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Official Photo: YG Life Reveals Second Picture Teaser for 2NE1’s ‘Falling In Love’

OMG OMG!!! This teaser gives off a such a good feel of summer and holiday, right? And it’s reggae!!! Pretty sure everyone is anticipating this song! Can’t wait to hear audio teaser  The girls look so good!

And Dara in pigtails T.T Her tummy is peeking too ♡

BOSOKIcCMAA_hAe.jpg large


Source: @ygent_official

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Fashion Find: Blonde Dara Wears Balmain and Pilotto for “Falling In Love” Comeback Teaser Photo

Dara Teaser

Peter Pilotto Eli Shard Diamond Print Trousers (Spring 2013 Ready-To-Wear Collection)

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There is a little confusion as to which Balmain top Dara is wearing. Two things are for sure though, the top is BALMAIN and it has been MODIFIED (no sleeveles).

Balmain Sateen-Jersey Shirt

Price: $1,539.29


Balmain Military Shirt

Price: $1,202.85


Balenciaga Cut-Out Ankle Boots

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Video: 2NE1 and Other Stars in PSY’s Gangnam Style Teaser #3

This is just going to be so epic in so many levels! ^__^ Seriously! PSY is the best performer I have ever seen hands down! I have seen several YG Family Concerts already and without a doubt, PSY is always the one who brings the house down! ^^


Credit: officialpsy@YouTube

Random/Cap: 2NE1 Spotted at Psy’s Comeback Teaser on SBS Inkigayo

So cute! Psy’s love for YG Family! Keke <333 I spot Minzy, Papa YG, G-Dragon, Tabi, DARA, Taeyang, and CL! ^^

Credit: @negimax on Twitter

Screencaps: Dara in 2NE1’s “I Love You” MV Teaser

Dara’s lips are to die for!!! Like seriously! Her lips are soooo sexy!!!! ^___^

AND I AM TOTALLY LOVING DARA’S PINK HAIR!!! At last! We see a drastic color on her head and she looks awesome!!!

Video/Audio: 2NE1 – “I Love You” MV Teaser and Full Song


I think I just crashed and burned! Here we are waiting for the full MV to be released and YG just released a teaser!!! I think I am going to die! WE HAVE BEEN TROLLED! ^_^

Nevertheless! The teaser looks AMAZING! I’m pretty sure the full MV will look super awesome too!


She is gorgeous!

To be honest, we are very satisfied with the song! In fact, we love it. I know a few are still sad about the line distribution, but we aren’t. We don’t expect Dara to get the most lines nor we do expect her to get a lot. Of course, we would have been happier if she got more. However, we are satisfied and happy. Dara has enough and we can appreciate that. ^_^


Please buy the song legally! You can download it via SORIBADA and/or iTUNES!


Videos/Photos: YG-Life Releases Bom and Minzy’s Teasers for “I LOVE YOU”

Oh wow! ^_^ Bommie looks so gorgeous with her long legs! Love it! She looks so sexy too! Maknae Minzy is all grown up! ^_^ Loving the composition of her photo! She looks so mature and just drop dead gorgeous!

Don’t forget to check out Bom’s Audio Teaser for “I LOVE YOU” too! Its a little short but it builds up excitement for sure!

“Look at my heart. It is so anxious.” 

Thanks @OMGSODA!

Screencaps: YouTube Popular Videos Around The Web (Music) – #1 Dara’s “I Love You” Teaser

For today, Dara’s “I Love You” Teaser is #1 in the Philippines and its “as seen on” This made us so giddy! Thank you! ^_^

2NE1 will pre-record their Inkigayo “I Love You” comeback stage this Thursday! However, 2NE1’s recording will be private. No public audience will be invited. (Credit: @pab0sarang)

2NE1 will not be on any variety shows during this round of promotion. (Credit: @kristinekwak)

Philippines – #1

South Korea – #4


Video/Photo: Official – 2NE1’s “I Love You” Teaser (CL)

YG uploaded CL’s teaser for “I Love You!” I swear! “I Love You” is just getting better and better! Love the beat and the music! Super awesome! Can’t wait for the final one to be released!

“Don’t stop Love song I’ll sing it for you Everyday I say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah”

Translated by: @kristinekwak; Source: 2NE1@YouTube

Video/Photo: Official “I Love You” Teaser – Dara

OMG!!! Dara’s teaser is here!!! She sounds so freaking awesome! I love the beat and it suits her voice perfectly! And can I say how HOT she looks in the video? So classy hot! All covered but still over the top sexy and elegant!

I love Dara’s part followed by Minzy’s! It sounds so good!


Note: The person who directed the music video for “I Am The Best” is the same director for “I Love You!”


Hangul: 하루종일 그대모습자꾸 떠올라 온종일 울리지않는 전화기만 또쳐다봐

Romanization: Haru jongil geudae moseub jakku tteoolla onjongil ulliji anheun jeonhwagi man tto chyeodabwa

English: All day I think about you All day I look at my phone that doesn’t ring Why don’t you know how I feel

Credit: 2NE1@YouTube + @Jimeichu + @kristinekwak


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