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Instagram: Jang Jae Young Poses with Radiant, Beautiful, “Angelic” Dara While Shooting for Singles Magazine in Singapore

Seriously, Dara is so beautiful.. T_T Radiant and gorgeous and gah, cannot wait for Singles magazine! Actress aura is strong with this unnie.. <3


Working hard shooting with angelic Sandara Park for a beauty pictorial.

Southeast Asian fan concept for one cut!




Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Official Photos + Interview Trans: Sandara Park Among “YG Stars Who Participated in “Elle” Charity Campaign” ~ “Sharing Doesn’t Need to be Grandiose. Sesame Sharing is Also Real Sharing, Right?”

YG Stars Who Participated in “Elle” Charity Campaign

Six of YG Entertainment’s artists gathered together in one place with the purpose of lending help to their less fortunate neighbors. A beautiful moment was created and captured.


Park Sandara in a red beaded dress detailed with embroidery shaped like leaves to form a tree motif


Park Sandara is dressed in a python coat, mint-colored slit dress, sliver platform sandals, all from the designer brand, Gucci. The different rings that come together in a uniform style are Suel, decorated with a colorful crystal each.


The eye-catching flower print mini dress is from Valentino, crystal drop purple earrings are from Suel, and the black feather-patterned crystal bracelet is from Stone Henge.

Park Sandara

It doesn’t necessarily need to be big or larger than life. Sesame seed sharing is still real sharing, right.

It’s hard to believe in comfort whenever times are difficult. Doing a performance requires more than physical stamina that may leave you exhausted, I also need to be charged with the mood and the spirit. In fact, isn’t it more difficult to be a fan than to perform for a couple of hours? Not only jumping around to play, but waving arms, and screaming enthusiasticfally! It always appears as if the fans have an infinite amount of energy and they always show their support and love with the utmost sincerity of their hearts.

I just came back from a vacation, and it was the same taste of something sweet because it was a time when I needed a “real” vacation. I went to the Philippines, and I just came back from my trip yesterday (at the time of the photoshoot) morning. Every minute, every second was precious.

I think that what I can do is to share and give back a bit, nothing grandiose, it’s not necessary for it to be big or larger than life. Like sesame seed sharing, it becomes easier when you get to practice it more. In my case, I like to participate in charity cases as often as I change stage wardrobes. Taking a strange, stray cat on the street and raising it, helping out an animal that I noticed injured on the road and taking it to the hospital to be treated, or even a simple act as going to a performance or giving out tickets to friends who might miss a show. Although they’re nothing special, t’s simple acts like those, which I can do. They might be small, but I think I’m sharing and giving back in my own way.

I think I grew the most in 2014, I dreamed of having a transformation in 2015; 2014 is also the year when our new album was finally released, and we focused our minds and went on a global tour, which just finished recently, for 8 months. The goal for 2015 is “transformation.” As a member of 2NE1, I was always the one in-charge of “shocking transformation,” and recently, I made the first step as an actress (T/N: I think she meant the “Be Funny” skit with Steven Yeun) and I thought, “Can Sandara become calm, quiet, and sincere as well?” and when I heard that voice say that, my desire for transformation took on a different meaning.


Park Sandara is dressed in a beads-embellished slit Dior dress in blue and orange, metail bracelets in both hands are from the collection of stylist Ambush, and the rings on the fingers of both hands are from Suel.


Source: Elle Korea

Translated and Re-uploaded by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Photos: HQ/HD Scans + Fashion Finds of Charming, Alluring, Gorgeous Goddess Dara for Elle Korea’s “Share Happiness” Campaign, December 2014

OMGGGGGGGGGGG~ This certainly went beyond my expectations! Dara had three solo pics and one group pic with Cha Seung Won and Jung Hye Young!

Dara looked utterly, utterly gorgeous and sophisticated in the shoot! She looked very beautiful and pristine, but her expression screams “fierce!”

I think this pic is so so so “DARA!” She’s dressed in a very pretty and colorful Christian Dior F/W 2014 dress, paired with AMBUSH and BoonTheShop jewelry. But her expression is what I’d like to call the “Ssantokki” expression! So cute and fierce, and all uniquely Dara! <3


Doesn’t she just ooze charm and sex appeal?! Dangggg, her flawless skin and just a hint of her slim, porcelain legs.. <3 And again, her eyes that pierces through your soul, even through the screen. <3

Dara is rocking a Gucci mint green python coat, with their silk dress with python collar, both from Gucci’s 2015 S/S collection. Her metallic silver leather sandals are also from Gucci, accessories from Suel Jewelry.. <3


And why hello there, model Dara! <3 Love her pose, love the red lips, love the over-all mature theme of this picture~! It’s very nicely contrasted with its lights and shadows.. And of course, gorgeous lady Sandara Park is gorgeous! <3

Dara is wearing a Valentino Camukimo brocade dress! The dress is actually very pretty, so if you want to, you can look it up.. XD Her ring is from Suel jewelry and her bracelet from Stonehenge.. ^_^ 


Beautiful, powerful picture~! Dara is the only one seated in this pic with Cha Seung Won and Jung Hye Young. But somehow, my eyes are drawn to her (bias notwithstanding, kekeke!), maybe it’s because of her eye-catching red mini dress in the midst of CSW and JHJ’s black outfits? Or maybe, it’s Sandara Park, and she just doesn’t lose out visually, even amongst actors and actresses. XD 

Dara is wearing another piece from Dolce&Gabbana F/W 2014, which is their Little Embroidered Animals Flared Dress.. Another bold piece, which would have carried away the wearer, but Dara owned the dress~! Her heavy-looking rose gold bracelet is also from Gucci, and her pretty feathered shoes is a Givenchy (2009 F/W Urania feather-embellished black stamped textured leather sandals).


