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Instagram: Hyeongsep Posts a Group Photo with Dara, Xin, Taeyang and Kathleen Kye at the “Boon The Shop” Men by Xin Opening

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 8.23.14 AM

Credit: hyeongsep@instagram

Instagram: Fashion Designer Kathleen Kye (@kathleenkye) Poses with Dara – “#WeAreAllKoreanPeople”

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 10.21.01 PM

#WeAreAllKoreanPeople boontheshop_men ___xin___

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 10.25.32 PM

Source: @kathleenkye

Translated by: @ilove2NE1girls

Instagram: Dara (@krungy21) – “Yanggaeng, congratulations! Thank you for this cool hat! I love it~”

Dara is at the opening of “Boon the Shop” Men by Xin at Shinsegae Department Store.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 10.09.51 PM

Yanggaeng, congratulations!!! Congrats ___xin___! Thank you for this cool hat! I love it~^.^

Source: @krungy21 + daraxxi@instagram

Translated by: @ilove2NE1girls

Instagram: Dara (@krungy21) Poses with Xin and Youngwoo at Boon The Shop

According to their company introduction, “BOONTHESHOP & COMPANY, known as the representative place for young & contemporary fashion styles, presents new rising designers’ brands to our customers in the age of twenties to thirties. this place will act as a phenomenal place for true trendsetters who are always craving for the best fashion styles and trends.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 9.58.57 PM

boontheshop_men X ___xin___ Yanggaeng is cool!!! ㅋㅋ

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 10.02.31 PM

boontheshop_men X ___xin___ with Youngwoo~~~ with xyvvx

Translated by: @ilove2NE1girls

Instagram: Dara Shares her Cute, Quirky Passport Photo ~ “Imagine If It Was My Vegeta Hairstyle #ThinkPositive”

Ooohhh, I remember when her photo was featured in 2010 in the list of celebrities that have cute/funny passport pics.. XD I remember that she took her passport photo right after performing because she needed to renew her passport for travel.. XDDD I love how she sees the silver lining in all situations, because, right, imagine if it was her Vegeta hair! It won’t fit in the frame.. O_O Kekeke! ^^ Cute, adorable Dara, please be on SNS more! We miss and love you! <3



Can’t Nobody Can’t Nobody~ I took this photo suddenly as I was performing.. and when I found this photo later in my passport the feeling was… Jjangmae!!! #Ifyouwereme (she’s quoting lyrics from the song) but this photo still looks cute no matter when I look at it..

Imagine if it was my Vegeta hair instead… #thinkpositive


Line: Dara Updates After a Long Time ~ On AON’s Ending, New Beginnings, Comfy Clothes, and Abs on Vacation!

Wow, it’s been so long since Dara updated Line! I’m so happy she did! <3 Awww, she talks about her abs taking a break.. I know we miss seeing her baring them, but if it’s at the cost of her health, then no, Dara eat as much as you want and be healthy! <3

And oh look, she’s mentioned that she’s actually scared of airport fashion. She wants to dress comfortably (in sweats and loose, comfy clothing that she loves), but dresses up for the Blackjacks who are at the airport and for all of us waiting for pictures. I think Dara knows some of the fans’ sentiments, telling her to “dress up more” or to “mind” what she’s wearing, but I love her even when she’s dressed down. She’s making an effort already, stepping out of her comfort zone to show us so much of herself, so Dara, if you want to dress comfortably, please do not mind us, we love you no matter what, and what you wear won’t change that.. ^_^




Source: 2NE1 Line Account

Capped by: @21pinkMIC

Translated by: @KJOP21


Photos: 140914 Beautiful Sandara Park in YG Family Galaxy Tour’s Official Pictures

Oh so pretty! <3




Source: YG Family Galaxy Tour Website

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Instagram: Minzy (@mingkki21) Shares a Photo with Dara from W Korea Magazine – “W magazine Nonagon launching party @daraxxi”

W magazine Nonagon launching party @daraxxi

Source: minzy21mz@instagram

Video: 2NE1 “All Or Nothing” World Tour at The Venetian Macao – 2014

Credit: Venetian Macao 澳門威尼斯人

Photo: Beautiful Dara and Minzy at the NONA9ON Launch Party for W Korea Magazine


Credit: @21_CORN


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