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Twitter/Instagram: Dara Shares An Artistic Shot Of Her Second Home

Awwww! Whenever Dara says that Philippines is her second home, I feel my heart jump a little. T_T Forever sweet Dara~ ♥

This shot was taken at Taal Lake, Batangas. Isn’t the view so nice? But I bet the view will be nicer if Dara turns around. Kekeke! ^^



Credits: @krungy21 + @daraxxi
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Photo: 140705 Dara Gives Out Fan Signs While in the Philippines ~ “Hi and Cheer Up!”

Oooooh! I wonder to who this message is for? ^_^ Dara looking like a teenager! <3





Source: via 2@WeLoveDara + @Planet2NE1
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Twitter: Sweet Dara Is Excited For Lydia Park And Marshall Bang’s Show In The Philippines ~ “Let’s support them!”

Aaaaaand it’s confirmed! Dara will be watching Lydia and Marshall’s show tomorrow! ^_^ Supportive friend is supportive! <3


DARA: Let’s all support Lydia and Marshall on their show tomorrow! So excited to see them perform in my 2nd home :) Good luck!



Source: @krungy21
Translated by: OhItsLAI@WeLoveDara/OhDara

Photos: Sweet November’s Unseen HQ Fantaken Photos Of Beautiful Dara

Here are some unseen fantaken photos of Dara taken at the airport and at Inkigayo studio~ ^^ The photo below is one of my favorite Dara airport looks. Looking so pretty even with the crooked bangs! <333





 Source: @21SweetNovember
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: 140706 Fantaken Photo Of Cute Dara In Batangas City, Philippines

Of course Dara wouldn’t miss the opportunity to go to a beach in the Philippines! ^^ Dara, along with Jjangmae and a stylist, were seen in Batangas today. According to the source, they left at around 6 pm.





Photo: 140705 Fantaken Photo Of Dara At Eastwood Mall, Philippines

The photo’s a bit blurry. T_T LOL But the uploader said Dara was with Joross Gamboa. ^^



Source: @noothero621
Re-Uploaded by: Ohdara

Photos: 140705 More Photos Of Pretty Dara Hanging Out With Her Friends In The Philippines

Oh looks like the SCQ batchmates had a really fun day yesterday! They even went bowling! ^^ I can see some of Dara’s batchmates: Melissa Ricks, Joross Gamboa, Raphael Martinez, Roxanne Guinoo and I can also see actor Sam Milby! I’m glad Dara is having so much fun with her friends! ^_^



Source: jorossandkatz + theraphaelmartinez
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: HQ Scans Of Colorful 2NE1 In Thailand’s Nylon Magazine, August 2014 Issue

Magazine features left and right! <3





More scans below! ^^


Photos: 140705 Beautiful Dara Hanging Out With Her Friends In The Philippines

Pretty Dara hanging out with her friends in the Philippines! I’m really happy that Dara will have this time to relax and simply hangout with her friends. She was so busy with guestings the last time she went here in the Philippines. T_T At least now, she can treat this as her vacation. ^^ 

Joy rideeee!!! @daraxxi @theraphaelmartinez

wow na wow na surprise!!! belated happy birthday to me!!! tenchoo @daraxxi

Annyeong-haseyo! Hanging out with the Krungerz. Please identify them. Post-pigging coming of age of Atih Banana @anatabatina. The food that always binds us together.


Photos: 140705 Glowing Dara With Some Staff At Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Philippines

Uwaaaah!!! Dara is really here in the Philippines!!! OMG! I am pretty sure she’s here to support Lydia’s show in Manila on Aug. 7! What a supportive friend! Good thing I already bought tickets to the show, kekeke! Hoping to see her there! ^_^

Here are some photos of Dara with some staff at the airport. According to some reliable sources, Dara arrived in Manila at 11 am today, and will be leaving on Aug. 9 straight to Vietnam for their concert there. ^^





Source: mike_ohashi + danlovees
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara


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