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News: Psy•BIGBANG•2NE1, relay performance with Lady Gaga ‘Anticipation’

Psy•BIGBANG•2NE1, relay performance with Lady Gaga ‘Anticipation’


[OSEN=Kwon Ji Young] YG Family performance in which Psy, BIGBANG and 2NE1 and so on are gathering is going to be held in the same place as the performance of the pop star Lady Gaga one after another.

It will be during ‘AIA Real Life: NOW Festival 2014’ that is going to take place at Jamsil Sports Complex on August 15th and 16th for two days.

In this festival, a special performance in which the top artists that represent the east and the west in the same time period work together is going to be held through Live Nation’s global network and YG Entertainment’s contents power.

Along with unconventional decision that all of YG Family will attend this festival that is going to take place on August 15th, YG Entertainment plans to present an experience that the audiences will remember for a long time as the best artist group in Korea by presenting the performance that contains music philosophy and so on.

YG Family is getting the interests from the whole world with the unique style of the artists and powerful music. Psy dominated pop market in America and also the whole world with ‘Gangnam Style’ sensation and BIGBANG is continuing their unbeatable moves by leading the trend along with the world tour that gathered 800,000 audiences in 24 cities of 12 countries for total of 48 sets. 2NE1 recorded 61st place on Billboard album chart with the new album ‘CRUSH’, which is the best record ever in the history of K-Pop and WINNER is getting the love calls from the fans around the world even before the debut by appearing on TV survival program and so on and the best musicians who transcends different generations will go up on the stage.

An icon of pop Lady Gaga is going to perform as the headliner of the festival that will take place on August 16th. Lady Gaga’s last world tour recorded more than 4,000,000 tickets sold worldwide and the first concert in Korea in 2012 recorded the sold out record as the performance of a foreign artist in the main stadium for the first time and has a case of creating lots of issues by being chosen as the performance that is 1st place in terms of ticket sales in that particular year and so on.

Lady Gaga is expressing special kind of affection to Korea as she chose the place to hold the first performance as Seoul during the last tour and in this summer, she invited Crayon Pop, who is creating K-Pop sensation, as the guest for the opening of American tour and became the center of the attention. Also out of Lady Gaga’s 2014 tour schedule, the performances in Asia are expecting to be held only in Japan and Korea and are gathering much more anticipation.

Meanwhile, more information about the lineup and reservation and so on are expecting to be announced through the festival’s official Facebook and so on.

Credits: Naver Star Cast

Video: 140117 Dara and Psy Leave Encouraging Messages for “Nut Job: The Peanut Thieves” Movie Premiere

Cute cute cute Dara! She attended the premiere for “Nut Job” on January 17..  <3 She’s the first to give her message! ^^ 

140128 – Dara & PSY’s message for ‘Nut Job:The Peanut Thieves’ Movie Premiere

Credits: redthreaddreams4

Twitter: Shy Buddy Dara (@krungy21) –” I got Psy oppa’s photocard and peanuts as present kkk thank you^^ “

Shy Buddy Dara Watched the premiere of the Movie “The Nut Job” and she is so adorable posting pics as Buddy (one of the Main character at the Movie) 

Trans: ” I got Psy oppa’s photocard and peanuts as present kkk thank you^^ “


Well for those who are curious about this movie attached is a Video of Psy interview clip about the movie “The Nut Job”

Credits: @krungy21, co Redrover

Translated by: @sumiinkim

Twitter: Summary of Dara (@krungy21) Tweets Re: Today I went to Psy oppa’s concert with my family!

Dara tweets were so Daebak. I thought at first she is making a draft for an Essay, ha..ha..ha. She really enjoy  Psy concert and Wow her Mom too.


Trans: Today I went to Psy oppa’s concert with my family! Ah.. I don’t know what to write because it was very ‘daebak ‘@.@ It was really good to see even my mom enjoying the concert as she waved with a light stick^^ As expected~ Psy oppa’s  concert is not a concert just for young people but

Trans: but for all ages to enjoy. The mothers (old ladies) in front of me was dancing so hard, that my mom was scared that she’ll get hit by the light stick n was avoiding it here and there kkk I can’t explain anymore how exciting it was,it was so fun and so touching too~kya~

Trans: Every time I go to Psy oppas concert I go by deciding to learn some methods to be used in our concert, but one thing I felt today again! That energy!! energy!!+.+ wow… It’s really daebak ㅠ.ㅠ and since it’s a concert w/ interaction w/ the crowd, it would be a good memory for them.

