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Admin Post: Philippines Bulk Order Notice for Oh My Goddess “Be With You” 2016 Dara Calendar

Hey guys! 

Please note the details on the poster, and comment if you have questions.. ^^ Thanks for your constant support! <3


Photos: “Hermoso” Make-Up Team Shares Behind-The-Scenes Pics of “Missing Korea” Shoot

“Hermoso” is the official partner of “Missing Korea”~! ^^ They’re also the team behind the real “Miss Korea” pageant as well.. <3

The make-up artist said they do “natural, bare-face” make-up for Dara.. ^^ They also remarked that she is really baby-faced and a true goddess.. ^^




Can you spot Dara here? ^^




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Instagram: 151003 Staff Reveal Behind-The-Scenes Pictures of “Two Yoo Project: Sugarmen” Shooting

And here we go! <3 The “Two Yoo-Project: Sugarmen” filmed last night, and Dara was there! ^^ A Korean Yoo Jae Suk fanbase mentioned that the first broadcast will be on October 20, 11PM.. ^^




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Photos: 151003 Fantaken Pics of Supportive Dara Attending iKON’s “Showtime” Debut Concert with Minzy

So happy to see Dara and Minzy spending time together! ^_______^ Dara forever loyal and supportive of YG Family.. ^^ Do well, Ikon! <3









Instagram: YG Family Congratulations Mithra on his Wedding with Cute Certification Shots~ “Wedding with Overflowing Swag!”

Congratulations Mithra! <3 Soooo nice to see Dara with her YG dongsaengs and Younha! ^^ I miss Minzy! I miss Lee Hi! I miss AkMu! TT


At Mithra Jin❤️Kwon Dahyun-nim’s wedding ceremony ~ 😍 Their wedding ceremony is really overflowing with beauty and swag and I had a happy time, its been a while since I saw these cute children!!! Ah… Me too… I wanted to get married!!! Today’s wedding ceremony is overflowing with swag!!! 👏👏👏 Congratulations~ Please be happy!!! ^.^


Congratulations on your wedding ^__^!!❤️@realmithrajin





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Photos: More Pics Taken by Staff, Crew, and Cast with Dara Behind-The-Scenes of “Missing Korea” Filming


Same age, we’re the same age but it doesn’t look that way  


It’s only a few days back when we first met for the concept design and fitting. And now, shooting for is already done …👍 Daebakk, fighting~~❤️  Please expect to meet the pretty dress~~^^ 





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Instagram: Busy Dara Warns Everyone of the Cold Weather and Talks About “Missing Korea” Shooting

Dara had a busy weekend! <3 Fighting Dara-ya! <3


The weather suddenly became  cold~ All of you please be careful from colds!!! Have a happy October~ ^.^


Coffee? Tea? Or me?!?


It’s been a while since I returned to my daily Loneliness of Self-Discipline!!! 💦 The Loneliness of Self-Discipline 👊


Since my role is Lee Yeon Hwa, who is a female soldeier with a personality like she came from a public corporation, physical fitness is a must. There are many running and mountain climbing scenes.. ㅋㅋ Usually I run to a steady running machine, fortunately, if I run and do mountain climbing, I’m still doing much exercise.. If not I don’t think I can get into my role. I don’t know which role I will get in the future, but I’ll work hard! ^_^ I was really satisfied, thank you Ssabu-nim!!! 👊 Loneliness of Self-Discipline’s importance!!!


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News: Sandara Park, to Join as MC for JTBC’s “Two Yoo Project – Sugarman” ~ First Time as MC 6 Years After Debut

Sandara Park, to Join as MC for JTBC’s “Two Yoo Project – Sugarman” ~ First Time as MC 6 Years After Debut


2NE1 Sandara Park will be joining JTBC’s “Two Yoo Project – Sugarman.” This is her first MC challenge, 6 years after debuting.

“Two Yoo Project – Sugarman” had its first pilot episode broadcast on August, and will start its regular broadcast schedule on October. Sandara Park will be joining main MCs Yoo Jae Suk and Yoo Hee Yeol as they embark on investigations about singers who have made hit songs, but have since disappeared in the music industry.

A production representative said, “Sandara Park has a special advantage of being able to balance out the emotions of the younger generation with the memories of the older generation. People can expect her to radiate this kind of charm that she hasn’t revealed before.

Through her agency, Sandara Park revealed, “This is my first time as a fixed MC, so I really felt great! I think that this seems to be a really good opportunity. To be able to work with the best MC, the best composer, and the best lyricist makes me really happy, and if the opportunity to go on stage as a singer is available, then I really want to participate and give the best performance that I could give,” she said.

Sandara Park, who has activities as an actress nowadays, will be playing the role of a North Korean beauty pageant candidate in the KBS web drama, “Missing Korea,” which will be broadcast on October. She will also be playing the female protagonist of the musical movie, “Crank,” which is her debut starring role in a movie.


Source: Herald Biz via Naver

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Photos: Fantaken Pictures of Elegant, Gorgeous “Miss Korea” Sandara Park Behind-the-Scenes of “Missing Korea”

QUEEN DARAAAA~!!! ALL HAIL!! <3 *bows* So so so beautiful and elegant and gorgeous and I just want to cry! TT_______TT

So we were all wondering why Dara was wearing a brilliantly red gown while the other girls were all wearing white or cream..  So it must have been for another scene, because here she is looking oh so so so majestic in this beautiful creme crown with wrap-around details.. <3 





Source: Hermoso Naver Blog

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Instagram: Ji Hyun and Eun Seol Share Polaroids, Selcas, and Group Pics of the “North Korea Trio” ~ “Missing Korea” Shoot has Ended!

Awww, I really hope you girls had a fun time during shooting! And that you stay connected even after the shoot.. <3


#MissingKorea #LastFilmingDay #Polaroid #LeeJiHyun #HaEunSeol #SandaraPark 💕💕 All of us put in so so much effort into this 😘😘


#NorthKorea’sTrio !! Yesterday we held our #farewellparty.. And now #MissingKorea schedule has officially ended!! So why do we remain like this and not doing something we like.. It’s because everyone is still digesting the tough and tight work schedule that we just had^^!! My ball now ㅋㅋㅋㅋ #SandaraPark #HaEunSeol #LeeJiHyun #MissingKorea #KBS #WebDrama 


#MissingKorea end!! ^^ #MissingKorea #KimJungHoon #SandaraPark #HaEunSeoul #KBS #WebDrama


Sources: ha_eun_seol + jihyun824

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