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News: Thunder Says Dara Keeps Buying him Luxury Brands

Thunder says Dara keeps buying him luxury brands


MBLAQ‘s Thunder talked about his sister, 2NE1′s Dara, while appearing on the April 15 edition of Mnet’s ‘Beatles Code 3D’.

MC Shindong first brought up the topic by saying, “I hear she buys you a lot of luxury brands.”


Thunder replied, “I never really cared much about clothes, but she keeps buying me them. I tell her not to because they’re expensive, but she keeps on buying,” making his other members jealous.

Lee Joon gestured at both Thunder and Mir, whose older sister is Go Eun Ah, and said, “Both of their older sisters are really pretty. However, my older sister isn’t that pretty,” making everybody laugh.

Some comments:

1. [+191, -10] Something seems to have changed with Thunder’s face.. did he gain weight? He looks different from his older music videos

2. [+131, -29] MBLAQ’s hilarious ㅋㅋㅋ The five of them need to do a reality show, I promise I’ll catch every episode ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+57, -9] I want a nuna like her ^^

Credits: AllKPop + Netizen Buzz

Article: Ttwigo – “2NE1′s Sandara Park and MBLAQ’s Thunder Show Off Their Closeness Again”

2NE1’s Sandara Park and MBLAQ’s Thunder show off their closeness again


2NE1’s Sandara Park and MBLAQ’ have once again showed off their close relationship, shortly after they formed a heart with their hands at his sister’s encore stage on Mnet’s music show “M! Countdown” that was aired on March 27.

The older sister had uploaded a photo that shows them at the backstage of SBS’s music show, “Inkigayo”, that was broadcast on March 30, on her Instagram.

The two idols’ promotional schedules take place at around the same time. Thunder recently released new single, “Be A Man”, with MBLAQ while Sandara is promoting “If I Were You” with 2NE1.

“#BeAMan #IfIWereYou #thunder #dara ,” wrote the idol, who is normally called Dara.

Meanwhile, MBLAQ are scheduled to appear on Mnet’s “M! Countdown Artist of Spring 2014” in Yokohama, Japan, and 2NE1 are set to hold the “All Or Nothing” world tour in Shanghai on April 11.


Source: Ttwigo

Photos: 140327 Official Pics of Gorgeous and Happy 2NE1 at M! Countdown

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Twitter/Instagram: Gorgeous Dara (@krungy21) Shares an Offstage Photo Toegther with Manly Thunder at Inkigayo

Superior genes Park siblings!!! <3 Handsome namja and a very pretty yeoja! ^^ So sweet of Dara unnie, always thereto support Cheondoong!  Same goes with him too! Park siblings is so full of love! <3


FireShot Screen Capture #282 - 'Twitter _ krungy21_ #남자답게 #살아봤으면해 ___' - twitter_com_krungy21_status_450189107323748352


Source: @krungy21 daraxxi

Translated by: @sgbjcrew

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Video: 140327 Short Encore Video of #2NE1 on M! Countdown

M COUNTDOWN No.1 of the Week – “Come Back Home” by 2NE1 (2014.03.27)

M COUNTDOWN Top10 of the Week (2014.03.27)


Source: PlayMnet

Instagram: Dara Uploads a Cute Photo of “DaraDoong” Doing a Heart-Shape Pose on Inkigayo Encore Stage

Awwww, I just knew she’d upload a Park Siblings pic after yesterday! <3 Perfect genes! And oh, how cute of Dara to follow the MBLAQ shipping names style, hahaha! XD There’s SeungDoong and JoonDoong (they called themselves that in a video interview a while back, knowing the fans called their ships that way) and now there’s “DaraDoong!” FTW!




Source: daraxxi

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: 140327 Press Pictures of Gorgeous, Cheerful and Crazy Blue-Haired Dara at M! Countdown

Weee! Love, love the Park siblings interaction during encore! <3

l_2014032701002774700338321 1395918559-27 1395920398-53 1395920507-38

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Photos: 140327 Press Pictures of Fierce and Beautiful 2NE1 at M! Countdown




Check more photos below the cut!


News: 2NE1 Tops M! Countdown 2 Weeks in A Row: Dara and Cheondoong All Charming



[마이데일리 = 전원 기자] YG’s 2NE1 seized the trophy for 2 weeks in a row.

On a cable channel Mnet’s M Countdown aired on March 27th, 2NE1 topped the rank.

DARA commented, “I thank YANG HYUN SUK, TEDDY and 2NE1 members,” expressing her gratitude for YG Entertainment family and the fans. In the curtain-call performance, DARA aroused much attention with the special performance of gesturing a love heart with her brother CHEON DUNG from MBLAQ.

On the same day, other artists like 4minute, Toheart, MBLAQ, Orange Caramel, BTOB, Super Junior-M, So Real, 100%, Baechigi, JJCC, CNBLUE, Lim Chang Jung and Tae.1 also delivered dynamic performances.


Source: YG Life

News: MBLAQ’s Cheon Dung Says His Mom Wants Him to Be in Unit with Sandara Park

MBLAQ’s Cheon Dung Says His Mom Wants Him to Be in Unit with Sandara Park

MBLAQ’s Cheon Dung brought up his older sister, 2NE1’s Sandara Park.

Coming back with new title Be a Man, MBLAQ recently recorded KBS 2TV’s Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.


With all the members staying active in fields of acting, hosting, musical and variety shows, the MBLAQ members confessed that even though each member was able to expand their respective career fields, they haven′t been able to perform events, leading to less profit.

The members also shared that some people laugh at them on stage because of their comical image shown on variety shows.

While talking about possibly forming a unit with his sister Sandara Park, Cheon Dung said, “My mom really wants that to happen, but it’ll be difficult since we’re in different agencies.

Then he brought out cheers by adding, “But a featuring from Sandara Park is possible.”

The episode featuring MBLAQ is set to air on March 28.

Credits: MWave


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