada” Collab at YG Family Concert

Bless the TOP fans who recorded Dara and Mino’s parts as well! <3 Dara was super duper cute! <3 I wish she could’ve rapped more though, but it’s okay! The collab is great! Mino did so well too! TOP, wow, the man is just.. awesome personified.. His rap was so so so fast! 

DoomDada (Dara – Mino – TOP)



Video: Happy New Year Greetings from 2NE1 with Daesung and GD & Top

Mnet 새해인사 GD&TOP & 2NE1 with 대성cut

Happy new year greetings from BIGBANG’s GD & Top and 2NE1 with Daesung. They must have filmed this backstage during MAMA 2013! ^^


Source: 베티핑끄

Video: 2NE1, Daesung, GD, TOP and Other Artist’s Christmas Greetings for Channel M

Credit: Channel M

Instagram: Park Bom Uploads Pictures Together With Dara, Minzy, YB and Top

bom insta

Dara left a comment! ^^

reply to bom insta

bom insta update again

And she strikes again! Kekeke! Park sisters are too cute fighting over tabi! ^^

top is mine lol




Source: haroobommi + daraxxi

Capped by: ohdara + xandeelicious

News Video: 2NE1 and Big Bang’s Congratulatory Message for TOP at “The Commitment” Premiere

Credit: TopStarNews.Net

Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) – “I’m so sad I couldn’t watch TOP’s premiere today…”

I hope someday, Dara will have her own premiere too and YG family will be there to support her! ^_^

TOP’s movie, “The Commitment” had their movie premiere earlier but unfortunately, 2NE1 wasn’t able to go because they were recording for KBS1TV’s Open Concert for their 1000th Anniversary.

Dara Twitter 3

“I’m so sad I couldn’t watch TOP’s premiere today. I’ll promise~! To watch in the cinema ^.^ TOP FIGHTING!!! THE COMMITMENT FIGHTING!!!”

Transalted by: @sumiinkim

Video: Behind the Scenes of Gummy’s “I’m Sorry” MV Shoot with Predebut Dara and TOP

OMGGGG! I have always wanted to see the making of “I’m Sorry.” It’s Dara’s first ever work in Korea, and I wanted to see how she filmed it, kekeke! And here it is! ^^ I find it cute that Dara is the one introducing the video, kekek.. ^^She said that she’s shooting a video for Gummy-unnie, and it’s with Big Bang’s TOP. ^_^ (the TOP fangirl in me is making me replay the part where he fails to smash the mirror with the chair, mwahahaha!)

BIGBANG Best Music Video Making Film Collection I’M SORRY Making FULL]


Source: ta8465

News: YG – “Who’s Next? To Be Revealed on May 28th” 2NE1 · Big Bang · Kang Seung Yoon?


YG Entertainment revealed a notice announcing the comeback teaser date on the 28th, of one of its singers or teams, catching the attention of many.

On the afternoon of May 6th, YG Entertainment posted a teaser image with the words, “WHO’S NEXT? 2013.5.28” On the teaser image, the names of YGE artists were posted, such as Big Bang, Psy, 2NE1, Epik High, Gummy, as well as Kang Seung Yoon, and the YG rookie group which has yet to be named. On the upcoming 28th, a YG singer or group would be making their comeback announcement, sparking the attention of fans and netizens.

In the cases of both Big Bang and 2NE1, neither groups have yet to introduce new songs, as their schedules were all full last year due to their respective world tours; on the other hand, the new YG girl group is still clouded in secrecy, making speculations going around as well.

But given the time frame, it has been known that 2NE1 and Big Bang have been doing recording and preparing for a long time, so a possibility of an album from either group is more likely, since G-Dragon has recently released a song that has already become popular. However, there’s also the possibility that the new group would be the one making their debut activities at the end of this month as well, as YG is known for its surprise tactics.

A YG representative said, “Many YG singers have been preparing and recording for a long time, the 28th will make the start of their comeback into activities,” he continued, “Teasers will be revealed little by little in the future before the unveiling and the start of full-fledged activities.


Source: Nate

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Video: YG Family on Wide News – Idols and Stars’ Transformation

Here’s a video talking about idols and stars’ transformations.. They talked about eye make-ups, hair color changes, and more. Dara, GD and Taeyang’s part starts at 03:20, CL’s at 01:08, and TOP at 07:58. ^^

Credits: simhy6

Photos: Unseen Pics Of Dara and TOP Shooting For Gummy’s “I’m Sorry” MV

Weeee! “I’m Sorry” MV would always have a special place in my heart, as it is Dara’s first acting project in Korea and under YG Entertainment.. <3 She really did look oh so pretty in that MV! Simple but gorgeous! And of course, she’s partnered with (my husband) TOP! Don’t they look good together though? ^^








More pics after the cut! <3



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