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Twitter/Photos: Dara Uploads Selcas From The DYLM Party – “Ssang Park Will Film Tomorrow!”

OMG! I have no words for the selcas Dara uploaded from last night! These pictures are beyond gorgeous! Dara and Bom are beyond gorgeous! Waaaah! Crying rainbows and unicorns! T___T

And hooray for Ssang Park! They’ll be filming tomorrow! Dara will be driving someone in her car tomorrow and based on the hint on her tweet, it would be Kang Seung Yoon! Waaah! This isn’t confirmed but Dara said, “That Wild And Young Kid” and we all know Kang Seung Yoon’s latest single is “Wild and Young”~ Kyaaa!!! I’m excited!!! <333


During these days we only slept 1 or 2 hours, & in this condition, we had our D.Y.L.M Party yesterday too, so we’re drowsy.. It’s dangerous if you’re drowsy esp me when I drive my own car!!! so..Ssang-Park will work tomorrow!


I also washed my car after a long time~ ^_^ thump thump! Tomorrow~ We’re scheduled to film a new corner of SsangPark TV. SsangPark car pool” Tadaㅋㅋ The first one to get a drive from Dara?! That wild and young kid!


Photos: 130802 Photos of Gorgeous Dara Arriving at Teddy’s Twosome Studio for DYLM Party

Yey for photos! These are photos taken by fans who are outside the venue of the party. Fans are not allowed inside so they only got to take photos of the girls coming in. ^^  Hope the girls upload photos of the party! ^_^

Blonde hair + Bansak-styled hair = GLORIOUS! Soooo gorgeous! T_T





HQ Photos: 130802 Fan-Taken Pics of Adorable “Oreo” Dara At The Airport Back From Jeju

Hooray for HD photos! ^_^ Dara looks so adorable in that Oreo sweatshirt! <333





Source: @SuperBoyKLite
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Screencaps: Chic and Pretty Dara with 2NE1 at MBC Starry Night Radio Show

2NE1 has just finished their radio guesting and it was a definitely fun show! ^^ They talked about a lot of stuff like their next single (Dara sang a little bit of her part in the song), talked about love life, and many more. I can’t wait for the full radio show and english translations. ^_^

And I just have to point this out. I love how Dara is not trying hard but still manages to look stylish even in her simple and casual outfit. She is just so pretty beyond words! T_T I hope she doesn’t get rid of her blonde hair soon because I really really really love it on her! T_T

Here’s 2NE1 with Younha, the host of the show. ^_^





More caps below! ^^


HQ Photo: 130728 Gorgeous Dara Leaving SBS Building

So gorgeous!!! T___T Yes Dara, we love you so much!!! T___T


Credits: As Tagged + Oh My Goddess
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Fan-Taken: 130728 Cutie Dara Leaving SBS Building After Inkigayo – “Do You Love Me?”

OMG I’m crying blood because of the cuteness!!! T___T YES DARA, WE LOVE YOU!!! SO MUCH! WE LOVE DARA! WE LOVE 2NE1!!!







Press Photos: 130727 Pretty Dara at KTX Seoul Station Back From Ulsan

Pretty Dara in pink! ^^ She looks like a barbie doll~! <3


Ssang Park! ^_^



Fan-Taken: 130725 More of Adorable Double Park Sisters at Hongdae

Deliciously eating corn after filming for Double Park TV. Watch out for Master Ssabu! Kekeke! ^^



So adorable!!! T___T




Twitter/Photos: Double Park Plays At Hongdae, Rides Public Transportation & Meets Fans!

OMG! Dara and her ideas! Kekeke! Today, pretty Park Sisters went to Hongdae playground to promote Double Park TV! ^^ There, they gave away goodies, met with fans and played “follow me!” with them. Dara tweets where Double Park’s next destination would be so that fans can go and follow them. Must be so fun being in Korea right now! T_T Go go fighting Ssang Park! ^__^

Untitled Untitled2

DARA: Thank you everyone!!! The 21 pair of socks got sold out really fast! We are famous idols! Yeah!

DARA: Since we’re out anyway we are gonna try out the public transportation like we did in our trainee days! +.+


DARA: Ssang Park on their way to work

Untitled4 Untitled5

DARA: When you go to this place there is a beach and tasty clams and fun rides~ >.< Let’s go play for real! Go go to ㅇㅁㄷ!!!


Photos: 130725 Pretty Double Park at Hongdae Playground

Adorable Park Sisters played at Hongdae Playground today and met with fans! Aside from seeing the beautiful Bom and Dara, lucky lucky fans who were there got have Double Park goodies such as paper fans, socks, and calling cards. So jealous! T_T







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