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Photos: Adorable, Heart-Warming Pictures of YG Family Spending the Day With the Kids at Seong Ae Won Child Care Facility

Remember this?


It seems that “Sean-appa” took YG Family members Dara, Minzy, Lee Hi, and Akdong Musician with him to Seong Ae Won, a child care facility in Gyeonggi-do, Icheon-si. Along with them are Compassion Band and other celebrities; the blog mentioned Song Euni, HwangBo, and Sim Tae Yoon. ^^ They played games, took pictures, and ate with the kids at the facility. ^^






More adorable pictures after the cut!


News: YG family spotting doing volunteer work. Sean says, “When YG’s big brother met the youngest ones”

YG family spotting doing volunteer work. Sean says, “When YG’s big brother met the youngest ones”


[TV Report] YG family has recently done volunteer work.

On October 21, Singer Sean uploaded a picture on his Instagram account with a comment, “It is when YG’s big brother met the youngest ones. Being more happy by sharing the love we received.”

In the picture, Sean is with Sandara Park and Gong Min-ji from 2NE1, Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Soo-hyun of Akdong Musician, and Lee Ha-yi. Sean, who posed with his thumb up, drew attention by showing up with his junior singers in a comfortable outfit.

Sandara Park, Gong Min-ji, Lee Soo-hyun and Lee Ha-yi showed off their non-makeup face. Particularly, Sandara Park’s beautiful face dazzling even among other younger singers drew attention.

2NE1, Akdong Musician, and Lee Ha-yi are having a period of rest.

Credits: Star Cast

Instagram: Sean (jinusean3000) – “All the love we’ve got, giving the love back! Feeling the love and happiness everywhere”

When YG’s OG meets young ones All the love we’ve got, giving the love back! Feeling the love and happiness everywhere^^

Credit:  jinusean3000@instagram

Instagram: Sean (jinusean3000) – “We went to do volunteer work together playing with the kids…”

When YG’s OG meets young ones. We went to do a volunteer work together playing with the kids at Sung ae won.Took little time to get to know each other but had blast time playing together with the kids. When we were leaving the kids and Dara,Minzy,Akdong,Hi got pretty close and felt little sad. Promise to come back again and just try to remember the good time. Now say Kim Cheeeeee~ 

Credit: jinusean3000@instagram

Twitter: Sean Shares a Photo with Dara, Minzy, Lee Hi and Akdong Musician – “When YG Oppa and Maknaes Meet… We came for volunteer activity…”

Jinu Tweet 1

When YG Oppa and Maknaes meet.. Yesterday in Gyeongido Icheon, we came for volunteer activity. (Though we got more healing^^) We were first so awkward, but we got closer fast and was very sad when we had to leave. But as we promise the next time. Kimchi~


Translated by: @sumiinkim


Twitter: Dara Reveals that she is a “Meokbang” and Wants Sean to Buy Them Meat

Dara Tweet 3

SEAN: Serve your oppa^^ Are you going to the Gyeonggi-do triathlon?

DARA: Yes oppa~^^ Please make an appearance!!! Also please serve us as well and go to the kalbi stand and buy us meat!~ >.< I’m a meokbang~!!! (“meokbang” or “먹방” is short for “meokneun bangsong,” which basically means broadcasting how a person/celebrity eats)

SSABU: The opposite of meokbang!

DARA: Heol…….. Ssabu-nim ㅋㅋ We have already… done it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ When resting while shooting the music video hard….. ^^;;;:::

SSABU: Talk to one of the people~!!!

DARA: Ho ho ho…^^;;; Who will do it ㅋㅋㅋ

SSABU: Let’s do it together next time~^^


Source: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Twitter: Dara and Sean Tweet About Their Mutual Love for Sneakers!

Can both Dara and Sean tweet a picture of their sneakers collection? I bet the both of them have a lot! ^^

DaraSean1 DaraSean

SEAN: “Like shoes?”

Dara: @jinuSEAN3000 Yes… I like sneakers too much, it’s starting to worry me ㅋㅋ My room is about full to bursting ㅠ

SEAN: @krungy21So should we wear our awesome sneakers and go out to serve? (serve probably means charity)

DARA: @jinuSEAN3000 Yes! ^_^ I’m feeling my heart warming already!!!


Source: @krungy21 and @jinuSEAN3000
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

News: 2NE1, Se7en, and Sean Share the Love Backstage at the “2013 Severance Love Sharing Concert”


YG Entertainment labelmates 2NE1Se7en, and Jinusean‘s Sean recently gathered together to help those in need at the ‘2013 Severance Love Sharing Concert‘ on the 7th.

Sean shared on his Twitter, “’2013 Severance Love Sharing Concert’ backstage with Se7en & 2NE1. It’s small but a big start, ‘A small sharing gives big happiness,’” and showed the YG Family sharing that big happiness backstage at the charity concert.

YG Entertainment has been helping those in need with the start of its ‘YG WITH‘ campaign through which a portion of the agency’s revenue gets donated to charity organizations as well as for the use of its artist’s individual charity projects. The campaign entered into a joint agreement with the Severance Hospital in 2011, and the agency artists have also been spotted visiting the children at the hospital.


Twitter/Photo: Sean shares photos of 2NE1 at the 2013 Severance Love Sharing Concert

As you may know, Sean also was part of the ‘Love Sharing Concert’, but as a spokesperson. 2NE1 and Se7en however, performed.

Check out the photos Sean shared from the concert. 



Photo: Adorable Dara, Minzy, and YG Family on CL’s Instagram Update

Woooot! CL’s birthday party attendance check! ^_^ I can see Dara, Minzy, GD, Seungri, Nuthang crew, Sean, and Jjangmae! Kyaaa! How cute are they in the photo?! <333

Dara’s face is so small it can fit in the hole of the letter C! Kekeke~ And look at Jjangmae. OMG So adorable! Haha! ♥


CL Collection

Source: chaelin_cl@instagram

Re-Uploaded by: OhDara


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