P.S. Sorry this weren’t updated on the weekend. T_T Was running myself to the ground because I got so busy and our internet connection at home went out. Like kapeesh, no internet at all. T_T (more…)

Photos: HD/HQ Screencaps of Confident and Charismatic Sandara Park in Nylon Korea Magazine Photoshoot

Oh. My. Gosh. Dara looks so fiercely gorgeous for the Nylon Korea magazine shoot! <3 Perfect Dara is perfect! Just look at the expressions in her eyes! And her poses! Exuding confidence and charisma through every second! <3 Click on the photos to see them in their full size.. ^_^









Dara4   More caps after the cut! (more…)

HQ Scans: Fiercily beautiful Dara for Japanese Magazine Zipper

OMG!! This shoot also is so great! I love how fierce yet totally stunning she is!


In the interview, Dara mentions some of her favorite items are her vintage HERMES backpack and the knit hat she had bought at Garusogil.



Source: ilovegd21

Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Twitter: Fake Tokyo Reveals that Dara’s Mysterious Shoot in Japan was for Dazed & Confused Korea!

OH WOW! So the photoshoot that Dara did while in Japan was for Dazed and Confused Korea! Woot, woot can’t wait to see her pictures! <3




Update! They posted a second picture with the caption ‘Shooting in Seoul’ with 2NE1’s Sandara Park! Could it be that they’re having another one in Seoul besides the one they already did in Japan? Not sure, but we’re excited!! (´∇ノ`*)ノ




Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Twitter/Photo: Dara (@krungy21) – I had a magazine photoshoot with a Japanese model Suzuki Emi…”

Now we know why Dara is in Tokyo and its not just for a vacation! ^^ She is there working! Woo hoo!!!

Dara did a magazine photoshoot with Japanese Model Suzuki Emi. ^^ She is the Editor-in-Chief of Japanese Magazine “S’eee”.  Emi Suzuki is a Chinese-born Japanese model and retired occasional actress. She is a prominent figure in the Japanese modelling and fashion industry.


Did a magazine shoot with Suzuki Emi-san. We talked about beauty & fashion and introduced Korea and Japan to each other~ We also shared a lot of good information to each other. Although my Japanese is not good, it was fun ^^ Nice meeting you~


Source: @krungy21

Translated by: @ilove2ne1girls

Video: Gorgeous Dara’s Flawless Behind-The-Scenes Video for Elle Photoshoot – “Say My Name – Sandara Park”

Oh. My. Gawd.  Yes Elle, I totally forgive you for giving us only one official cut of Dara from the magazine. Thank you so much for this beautiful BTS video! Good Lord, Dara is so flawless! My feels when I first saw the video!!! Dang, Dara is just so so so perfect, and she looks like a goddess, and I love this photoshoot so freaking much! She looks so so so chic!!!

Sandara Park for Elle Korea – “Say My Name

Credits: gilbakk0221

If you want to see the video in Elle Korea’s website, here’s the link:

Dara BTS for Elle Korea

Holy Guacamole: Dara’s 100-Carat Diamond Ring for Elle Photoshoot

Holy guacamole is right guys!!! Dara wore a 100-carat diamond ring for her Elle photoshoot! According to @k1ae, the Fashion Editor for Elle Magazine, Dara’s ring was 100 carats and that she was really pretty and kind. Her new look will be revealed this March!

From the looks of it, the ring  is most probably Pink Diamond cut into a Pear? ^_^

WOW! JUST WOW! *Sings* “Shine bright like a diamond…”

This magazine is truly a must-have. It looks like Elle went all out in this photoshoot for Dara!


Now at Elle, discovering Sandara Park’s new look. Her new look with a 100-carat diamond ring will be revealed in March. She is so pretty and so kind.



Source: @k1ae via @sandara_fashion

Translated by: Ouley_Soleil@WeLoveDara/OhDara

Translations: MNET Wide’s Coverage of Dara’s Photoshoot for CLIO (BTS)

First and foremost, we would like to thank @ygfan4life for translating this for us. We now have a better idea on what MNET Wide’s coverage was all about. ^_^ Read through the screencaps and translations below.

How funny is it that Dara is on MNET Wide because of her photoshoot for CLIO and her beauty tips are: (1) Use little make-up; (2) Use little BB Cream; and (3) Just use a lip balm or a lip tint! Aigoooo! ^_^ Dara barely uses make-up. She doesn’t need it anyways! Natural beauty at its finest!


“A face that doesn’t change even in 2013″


“The star most Korean women want to be, Sandara Park”

Click the link below for more translations!



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