Trans: and as I thought of this I watched the concert as I was laughing, getting touched, and more, so I enjoyed it as if I became a person w/ multiple personality. But one thought that did not leave me as I watched the concert: the thought that I also want to stand on that stage!!

Trans: Let’s wait a bit.. since there is 2NE1 concert next March!! >.< Those who came to our concert prob know but it’s really worth watching..^^v;;: We’ll try to make a good concert by following our seniors’ back~Be ready to come and play!/yawns/~ Ack sleepy! Then..I’ll go to sleep^^

Credits: @krungy21

Translated by: @Bom_always,@sumiinkim

Twitter: Supportive Dara (@krungy21) Wants To Learn Again After Seeing Psy’s Concert And Cheers Him ~ “Fighting yayaya!!”

psy oppaDARA: WOW… I want to learn so much again after seeing PSY oppa’s concert>.<  Fighting yayaya!!


Source: @krungy21 + @psy_oppa

Translated by: @sumiinkim


News: 2NE1, PSY to Hold Hologram Concert in London

2NE1, PSY to Hold Hologram Concert in London



K-pop big name agency YG Entertainment is holding a hologram concert, their first time out of Korea.

A total of 26 hologram concerts of 2NE1 and PSY, two of the YG’s dearest artists, will be held at Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo 2013 (KBEE 2013), which will open at London’s Old Billingsgate in the UK from November 4 to 6, YG said in a press release on Thursday.

As the PR ambassador of KBEE 2013, 2NE1 members will visit the hologram concert site to celebrate the premiere of their hologram show.

PSY’s hologram concert was unveiled at Korea’s biggest amusement park Everland this July, featuring his two international hits “Gangnam Style” and “GENTLEMAN,” both of which will have its first screening out of his hometown.

The PSY’s show was the first project of hologram content investment-distribution joint venture NIK [Next Interactive K], which the major agency has established in partnership with KT and web design company d’strict.

NIK is reportedly eyeing distributing its contents to further venues including other theme parks in Korea and 20 more theaters including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, North America and Europe until 2015.

Credits: 10Asia

News: YG Entertainment Wins Three Awards from YouTube

YG Entertainment wins three awards from YouTube


[by Cho Suyoun] YG Entertainment was awarded ‘YouTube Partner Gold Play‘ for its three channels of PSY, Bigbang and 2NE1.

On September 25, YouTube Pulse event was held in Hannamdong, Seoul. At this event, YG Entertainment was awarded ‘YouTube Partner Gold Play’ for being leader in using SNS as PR tool.

At the award, the company was awarded the most for having three popular channels of PSY, Bigbang and 2NE1 as all three musicians are part of YG Entertainment.

The ‘Gold Play’ award is given only to channels that own more than 1 million followers. As of today, PSY has more than 6 million while Bigbang and 2NE1 each has 2 million and 1.7 million. If all the channels that YG own are added up, there are 12 million followers, which is very extraordinary for other entertainments.

According to a survey organization, YG is the company that uses other types of SNS channels the most. Facebook is also actively used by the company. According to record, 1st to 5th celebrity that are most powerful on Facebook all belong to YG Entertainment.

G-Dragon especially is selected as most powerful K-POP star on Twitter and China’s biggest SNS Weibo. On the day he opened up an account on Weibo, G-Dragon drew nearly 300,000 followers in just one day.

YG stars’ SNS address can be found on the official webpage of YG Entertainment. (photo by bntnews DB)

Credits: BNT News

News: BIGBANG ang 2NE1 nominated for WMA Along with Psy

BIGBANG ang 2NE1 nominated for WMA along Psy


[OSEN= Park Jeong-seun] YG Entertainment artists including Psy, BIGBANG and 2NE1 were nominated for the 2013 World Music Awards.

The 2013 World Music Awards recently announced its nominees and the list included not only YG’s biggest world star Psy but also BIGBANG, 2NE1 and Lee Hi in various categories.

