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Photos: 2012 1st Global Tour – New Evolution in Japan DVD Photobook

I really want this DVD! ^_^ Who wants close up shots of those awesome photos? So many priceless shots!




Click the link below for more photos!


HQ Photos: New Evolution in Seoul DVD’s photobook

Weeee!! Here are some super high quality scan of the New Evolution in Seoul DVD photobook!

Enjoy and bask in their awesome gorgeousness~

(ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・






Photos: Pretty, Fun Dara In NewECon in Seoul DVD Photobook

Yay! Photobook pictures are here! Woohoo! <3




More pics after the cut~!


Photos: 2012 YG Family Concert in Japan DVD Photobook


Scans: Dara Shares Her Thoughts in 2NE1′s Photobook “What’s up? We’re 2NE1!”

Click the link below for the Q&A and Dara’s Message to 2Ne1 Members!


Me2Day: Dara Shares a Sneak Peak of 2NE1′s Photobook, “What’s Up, We’re 2NE1!”

Kyaaa! 2NE1′s photobook looks awesome! Me wants! T_T


투애니원+니콘 필리핀여행 화보집!!! 드디어 득템!!!+.+능력자!ㅎㅎ와아.. 진짜 많다ㅋㅋ천장이 넘는 사진들인데 ㅋ멋있는 사진부터 귀여운 사진 굴욕사진들 까지 엉엉ㅠㅠ 그때그때 상황들을 이렇게 만화책처럼 만들어쥬셧네요ㅋ아 웃겨.. 그때의 추억들이 새록새록..좋다!^^

Tags: 한장만 미리 공개할게요!ㅋㅋ 비밀이에용~!

Source: Dara’s Me2Day

Photos: HD/HQ Photos Of Dara In YG Family Concert 2011 DVD Photobook!

My gorgeous, flawless, beautiful Dara! Looking so gorgeous for Tell Me, and dorky with her Psy-oppa! ^^ And her beautiful smile! <3 Whoopee for HD/HQ pics! ^^

More pictures after the cut! ^^


Photos: More Scans of Dara and 2NE1 on 2011 YG Family Concert Photobook

Goddess Dara looks so gorgeous as usual on the YGFC Photobook! These scans are making me want to have my own now! T_T Looking at the scans, I can say that this photobook and the DVD is really a must have!

GorMore scans of Dara and 2NE1 after the cut! (more…)

Photos: 2NE1 In YG Family Concert 2011 Photobook

Weee! The YG Family Concert 2011 3-DVD set and photobook was released today! Here are some photos from the photobook! ^^ Wah! I want to have one too. T_T

Dara!!! ^___________^

Check out the gallery after the cut for more pictures of 2NE1, and individual photos of the girls! ^^


Me2day: Dara updated a teaser photo of 2ne1′s Photobook?

Yay, is this a travel Photobook?? Wahh, whatever it is, I know each of us would want to have a copy of it.. Yahh Dara, please stop teasing us. :) Reveal it now <3


투애니원을 좋아하시는 분들 ~ 사랑하는 울 랙잭이들! 그리구 여행가고싶으신분들 ~ 위해!!! 이거 보이세용?!? 으히히히…. 뭔가 두껍죠?!? 빵빵하지않습니까~ 캬~!!! 쉿~!!! 커밍쑤운~!!! ^_^ 휘리릭~!!!

[TRANS] For people who like 2NE1~ Our lovely Blackjacks! And people who want to travel~!!! Do you see this?!? Hehehe….It’s thick right?!? It’s full~ Kya~!!! Shhh~!!! Coming soon~!!! ^_^ Poof~!!!

source: Dara Me2day

Translated by @kristinekwak via twitter


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