Psy was nominated for two awards, “World’s Best Live Act and “World’s  Best Song.” The “World’s Best Live Act” nominees also included G-Dragon and 2NE1. They will be competing with Adele, Avril Lavigne and Bruno Mars.

In the case of G-Dragon, he was again in the nominees’ roster as part of BIGBANG. Both BIGBANG and 2NE1 were nominated for the “World’s Best Group” and will compete fair and square with each other for the honor. Other nominees included world names such as Bon Jovi, Daftpunk and Coldplay.

YG’s youngest member Lee Hi was also nominated for “World’s Best Song” alongside Linkin Park and Taylor Swift.

The YG artists’ taking over of the world is getting even bigger on the back of the general K-pop global boom, Psy’s borderless success and the growing popularity of BIGBANG and 2NE1 beyond Asia as well as the potential newcomer Lee Hi.

The World Music Award is an international awards show founded in 1989 that annually honors artists around the world. It is broadcasted in some 160 countries including the United States and in Europe, Oceania and Africa. A number of K-Pop stars including Psy. BIGBANG and Super Junior were nominated in 2012 World Music Awards.

Credits: Naver Star Cast

News: YG + Everland’s Hologram Concert Hall Open to Public on July 20



[스포츠조선 김표향기자] YG Entertainment’s project with Everland, establishing an year-round hologram concert hall dubbed “K-Pop Hologram : YG at Everland”, will be opened to public on July 20.

YANG MIN-SUK, a co-founder of YG Entertainment, will be starting the business of ‘K-Pop Hologram: YG at Everland’ in earnest with related companies including Everland, Korea Creative Content Agency and KT after the official launch.

YG, known for its strategic use of various contents related to new media for its artists, has recently cooperated with District to establish a joint venture of NIK (Next Interactive K, Limited), which is an investment distributor. ‘K-Pop Hologram: YG at Everland’, which is the first project for NIK, is different from any other hologram concert hall that this one will be operated permanently. The ‘YG at Everland’ project is a work of YG and Everland. YG is in charge of creating hologram visual aid of its artists including PSY and 2NE1, while Everland is responsible for the facility including infrastructure, design and visual and music equipment.

Hologram concert hall consists of Media Façade (using the walls as a large screen) and vivid screen technologies. The most amazing trait of the hall is that the performances are extremely life-like. Audience can be soaked in the excellent sound system to enjoy the dynamic rhythms of PSY. Pictures of the audience will be displayed on the screens before the performance takes place, which encourages audience participation.

“The project is even more meaningful as it is a part of ‘co-supporting the growth of next generation contents’ by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (Minister Choi Mun-ki) and Korea Creative Content Agency (Director Hong Sang-pyo), which is a fruit reaped by the cooperation between large and small businesses,” the entertainment agency emphasized.

383.47 m2 wide, the hologram concert hall is located in Global Fair of Everland, and can accommodate 100 people at a time. The performance goes on for 30 minutes, with 16 performances per day. To make it flawless, the concert hall will officially be open to public in later half of the year. Once it opens, during the time it is opened, visitors to Everland will be able to enter for free. In the first performance, PSY’s ‘GENTLEMAN’ and ‘GANGNAM STYLE’ will be played, while BIGBANG and 2NE1 will appear later.

There will be a gift shop at the entrance where visitors can find various Korean Wave goods. Accessories, stationery, phone cases of YG artists’ characters and Everland-made goods are few of the 180 different goods to be sold at the shop.

Credits: YG-Life

News: PSY Mentions 2NE1 on his Speech in Harvard University – “The audience cheers aloud!”


The American students of Harvard University who went to hear the speech of famous singer Psy cheered out loud as the singer mentions about girl group 2NE1 who is under the same agency as him.

On the 9th of May, PSY opened his speech at Harvard University Memorial Church with a brief explanation on how his hit song “Gangnam Style” was uploaded on Youtube. PSY said, “Our company has 2NE1,” making the audience cheer out loud which surprised Psy.

He added, “Looking at now (by how the audience reacted), 2NE1 really has a lot of international fans. That is the reason why the artists from our agency releases their music videos on Youtube which can also be seen by foreign fans. Until now, it’s still like that so Gangnam Style was released online as well.”


Source: Osen via @WeLoveChaerin
Translated by:


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